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Marvel Heroes Daredevil Powers Level Up Guide

Updated on February 8, 2014

In Marvel Heroes, Daredevil is the supremo of martial arts ……. without having the gift of sight. Daredevil takes down his enemies with a barrage of cane-fu moves and acrobatics powers that is a sight to behold at high levels. Even at low levels, his powers are impressive and formidable, even if it comes from practice and not from some mutate ability. This will guide one with the Daredevil powers so that one can level him up most appropriately to showcase his martial arts repertoire.

Marvel Heroes Use Daredevil Powers

Marvel Heroes use low level Daredevil powers - Jumping Strike
Marvel Heroes use low level Daredevil powers - Jumping Strike

Marvel Heroes Daredevil Cane-fu Powers

Daredevil’s basis for his cane-fu powers comes from his billy clubs. From young, he has practiced with his clubs, and has the following cane-fu powers at his disposal –

  • Club Strike – swings his billy clubs at enemies in front of him, damaging them. Has a chance to slow the target.
  • Club Sweep –strikes at enemies around him with his clubs, dealing double damage and slowing them down. Available at level 2.
  • Club Throw – Daredevil throws his billy clubs at the enemies, slowing them down. Available at level 6.
  • Taser Club – Daredevil strikes at an enemy with his electrified club, causing shocks to the enemy and another adversary nearby. Available at level 10.
  • Triple Strike – Daredevil strikes at an enemy three times, causing double the damage at the final strike and stunning the opponent if he has been knocked down. Available at level 18.
  • Rebounding Club – allows Daredevil to throw his clubs at the enemies, causing a bounce between multiple enemies. Available at level 24.
  • Whirling Club – allows Daredevil to swing his club in a wide circle, knocking back enemies and stunning them. Available at level 28.

Marvel Heroes Daredevil Focus Powers

Daredevil's countless hours of practice allow him to focus on the task at hand, and develop powers exclusive to this domain of martial arts. The focus powers are –

  • Relentless Justice – Daredevil pursues his goals relentlessly, building up resistance and doggedness in the process. He moves with more haste and can knock back with tenacity.
  • Man without Fear – Daredevil can dodge enemy attacks. A very useful skill indeed. Available at level 3.
  • Radar Ping – Daredevil senses the weakness in enemies, giving him combat advantage. Available at level 8.
  • Enter the Void – Daredevil uses part of his health to reduce the spirit costs of his powers. Available at level 12.
  • Radar Sense – Daredevil’s keen radar sense pinpoints all nearby enemies. Available at level 20.
  • Ninja Reflexes – Every time Daredevil dodges, he gains an increase in attack speed. Available at level 20.
  • Restorative Trance – Daredevil converts spirit energy into health. Available at level 30.

Marvel Heroes Daredevil Acrobatics

Daredevil launches his acrobatic powers, showing everyone that one does not need mutant abilities to achieve acrobatic and martial arts supremacy.

  • Jumping Strike – Daredevil jumps to an enemy, damaging him and knocking him down when he is slowed.
  • Action Roll – Daredevil rolls forward, dodging attacks and knocking down slowed enemies. Available at level 4.
  • Heroic Leap – allows Daredevil to leap over enemies and obstacles. Available at level 10.
  • Evasive Kick – allows Daredevil to jump away from combat with a backflip kick. This move permits Daredevil to hit enemies, slow them down and knocks them into the air.
  • Opening Lunge – Daredevil jumps into the fray. Enemies that are slowed are knocked down and enemies that are down are stunned. Available at level 16.
  • Knockback Kick – kicks and knocks back enemies, slowing them down and stunning enemies. Available at level 22.
  • Swinging Assault – Daredevil swings forward, kicking enemies in his path. This will cause double damage and stun enemies. Available at level 26.

Daredevil calls in an old pal and the deadly assassin Elektra, to come and help him. This is the Daredevil ultimate move - Elektra Alliance.

Daredevil uses the marvel heroes concept to tag in and defeat the Grim Reaper using a variety of low level powers including jumping strike, club throw and action roll.


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