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MTG Faerie cards

Updated on May 14, 2013

Magic the Gathering Faeries

This is a complete list of all the Faerie creature cards in Magic the Gathering. I have compiled all the Faerie cards here to make it easier for you to put together a Faerie themed creature deck. If you like me love EDH decks that focuses on a specific creature type, then this article should provide you with a great resource for inspiration.

As this is a full list of all the Faeries in Magic you will both find very powerful and strong Faerie cards and also the cheap, fast Faerie creatures.

I have sorted the Faeries by color and you will find both green, blue, black and multi-colored Faeries. I have also collected a list of Faerie great and famous fairy theme decks so you can find some inspiration for your own commander or theme deck.

At the end of the article you can also add links of your own so you can share what you believe is the best MTG Faerie decks.

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Combo cards for Faerie tribal decks

There are quite a few great combo cards for a theme deck focused on Faeries. As Faeries are one of the bigger tribal creature types, there are a few instants, sorceries and enchantments dedicated to them.

If you have any great cards that works well with a Faerie deck, feel free to leave the names in the comments section further down this article and I might add them to this list.

Playing with Faerie creature decks

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