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Bingo Games

Updated on August 30, 2017

Bingo Games for Parties and Home Fun

Bingo for Parties and Home Fun
Bingo for Parties and Home Fun

Bingo Game Set


Bingo Games

The following selection of bingo games is great for parties or ideas for random numbers. Some come with a game pack too. This article also includes a video of bingo rules at the end.

I think these machines are useful for party games! You will find them useful and fun. A gift like one of these in the selection here will enhance the atmosphere for fun and leisure as well as style. These sets can also give you ideas for random numbers. You can also get your own selection of numbers for your community activities. Great, isn't it?

Bingo has become very popular again among the young and the not so young, like myself. It is also one of the most popular party games. Here is a little bit of history: the game started in the 1960s where the game really grew big. It was played in clubs but later on was also enjoyed at home or at parties. Since it is not difficult to play and can involve a great number of players, people of almost all ages can enjoy it. It provides social occasions for different age groups to mingle and have an exciting time together. Now it is played in many parts of the world outside of America and Europe.

Here, I will show you some nice designs. Some are more for home use and some are quite fancy and great for senior groups, campgrounds, camps, community halls and more! I hope you will find a suitable bingo game set.

Bingo is an excellent party game!

Do you agree that bingo is an excellent party game?

Bingo Party Game Set for 2-8 Persons

State Fair Bingo
State Fair Bingo

Forget about electronic games for a couple of hours! Enjoy the excitement like in the old times. With this set, the spinner will roll the wooden balls inside for drawing the numbers. It is great fun for 2 - 8 players aged 8 and up.

This beautiful set comes with a traditional metal ball spinner, wooden bingo balls, a solid wood bingo board and 8 shutter bingo cards.


Party Game Ideas

Party Game Ideas for a Fun Dinner Party for Young and Old

How about some "unplugged" game times with family and friends? Yes, it looks old school when you see the silver cage and wooden balls. Your guests will be surprised at this totally unexpected idea of game. It will be a great way to give out party prizes and will surely bring a lot of laughters and fond memories.

A Great Addition to a Dinner Party for Kids and Adults

WE Games Old-Time Bingo Set
WE Games Old-Time Bingo Set

This set comes with an 8-inch Silver Cage, 75 Numbered Wooden Balls,

a Wood Ball Holder, 18 Reusable Bingo Cards and Plastic Markers for up to 18 Players.


A Deluxe Set

Da Vinci Deluxe 7 Inch Diameter Metal Frame Cage Bingo Set with Wood Balls & Wood Board
Da Vinci Deluxe 7 Inch Diameter Metal Frame Cage Bingo Set with Wood Balls & Wood Board

This complete bingo set includes a deluxe 7" diameter wire cage, wood bingo balls numbered up to 75, wood bingo checkers, and 24 bingo cards. This is a great party game set and you can have a fun night with friends and family right out of the box.


How to Play Bingo Clearly Explained in 1:21 Minutes

Bingo Rules

How to Play Bingo?

The goal of the game is to fill a gridded card called a Bingo Card vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on a line. You are to accomplish this by matching combinations of numbers and letters.

First, you mark the center square on the grided card. By using a device like a bingo spinner with numbered balls inside, numbers are drawn and called out by the annoucer. When a number or letter is called out, you mark the square on the card that matches it.

Your full attention is required for locating the numbers. You mark your card until someone wins. How does someone win? If you have covered a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of five grid space, then you are the winner. When this happens to you or another player, call out "Bingo!"

How to Play Bingo: A Funny Presentation



I hope you'll be the one who shouts it out first!

Group Game Deluxe 7 Inch Diameter Silver Metal Frame Cage Wooden Bingo Set

Great for Birthday or Chritmas Party
Great for Birthday or Chritmas Party | Source

Professional Choice

Professional Bingo Set
Professional Bingo Set

This Professional Bingo Set has Ping Pong Style Balls. It includes a brass bingo cage with a wood handle. Very high quality, long lasting and great value.


A Kind Reminder

As there are small parts in bingo game sets, there is chocking harzard warning for children under 3 years of age.

© 2013 May Matthew

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      I just love this stuff. The old style wooden bingo balls are cool.