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Marvel Heroes Wolverine Level Up Guide

Updated on June 15, 2013

Marvel Heroes Wolverine Powers Level Up Guide

No matter how much the enemies hit Wolverine, his regenerative powers mean he keeps coming back.
No matter how much the enemies hit Wolverine, his regenerative powers mean he keeps coming back.

Marvel Heroes Wolverine Level Up Guide

In Marvel Heroes, the hero may want to take on the persona of the most famous and ferocious X-men of all time – Wolverine. The Wolverine is a savage hero of fury, speed, lethal claws and fast regeneration. His main attack specialization lies in his ability to speed in, claw at enemies, inflicting large amounts of damage and then zoom out, allowing his health to regenerate over time. The more one invests in the health regeneration powers, the faster he will heal up. Then dash back into the fray of battle and defeat the enemies. At high levels, this repetitive form of attack is just simply unstoppable. This will guide the Wolverine on how to level up the appropriate powers so that he may achieve the above objectives. It will look at other powers and allow one to fantasize on other attack modes of the Wolverine. It is possible to only attack and attack and attack without much defence when one is immortal.

Marvel Heroes Wolverine Claws Powers

Wolverine’s powers can be divided into his claw powers, his ferocity powers and his weapon X powers. First up, his claw powers. Wolverine’s claws must be leveled up so that it will inflict as much damage as possible without using, or using as little spirit energy as possible –

  • Quick Slash - Wolverine’s iconic claws come out, slashing enemies repeatedly until they are down.
  • Bloody Slash – Wolverine’s claws now causes bleeding damage. Unlocks at level 10.
  • Rending Sweep – Wolverine’s becomes annoyed, violently swinging his trademark adamantium claws to knock down enemies around the hero. Unlocks at level 7.
  • Slashing Leap – Wolverine’s jumps onto the enemy from a distance, slicing them apart. When Wolverine taps into his fury power meter, this ability transforms into bleeding damage. Unlocks at level 14.
  • Hack n Slash – Wolverine’s slash drops an enemy and then continues attacking other nearby enemies. Unlocks at level 20.
  • Scattering Rend – Wolverine’s claws knock enemies (around him) back. Unlocks at level 28.

Marvel Heroes Wolverine Ferocity Powers

The more Wolverine fights and the more he is damaged, the more ferocious he becomes. He would not be Wolverine without his ferocity powers –

  • Brutal Slash – Wolverine’s ferocity translates into a brutal claw swipe that floors an enemy or stuns it. Wolverine can use fury to increase the damage and effect duration.
  • Furious Lunge – Wolverine lunges forward, flooring enemies in his path. Can be used as a dash movement to get into battle fast and then come out again fast.
  • Adrenaline Rush – Wolverine increases his movement speed across the battlefield. Wolverine can use his fury meter points to increase the duration. This power can be used to enhance Wolverine’s ability to run into battle and then run out to generate. It can also be used to do speed-runs to waypoints.
  • Feral Growl – Wolverine’s canine fury sends enemies running away in fear. Again, Wolverine can use fury to increase the duration.
  • Bloody Victory – Wolverine defeats an enemy and revels in the victory, regaining some health. Unlocks at level 16.
  • Unleash the Beast – As though Wolverine in his fury state is not enough, he is now able to unleash his inner beast. In this state, spirit energy is converted to fury whilst the beast is defending himself. Unlocks at level 22.
  • Berserker Fury – Yes, Wolverine has a berserk mode. Enemies do not want to be in front of the Wolverine when he goes into this mode. Recommended when the Wolverine’s fury is at its maximum. Unlocks at level 26.
  • I’m the Best There Is – Wolverine confirms he is the best; he jams his claws into an injured enemy, dealing enormous amounts of damage. Unlocks at level 30.

Marvel Heroes Weapon X Powers

The organization’s plan to turn Wolverine into the ultimate fighting machine went drastically wrong. Instead, the ultimate freewill immortal fighting beast was created. Wolverine’s Weapon X powers are –

  • Healing Factor – Wolverine’s famous immortal power: the power to heal. The more ranks this has, the more health per minute Wolverine regenerates.
  • Smell Weakness – allows Wolverine to exploit the weaknesses in his enemies, rendering them vulnerable to attacks.
  • Cage the Beast – allows Wolverine to turn fury into spirit energy. Unlocks at level 12.
  • Adamantium Skeleton – another iconic Wolverine power; his adamantium body frame resists forced movements and damage. Unlocks at level 8.
  • Regeneration Boost – Wolverine heals even faster, converting his fury meter points to regain health faster. Unlocks at level 18.
  • Can’t Keep Me Down – allows Wolverine to negate negative conditions. If Wolverine spends fury, he becomes immune to these conditions. Unlocks at level 24.
  • Feral Senses – allows Wolverine to reveal nearby enemies. Unlocks at level 20.

And finally, when Wolverine is beaten down to his lowest, he becomes the most ferocious. He activates Savage Recovery. Wolverine rises with renewed ferocity, shaking off all negative conditions and attacks the enemies again. Relentlessly savage.


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