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Put together a MTG cleric theme deck

Updated on April 6, 2013

Magic the Gathering cleric creature card list

Of all the RPG archetypes clerics are one of the most oldschool ones. That makes them perfect as a choice for a MTG theme deck. Clerics in Magic are predominantly white, but there are also some black cleric cards and a few blue, red, green ones.

The majority of cleric creatures has healing abilities or other tap or mana costs that allows them to support your other creatures. As such a deck with only cleric creatures may not be the strongest. It does however make for an interesting deck building challenge to make the best possible MTG cleric deck.

There are some really strong cleric cards out there and I have gathered every creature with creature type: Cleric here. So if you are looking to put together a deck with this particular focus, then you will find what you are looking for in the lists below.

I have ordered the clerics by casting cost. Starting out with cheap 1 mana drops and ending with the one 7 mana cleric card.

Picture courtesy of Amazon

1 mana cost mtg cleric cards

These low mana cost Clerics, will help you get your early game started. They can be used to harass the opponent and depending on their abilities, they can prevent or heal damage or maybe even buff your other creatures.

While the 1 mana drop clerics, might not be the most powerful creatures in Magic the Gathering, they can be very helpful to get the game started well.

Magic the Gathering Cleric deck combo cards

here is a list of a few cards that might work well with your cleric deck. Feel free to add your own ideas! :)

Did you ever put together a Magic the Gathering theme deck?

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