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Looney Tunes Toys

Updated on May 3, 2015

Looney Tunes Show Toys

Probably of all the cartoon characters that ever existed, the Looney Tunes gang surely must be the best known and most popular for kids of all ages right up to grown up ones! These cute and fun cartoon characters have entertained children through several generations since their creation in the early 20th century and continue to this day to be supremely popular having been updated and improved for today's more discerning audience.

The characters themselves have been immortalized in theme parks and entertainment centers and wherever you go you are sure to run into one or more of the popular characters in one guise or another.

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Of course, the Looney Tunes characters have also been made into a huge variety of plush kids toys and it is these great toys that this lens focuses on. So come on and let's see what we have here...

Buy Looney Tunes Toys

What Are the Best Looney Tunes Toys?

If you want to buy Looney Tunes toys then there are plenty of places that you can get your hands on them, even as there are so many to choose from. Online you have some great stores such as Amazon where you are likely to get a great price on your selected toy and that will come from a very large selection indeed.

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Of course, price isn't everything but it does go a long way to helping you to balance your home budget when you have lots of things to pay for and only so much coming in from your income. So buying toys such as these is actually a pretty good idea from a budget viewpoint as they don't cost too much yet they provide a child with a toy that they will really love for a long tome to come thanks to the continued interest of TV shows that have been brought right up to date with all the old favorite characters getting new versions!

Bugs Bunny

Best Looney Tunes Toys of them all!

Bugs Bunny is probably the best known and recognized of all the Looney Tunes characters. He is a cheeky guy with a broad New York accent thanks to the work of Mel Blanc.

Bugs always gets the better of those that are trying to get one over on him, whether it be Daffy, Elmer, Yosemite Sam, or any of the other hilarious characters that partner up with him.

Bugs often plays alongside Daffy and the two of them are almost always rivals for one thing or another, with Daffy always seeming to lose out to the cunning and clever Bugs.

Another nemesis of Bugs is the fiery tempered little guy called Yosemite Sam. He has a big yell and a scary voice but whenever he tries to get one over on Bugs, he is always the loser!

Elmer is always the hunter hunting wabbit and Bugs is always the one who drives him insane.

Most of the Looney Toons crew get to join bugs in one or other cartoon fun sketch and there are even slightly serious cartoons with big classical orchestral music to go along with it. He has played the orchestra's conductor as well, which was interesting. he has even run into the crazy Tasmanian devil who eats everything in his way as he spirals like a minor tornado. of course, Tas never gets the better of Bugs, in fact nobody ever does! Bugs has even run into Pepe Le Pew, the romantic skunk who generally goes after the hapless female cat that often manages to get its fur painted just like a lady skunk!

Bugs stock phrase comes when he pulls out a carrot, starts nonchalantly munching it and says, "Eeee, what's up doc?"

Daffy Duck

Daffy is often the fall guy for Bugs or when he stars in his own shows, he gets into trouble and rarely gets his own way. Daffy features in a lot of cartoons sometimes without Bugs and can even be paired up with Elmer who is of course hunting ducks in "Duck Season" with his trademark shotgun and huntsman's clothing.

Funniest scene for me was the Goose that laid the Golden Egg where the New York gangsters capture Daffy and force him to lay a golden egg, which he eventually does as he gets the top of his head shot off. With relief that he managed the impossible, daffy is about to walk away to freedom, when the head gangster opens a room full of empty egg boxes and says menacingly, "Fill 'em!"

Taz, the Tasmanian Devil

Now here is a creature that came out of nowhere to become one of the best known of all the cartoon characters, especially amongst younger generations and also thanks to the new generation of characters that the latest shows have produced.

Taz started out as a whirlwind eating machine that gobbled up everything in his path. that is until one day when he came across the indubitable Bugs Bunny! Here he met his match and try as he might, he never go the better of our favorite rabbit!

Yosemite Sam

Sam is a little guy with a big shouting voice, a huge red mustache and a temper that you wouldn't ever want to go up against. That never seems to faze Bugs as he always gets the better of Sam.

In one show, Sam goes down to hell and meets the Devil who agrees to put him back if he can bring Bugs down in his place. of course this doesn't happen and Sam continually finds himself returned, on his backside, in front of an amused Devil, who sends him straight back, except for the last time of course!

Another hilariously funny sketch he played for me was the time he was riding the mule who wouldn't go until Sam whacked it with a plank of wood... "Yah mule, yah mule" then the mule would go off running at a crazy pace. Sam then wanted to stop but the mule kept going... "Whoa mule, whoa mule, I saaaaid whooooa mule!" Thwack" he brains the mule oevr the head with the plank of wood and the mule stops. "When Ah says whoa, I means whoa!"

His stock angry shout at Bugs goes something like "Dooooooh I'm gonna get me that varmint if its the last thing I do..."

Elmer Fudd

Elmer is the hunter with a big shotgun always on the lookout for rabbits and inevitably runs into Bugs who he never catches. "Here widdle bunny" he can often be heard crying in a lame attempt to get Bugs to come out of his burrow and bag him. Invariably, Bugs appears from behind Elmer and asks him if he has caught any rabbits yet. Elmer is always caught off guard and talks to Bugs like he's not the rabbit he's stalking!

Elmer even once got so far as to get Bugs into a big stew pot and happily starts chopping up vegetables to go in the stew as Bugs even helps him. Of course, he gets out before it gets too hot and plants a big wet kiss right on Elmer's smacker and running off!

Elmer can't say his "R's" and so he can often be heard calling Buggs "That skwoowy wabbit!"

Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird

This double act of cat and canary is often hilarious with Sylvester always trying to catch the bird, occasionally managing to get Tweetiey Bird into his mouth only to have to cough him up again when he gets caught in the act. How often does the cat chase the bird only to run into Granny who berates the wayward cat for trying to catch and eat her prize canary!

Sylvester also has another problem with alley cats who are also scheming to catch Tweety Bird and ends up having to fight them off so he can have the prize to himself, often with hilarious results.

Sylverter's catch phrase is "Sufferin' succotash" said with his lisp that makes it sound all the funnier!

Tweety Bird's most famous phrase is the immortal "I taught I taw a puddy cat!"

Road Runner and Wile E Coyote

The amazing Road Runner cartoons were all classics of ingenuity as Wile E Coyote tries and fails to catch the speeding bird as he zooms around the dessert roads through mountains and valleys avoiding falling boulders and all the clever tricks the coyote can come up with to try to catch him.

Road Runner always outsmarts the coyote, managing to dodge everything he can throw at the speedy bird. Often the coyote will end up falling off a very high cliff and can sometimes be seen to hold up a little flag that says "Help" as he falls to his doom below with a far away thud and a little cloud of dust.

From rocket back packs to giant bows (with the coyote as the arrow), catapults, hot air balloons, motorbikes, etc all sourced from the Acme company and you often wonder if the stupid coyote had the money to pay for all that stuff he kept ordering, why he didn't buy himself a square meal every now and then!

Beep beep!

Porky Pig

Porky Pig is the stuttering fool who is often paired up with Daffy in a double act that always ends in mayhem and madness. He doesn't feature as often as the other characters but when he does you can bet there is going to be some fun and games in the offering.

Porky is usually seen as the last character to appear in most of the cartoons when he bursts forth from the closing Warner Bros insignia to say, "a-bee-a-a-a-bee-a-a-a-bee that's all folks!"

Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn is the big rooster who struts his stuff around the farmyard and plays havoc with the dog who is only trying to have a quiet life in his doghouse. The dig is usually tethered to the dog hose which Leghorn exploits by sneaking up on the dog while he is asleep, whacking his behind with a plank of wood then running away while the angry dog chases him... until he gets to the end of the leash and jerks back strangled by it while a cock sure Leghorn stands there smirking.

"I say bor, I say bor you never learns..."

There are plenty of truly classic characters to choose from, so go ahead... tell us who your favorite is!

Who is Your Favorite Looney Tunes Character?

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      I guess everybody likes Looney Tunes :)

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      What a great lens! I have always loved the Looney Tunes character since I was a little girl, and my favourite was always Tweetie Bird!