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Master Moves Mickey a.k.a. Fisher-Price M3 Mouse

Updated on November 24, 2014

Cool Dancing Mickey Mouse Toy

Mickey Mouse is back in action, with a hip urban vibe and truly Master Moves all ready to get your tot moving and grooving, thanks to Fisher Price.

To appreciate M3 Mickey's smooth new dance moves, you've really got to see him in action - check out the real-world video below, for starters. Think the baby likes her new Master Moves Mickey toy? You know it was the highlight of her Christmas morning!

As for toddlers, when the music kicks in and Mickey starts dancing, there's not a toddler I know who can resist getting up to "get down." Active kids are happy kids... and little ones who are physically tired out when their bedtime rolls around? Priceless...

Watch M3 Mickey Dance for Baby - Mickey Mouse Toy in Real Life Video

I know another little girl, just a bit older than the adorable cutie in this Kidscoolit video, who'd be up and dancing right along with Mickey here, with a big huge grin on her face the whole time. Oh, and then there are grown-up Disney collectors... who never ever ever would be tempted to play with their collectibles, right? ;-)

Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey (M3)
Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey (M3)

Who's Da Mouse?

M3 Master Moves Mickey Mouse in da House!

Mickey is "so cool his ice cream doesn't melt." (He'll tell you so himself, in between dance numbers.) And there's good variety in his music selections and dance routines -15 dance moves, 4 original songs, and "4 action-packed dance lessons" is a big improvement on Fisher-Price's earlier versions of their dancing Mickey Mouse toys.

Batteries? Yeah. Well, it takes six AA batteries. Batteries are included, so could be worse I guess. But don't get me started on the mountain of batteries it takes to power the average Christmas morning in the 21st century... That's the main drawback with all these cool new interactive toys for kids, isn't it?

On the plus side, the Master Moves Mickey toy seems to be quite stable, for all that flipping around into handstands and doing windmills - but one of the things I actually like best is how the toy makers anticipate that Mickey will, sometimes, fall over - I mean, it's bound to happen, right? So that's planned for, with Mickey making a little joke as you pick him up and set him back on his feet to keep on dancing. A positive lesson in there for kids' daily lives, perhaps.

Man, that sounded a bit too Grinch-like for talking about the best-loved Disney character... don't mind me. Take another look at the video of the happy baby with her M3 Mickey dancing in front of her. Moving on...

Fisher-Price presents... Best-Loved Musical Mickey Mouse Toys

No need to go looking at Disneyland for everyone's favorite mouse, you can find your own dancing Mickey toy right here - either the hiphop hottie or one of the retro favorites from Christmas past, remember?

"Old School" Music-Animated Mickey Mouse Toys - Disney's musical Mickey Mouse toys get down to other styles of Music, too

Fisher-Price Disney's Dance Star Mickey
Fisher-Price Disney's Dance Star Mickey

Six different songs and "interactive games" are packed into this incarnation of everyone's favourite Disney mouse. And, man, is he eclectic in his musical tastes and moves! Tunes range from latino rthyhms to the eternal moonwalk.

Fisher-Price Mickey Hot Dog Dancer
Fisher-Price Mickey Hot Dog Dancer

Hot diggety dog! It's another singing, dancing Mickey Mouse toy! With only 2 songs in his repertoire, this Mickey will drive parents to distraction long before the batteries run down and are mysteriously not replaced. Ever.


Word to da M-O-U-S-E, as the young Mouseketeers of today might say. If they weren't too busy having a blast with M3 Mickey, that is - rapping and beatboxing their way to an imaginary Magic Kingdom of their own, an updated version of the Rock Star Mickey who stole our hearts and planted those earworms not so long ago!

Fisher-Price Disney's Rock Star Mickey
Fisher-Price Disney's Rock Star Mickey

Cute kicks as he rocks out, but what I really want is Rock Star Mickey's mouse-skull-and-crossbones T-shirt in an adult size. That is all.

Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey (M3)
Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey (M3)

The most versatile dancing Disney character toy yet - what's not to love? Mind you, it helps if you're a little kid with "ants in your pants" and an inborn love of music... We've got one of those bouncy little kids in our family, and you should see her in action! In these days when we can't help but worry a bit about the amount of time our kids spend sitting passively in front of a screen, even as a little tot and despite our best intentions as parents, it's a good thing to be able to find a toy that encourages a more physically active style of play. A dancing Mickey is just the toy to get an energetic young one to stop chasing the cat and get bouncing to the beat.


Give it up for the dancing M3 Mickey Mouse! - Is Master Moves Mickey on your kid's wish list?

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