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Marvel Heroes Miss Marvel Powers Level Up Guide

Updated on March 20, 2014

In Marvel Heroes, Miss Marvel is a playable character for the premium Avengers Assemble pack. Miss Marvel is a special hybrid of melee and ranged attacker. She can alternate between brawler attacks and then infuse her photonic powers and transform her powers into photonic energy which she can disperse to her enemies. This will provide a guide on how to level up Miss Marvel’s powers so that she can be most effective as a tank and as a ranged attacker.

Marvel Heroes Miss Marvel Low Level Powers

Miss Marvel and her Marvel heroes friends try to defeat the Taskmaster using low level powers.
Miss Marvel and her Marvel heroes friends try to defeat the Taskmaster using low level powers.

Miss Marvel Brawling Powers

Miss Marvel’s powers can be divided into three types. The first is her brawling prowess. At first, this means simply punching the enemies until they are down. Later, Miss Marvel starts infusing her photonic energies into her punches. Literally, it becomes one punch, one (or many) down. The brawling powers are –

  • Mighty Punch – basic punching move, which deals some damage and does not use spirit energy. Available at level 1.
  • Roundhouse Kick – launches a kick that rounds up many enemies and knocks them back. Available at level 4. Some equipment can grant this power, so one does not necessarily need to put points into it at first.
  • Photon Punch – this is a progression from mighty punch, where Miss Marvel starts infusing her atomic energies into her punches. Available at level 10.
  • Kree Toughness – Miss Marvel’s photonic charges become imbued into her body. Hits on her body translate to less and less damage. Available at level 14.
  • Defiant Escape – Miss Marvel breaks free of all negative conditions. Available at level 20.
  • Uppercut Blast – knocks an enemy into the air with a punch and knocks the enemy back with photonic energies. Available at level 18.
  • Cosmic Haymaker – Miss Marvel’s comic punches now stuns enemies. Available at level 24.

Miss Marvel Photonics Powers

These powers are the fundamentals of Miss Marvel’s cosmic prowess. From the depths of her being, she calls forth atomic comic fluxes and weaves them into useful energies with which to pelt the enemies –

  • Photonic Blast – fires a beam of energy at the enemies; this can be used with synergy with photonic wave to create more damage.
  • Photonic Wave – blasts enemies in front of Miss Marvel with cosmic energies. Should be combined with basic punch as a 1 – 2 attack. Available at level 3.
  • Stellar Beam – fires a beam of energy that strikes all enemies in its path. Available at level 12.
  • Energy Absorption – converts damage to spirit energy.
  • Stellar Flare – Increases defense and then uses the attacks of enemies to accumulate energy. Then release the energies as a cosmic blast to fry the enemies. Available at level 30.
  • Photonic Regeneration – Miss Marvel’s health is restored slowly, and then some of her photonic energies is used to heal restore more health. Available at level 20.
  • Photonic Devastation – Miss Marvel releases destructive energies in all directions, blasting enemies to the cosmos. Available at level 26.

Miss Marvel Avionics Powers

The final third of Miss Marvel’s famous powers – the ability to fly and create graceful and wonderful attacks from the air.

  • Flying Lunge – surge into enemies, knocking them down. Can also be deployed as a “backstab” move, where Miss Marvel goes behind the enemies’ back and then attacks them whilst they are distracted.
  • Cruising Altitude – Miss Marvel flies above enemies and obstacles. Available at level 8.
  • Evasive Blast – jumps away from combat and fire a photonic blast that slows the enemy. Available at level 16.
  • Warbird Charge – Miss Marvel charges forward, knocking back all enemies in her path. Available at level 22.
  • Crashdown Strike – fly up and smash down in the middle of enemies, knocking them down. Spend all photonic energy to deal extra damage. Available at level 28.

Finally, when Miss Marvel has leveled up to her peak and is powerful enough, she goes into Binary Overdrive, where she explodes with cosmic energies, burning enemies and healing teammates.


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