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Magic the Gathering 2014 Core Set announced

Updated on May 22, 2013

M14 info and spoilers

All there is to know about M14 will be included in this article as it becomes available. As Wizards of the Coast release more info on which cards will be included in the upcoming Core Set I will ad it to this article so we will end up with a full list of all cards in Magic the Gathering 2014 Core Set.

There is currently not much info available as we are still many months away from the release date, however I already have a small FAQ below, with some very general details on the upcoming MTG set.

Picture of M13 Playmat courtesy of Amazon

Magic the Gathering 2014 FAQ

Q. What is the abbreviation for the Magic the Gathering 2014 Core Set?

A. M14

Q: What is the Twitter tag for the new Core Set?

A: #MTGM14

Q. How many cards will M14 contain?

A. There will be 249 cards in the upcoming Core Set

Q. When will M14 be released?

A. The Magic the Gathering Core Set will hit the shelves on July 19, 2013

Q: Are there any card spoilers for M14 yet?

A: Yes. Here are some cards that might be in the list for the upcoming coreset (please note that for now most of these are rumours and have not been confirmed by Wizards of the Coast):

Shadowborn Apostle, Regathan Firecat, Staff of the Wild Magus , Kalonian Tusker

Q: Will Slivers make a return in M14?

A: Wizards of the Coast has started letting clues drop and it looks like Slivers may be included in the upcomng core set.

Update: I~t has been confirmed and 6 Slivers have been revealed

Q: Are there any spoiler lists for M14?

A: Yes there is a pretty extensive list here. Remember the cards revealed here have not been verified or confirmed by Wizards of the Coast so they may not all end up being included in the final release.

What is a Core Set?

An MTG Core Set is the backbone of Magic the Gathering. The sets recycle traditional cards, but the interesting thing about them is which cards are picked and which new ones are added.

While the release of the set might not be as exciting as the expansion sets, the Core Set releases are important for Magic players as they really decides which types of decks becomes succeful in the different tournament formats.

What do you hope to see in M14?

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