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Marvel Heroes Scarlet Witch Powers Level Up Guide

Updated on June 8, 2013

Marvel Heroes Scarlet Witch Low Level Powers Guide

Marvel Heroes use low level powers to defeat Scarlet Witch
Marvel Heroes use low level powers to defeat Scarlet Witch

In Marvel Heroes, Scarlet Witch is one of the playable characters in the Marvel Heroes game from the beginning. Scarlet Witch’s powers can be magnificent towards the end, when she pulls in the powers and unknowns of probabilities and makes it her own, creating chaos and damage of unknown nature. It is a beauty to watch when the Scarlet Witch starts dealing out damage of all kinds, and it is impossible to predict just what will happen. This will guide the hero on how to level up the Scarlet Witch so she can maximize her powers of unknown probabilities.

Scarlet Witch Decimation Powers

Scarlet Witch’s powers can be divided into three groups. The first group is the decimation powers –

  • Hex Bolt – blasts an enemy with a damaging hex.
  • Hex Orb – unleashes of an orb of chaos that stuns enemies in its path.
  • Combusting Hex – the scarlet witch uses hex powers to create a fiery area which damage enemies. Unlocks at level 6.
  • Menacing Hex – the scarlet witch hits enemies with a hex. The hex makes enemies vulnerable to mental and energy attacks. Unlocks at level 10.
  • Bewitching Hex – the scarlet witch hits enemies with a hex. The hex makes enemies suffer more damage, and also causes regeneration of spirit energy. Unlocks at level 20.
  • Reality Implosion – creates an area where reality is distorted. This distortion pulls enemies into the area, damaging enemies. Unlocks at level 24.
  • Ruinous Tempest – the scarlet witch creates chaos around herself, rending the minds of enemies around the heroine. Unlocks at level 16.
  • Chaos Tempest – the scarlet witch creates chaos around herself, pushing enemies out, damages enemies and then slows enemies around you. Unlocks at level 30.

Scarlet Witch Negation Powers

The Negation Powers of the Scarlet Witch allows her the following abilities –

  • Enervating Hex – the scarlet witch uses a hex. Enemy advantages are eliminated and enemies are more susceptible to damage.
  • Enfeebling Veil – the scarlet witch envelopes herself into a veil. Enemies approaching the veil will be weakened. Unlocks at level 4.
  • Withering Hex – the scarlet witch creates an area which will weaken enemies. Unlocks at level 12.
  • Entropic Warding – the scarlet witch empowers enemies with chaotic magic, causing slowness and warping the flight of enemy projectiles. Available at level 10.
  • Corrosive Hex – the scarlet witch creates a mystic zone that makes enemies susceptible to attacks. Available at level 20.
  • Warding Tempest – the scarlet witch surrounds herself with fortuitous aura, negating all harmful power effects around the hero. Available at level 26.

Scarlet Witch Disruption Powers

This category allows the scarlet witch to use her powers to disrupt her environment and the enemies. As she levels up, she will have more disruption powers. The first power pretty much defines the Scarlet Witch.

  • Chaos Magic – the scarlet witch can inflict random harmful effects on the enemies. As the power of her chaos magic increases, the random effects increase in duration and power.
  • Hex Binding – the scarlet witch holds the enemies in place, damaging them over time. Unlocks at level 3.
  • Chthonic Gloom – the Elder Gods supplement the Scarlet Witch’s powers, sending enemies running away in fear. Available at level 8.
  • Winds of Chaos – the scarlet witch flies above the enemies and obstacles. Available at level 14.
  • Bewildering Hex – the scarlet witch throws a hex. Enemies start fighting each other. Available at level 22.
  • Ominous Veil – the scarlet witch surrounds herself in cloak of fear, frightening enemies so they run away.
  • Ravenous Binding – the scarlet witch creates a reality where the enemies’ life force are drained to regenerate their health. Available at level 30.

At level 30, the scarlet witch infuses chaos magic into the vicinity, creating unreality and unmaking realities. Minor enemies are erased from existence and powerful enemies are removed briefly.

With low level powers, the Scarlet Witch alters the reality around the Hood and defeats him without having to lay a finger on him in the final shot.


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