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Marvel Heroes Jean Grey the Phoenix Powers Level Up Guide

Updated on June 7, 2013

Marvel Heroes Turn Jean Grey into the Phoenix

In Marvel Heroes, the Phoenix aka Jean Grey is one of the most enigmatic heroes one can play. From the early days of being a level 5 telekinesis mutant to getting inflicted with the Phoenix force, Jean Grey’s powers can progress from early telekinesis and telepathy powers and rise to produce blazing and searing fire damage and eventually rise from the ashes as the Phoenix. Of course, once the Phoenix force turns dark, Jean Grey can unleash the Dark Phoenix Wrath.

Marvel Heroes Jean Grey the Phoenix Telekinesis Powers

As Jean Grey levels up, she will become more and more powerful. Jean Grey telekinesis powers include the following –

  • Kinetic Bolt – where Jean can hurl a telekinetic bolt and slam the enemy in her path. This power does not use spirit energy and should be maximised, because when combined with the powers of the Phoenix, damage will increase.
  • Kinetic Wave – projects a burst of telekinetic energy in a circle that repels enemies nearby; also defects enemy projectiles. This power should be used with kinetic bolt when Jean is not in Phoenix mode. Available at level 2.
  • Mental Focus – increases mental defense penetration and can also knock back target at times.
  • Psychic Hammer – a powerful telekinetic blast that devastates enemies in its path. Available at level 10.
  • Telekinetic Flight – the phoenix takes flight through telekinesis, allowing one to move over enemies and obstacles.
  • Psychokinetic Implosion – telekinetic motion that causes all foes in one area to be thrown into one another. Available at level 20.
  • Kinetic Tempest – creates a tempest of psychokinetic energy around the hero, so that enemies are buffered and enemies projectiles are deflected. Available at level 24.

Marvel Heroes Jean Grey the Phoenix Telepathy Powers

Jean Grey has the following telepathy powers –

  • Psychic Lethargy – enemies’ thinking are slowed and this allows them suffer more damage.
  • Bolstering Aura – Jean Grey’s telepathic link allows for Jean and teammates to ignore the physical and energy damage. Activated at level 4.
  • Mind Crush – stuns nearby enemies with telepathy. Activated at level 8.
  • Reinforcing Aura – increases resistance to negative mental conditions and mental attacks. Activating and deactivating this aura power will remove negative mental effects. Activated at level 12.
  • Neural Panic – causes fear in the minds of nearby enemies, causing them to flee. If Jean then attacks enemies, her health is regenerated. Activated at level 18.
  • Telepathic Detection – Jean Grey’s telepathic sensitivity allows her to sense nearby enemies. Activated at level 22.
  • Rejuvenating Aura – allows Jean and nearby teammates to regain spirit quickly. Activated at level 26.
  • Psychic Tempest – creates confusion in enemy ranks, causing enemies to attack one another viciously. Available at level 30.

Marvel Heroes Jean Grey the Phoenix Powers Level Up Guide

Invest in the Phoenix's powers and Jean Grey can reap the rewards later on in the game - an example of Phoenix Charge
Invest in the Phoenix's powers and Jean Grey can reap the rewards later on in the game - an example of Phoenix Charge

Marvel Heroes Jean Grey the Phoenix Powers

And then Jean Grey becomes the Phoenix. Behold the beauty and be awed by the frightening damage that the Phoenix causes.

  • Phoenix Transformation – Jean Grey transforms into the Phoenix, allowing her to do more damage, fly and gain Phoenix force each time an enemy is defeated. Available at level 3.
  • Phoenix Tempest – the Phoenix produces a tempest of pyrokinetic energy around herself. Enemies within the aura takes damage. Available at level 6.
  • Phoenix Avatar – allows the Phoenix to gain Phoenix force when she takes damage. Also gains spirit energy when the Phoenix takes damage. Available at level 10.
  • Phoenix Charge – creates explosive forces which damages enemies as the Phoenix charges and flies from one point to the other. Available at level 16.
  • Phoenix Corona – uses Phoenix force to create a protective field around the Phoenix. Activated at level 20.
  • Phoenix Rebirth – the ultimate power of the Phoenix, where she becomes rejuvenated by the power of the Phoenix force, giving rebirth to the Phoenix.

The power of the Phoenix force is awesome, but it can be corrupted. Let the dark phoenix arise in the Dark Phoenix Wrath, where she will gain Phoenix force and improve all her powers.

Marvel Heroes Use the Powers of the Phoenix

Jean Grey transforms herself into the Phoenix and use her low level powers to defeat her enemies. Physical fire searing powers look better than her telekinesis powers.


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