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Marvel Infinity Reading Order

Updated on February 26, 2014

Avengers Face Thanos and The Builders in Marvel's Infinity Event

Everything Dies. That is what the mysterious figure known as "The Universe" uttered as she sent the Avenger, Manifold, back to Earth, and revealed to them that the ones who created the human race were now bent on its extension. Stand ready now as the sequences of Marvel's Summer-Fall 2013 event are revealed. The next step of human evolution is death, and this is the story unfolded before our very eyes. This is Infinity.

Picture: Thanos, on the cover of Infinity FCBD, part of the 2013 Free Comic Book Day.

Look now as Thanos returns, waging war across the universe; observe as an ancient race known as "The Builders" arrives to determine Earth's Fate. And caught in the middle of the unceasing and growing struggle to survive, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers, stand as our greatest defense.

Start Date: August 14, 2013

End Date: December 04, 2014

Welcome! This page is set up as a Reading Order for Marvel's Infinity Event. It contains some limited artwork, additional insights, and comments from readers within. This is not fashioned as a spoiler, but a guide for people wanting follow along. If you're lost, or need to look up a recommended order to get you back on track, please feel free to use at your discretion.

The Infinity Trailer

The Marvel Infinity Reading Order

December 04, 2013: This Reading Order is Complete

The Prelude

P01 Infinity FCBD

P02 Avengers #14

P03 Avengers #15

P04 Avengers #16

P05 Avengers #17

P06 New Avengers #8


001 Infinity #1

002 Avengers #18

003 Avengers Assemble #18

004 Captain Marvel #15

005 Mighty Avengers #1

006 Mighty Avengers #2

007 Might Avengers #3

008 Infinity Heist #1

009 Nova #8

010 Thunderbolts #14

011 Thunderbolts #15

012 Thunderbolts #16

013 Nova #9

014 New Avengers #9

015 Infinity #2

016 Avengers #19

017 Infinity: The Hunt #1

018 Infinity: The Hunt #2

019 New Avengers #10

020 Infinity The Hunt #3

021 Infinity #3

022 Captain Marvel #16

023 Avengers Assemble #19

024 Avengers #20

025 Thunderbolts #17

026 Thunderbolts #18

027 Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3

028 Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #4

029 Infinity #4

030 Avengers #21

031 Fearless Defenders #10

032 Secret Avengers #10

033 Secret Avengers #11

034 Avengers Assemble #20

035 Infinity Heist #2

036 Infinity Heist #3

037 New Avengers #11

038 Guardians of The Galaxy #8

039 Wolverine and The X-Men Annual #1

040 Infinity #5

041 Avengers #22

042 Avengers #23

043 Guardians of The Galaxy #9

044 Infinity The Hunt #4

045 Infinity #6

046 New Avengers #12

047 Infinity Heist #4

The Prelude To The Event - What You Need to Know, or Collect, Before You Start

The Avengers Assemble from Avengers #17 (2013) a Prelude to The Marvel Infinity Event.
The Avengers Assemble from Avengers #17 (2013) a Prelude to The Marvel Infinity Event.

Before you start on this fascinating story, it's a wise idea to get informed. That's because besides the official event, there's a Prelude and lots of Background. The objective of this section is to give you this data, to better enjoy what's to come.

P01 Infinity FCBD - The first prelude to the event. The story begins with a detailing of "Outriders", creatures genetically birthed to sift through world's for offerings to their master. On one world, Ahl-Agullo, a messenger arrives and tells the king that his champion is dead. The leader prepares to marshal his forces to war, but is convinced by the gruesome herald to give an offering instead. This, in turn, will give his people peace after nearly being destroyed from the past battle. The story then transitions to another world where the tribute is Thanos! It's a clutch of the younglings from Ahl-Agullo, and we can only assume they are dead or will now be raise to serve a new lord. And lastly, we finally see Earth; an Outrider moves invisibly about while seeking a proper tribute.

P02 Avengers #14 - The first official "Prelude to Infinity" issue. Starting with this comic book, the underlying plot of Infinity is explained. Earth has been hit with "Origin Bombs" by a cosmic being known as "Ex Nihilio"; he and his sisters have tailored these instruments to change the people and the world when struck. Now infected, the planet is undergoing a unique transformation. For a more detailed explanation of this previous events, click here.

At the start of the issue, 90% of the world's electrical systems are going down from a signal that occurs every six minutes. Once the signal ends, power returns. The Avengers are unable to locate the source; in the meantime, they are around the world attempting to divert disasters. "The Universe" - a mysterious figure among their ranks, offhandedly tells them that the signal is attempting to remake the world, but it's sick. They then deduce that one of the Origin Bomb sites must be involved. As the next signal erupts, Bruce Banner determines that Perth, Australia is its origin. Manifold teleports Captain America and teammates there and they are immediately attacked by huge bugs and strange, square-headed beings. Monitoring their battle, Bruce then locates a power surge on AIM Island. The issue picks up there where the scientists have been playing the signal in a loop and directing it at a pod they acquired from one of the original sites. As this issue closes, the pod opens.

P03 New Avengers #15 - Continues immediately from Avengers #14.Banner is notified that there are more strange readings on AIM Island. The issue continues there and the locale is now on full island quarantine. A leader and his men attempt to investigate while everyone is fleeing. They come upon Superia, now in a catatonic state, mumbling about "a price" to pay. The pod is now open and whatever was in it, is loose. The issue then cuts to a new signal transmission; it envelopes Earth, but also bypasses our solar system and galaxy and is picked up by one of the mysterious "Alephs", who indicates "message received". Back on Perth, the Avengers are nearly overwhelmed, but Captain America figures out that they need to destroy an antennae the bugs are building. Once disintegrated, the battle ends. "The Universe" now appears and relays a cryptic message, ultimately taking Manifold with her. In the next cut-scene, we are at The Peak, a SWORD installation in space that is surrounded by newly-appearing craft. They manage to block all but one: a Skrull ship heading towards Earth's surface. Back with Manifold, "The Universe" shows him a place where "the end begins". She tells him this is where the first will fight and fall. A huge spacecraft then appears in the sky. Meanwhile, down on Earth, Banner is tracking The Peak as well as the object leaving AIM Island. He realizes it's heading towards Perth and warns the team.

P04 Avengers #16 - Continues immediately from Avengers #15, with flashbacks. Starting with Starbrand and Nightmask with a flashback from weeks ago, quarantined from Earth on a Stark-fashioned Dyson Sphere, Starbrand begins learning the near limit-less extent of his powers; Nightmask begins to explain and mentor him in the process. The issue then cuts to "The Universe" and Manifold; it's revealed that they are on the planet, Galador. (For those unaware, Galador is the official name of a planet in Marvel's past where the "Starknights" originated. Specifically, was the home of ROM Spaceknight.) Manifold is then told to leave and warn The Avengers that "the machine is not complete" and that they will have to destroy a world before they can protect it. We then see Starknights streaking towards the big ship to do battle. Back on Earth, Captain America tells the team that something is incoming. It then strikes with multiple missiles, lands, and appears as a exo-suited creation. The Avengers have fallen; this also takes a toll on Banner at the SHIELD hub and the stress causes him to change into the Hulk. The Perth team begins to recover and regroup; once they gather their bearing, they counter-attack. The issue cuts to another flashback from a week ago; Nightmask is continuing to teach Starbrand. Keven realizes he is so powerful here that he could leave at any time. Nightmask asks him if he is ready and he says no. The instructions then continue. We return to the Perth battle and see this mechanized creature has multiple weapons integrated into its system; it's winning the fight. SHIELD can no longer assist; the Hulk is on the rampage. On AIM Island Superia and one of the leaders are watching Perth and decide to activate a device called "The Augur", which can bring the powerful creature to them. It currently stands triumphant over the Avengers, not expecting to be translocated.

The Mechanized Creature from Avengers #17, Prelude to Infinity Event
The Mechanized Creature from Avengers #17, Prelude to Infinity Event

Right: The giant mechanized creature is captured by AIM and held in a space of nonexistence. Excerpt from Avengers #17 (2013), the Prelude to Infinity event.

P05 Avengers #17 - Continues immediately from Avengers #16. Superia and her team of AIM scientists have arrived in Perth and confront the powerful creature that downed The Avengers. She distracts it and the Augur pulls it into a nothingness in space where it will be held. The AIM leader then has "Harvesters" collect DNA and samples from our heroes instead of killing them. As this continues, Manifold appears from Galador and attacks. He teleports Superia and her entire crew away, finding Captain America. They attempt to contact Banner and fight out he's turned back to human and at an unknown destination. With the confrontations concluded, the Avengers are now gathered together to discuss a plan. Manifold relays what "The Universe" told him: They need to get bigger. This leads Captain America, Iron Man, and Banner to discuss the inference. In the next cut-scene, we understand: teleporting to the planet Mars, Captain America confronts Ex Nihilo and his sister, Abyss, to join their team. They accept. On Stark's Dyson Sphere, Banner and Iron Man go to meet Starbrand and Nightmask. At this point, they are now, also, part of The Avengers.

P06 New Avengers #8 - Continue the Prelude to Infinity from a completely different perspective and is believed to occur shortly after the events in Infinity #1. (Tony states that the Avengers have headed off into space.) The African nation of Wakanda faces the underwater realm of Atlantis in what looks to be an apocalyptic war that may end both of their states. At the same time, Black Bolt has his mad brother preparing a Terrigen Bomb while Namor attempts to sue for peace with T'Challa. All this occurs while "Incursions" transpire, destroying an alternate universe each time one gets close to ours. For more detailed information, you can read the New Avengers saga here.

At this stage, Tony tells Reed Richards that the world, this system, our galaxy and the fundamental underpinnings of everything is breaking down. The begin to join their intellects to come up with counter-strategy. The issue then cuts to the city of the Inhumans, Attilan, floating over Manhattan. Maximus tells his brother that the weapon is finished. He then shows him a second device, a portal to a dimension where Black Bolt can speak freely without destructive results. Medusa then confronts her husband as he's leaving the portal and they share their mental rapport. She asks him what's transpiring and he finally shows her his understanding of the future. She is aghast and walks out, slapping him. The issue then cuts to Necropolis, the Wakadan city of the dead, where Namor offers Black Swan a partnership. T'Challa walks in and asks the King of Atlantis is they can talk privately. He then tells him that the offer of peace has been rejected and that Atlantis is now being attacked. Namor is outraged and flies back to his kingdom. Sometime later, the issue than resumes with Stark and Richards discussing their strategy; they believe they'll have three months before their time is up. Suddenly, indicators flash and alert them to an invasion. It's happening all across the world. One be one, each nation begins seeing the ships, and the heralds of Thanos, appear.

Infinity Summaries - Chapter 1 - Detailed Notes On The Reading Order - Spoilers Herein

The Avengers realize their world is about to be under attack. Excerpt from Infinity #1 (2013). Part of the Infinity event.
The Avengers realize their world is about to be under attack. Excerpt from Infinity #1 (2013). Part of the Infinity event.

001 Infinity #1 - This issue officially starts the event. Please note that New Avengers #8 actually shows the start of the invasion, where the armies of Thanos land. This comic book is packed with different parts of the Infinity plot which culminate to a final set of plans that will unfold for the next few months. The first series of scenes shows the Illuminati from New Avengers destroying an alternate universe incursion. The next scenes are a replay of the Infinity FCBD 2013 issue from the prelude. It shows Thanos receiving a tribute and sending his Outrider to Earth to find its hidden secret.

Suddenly, the Infinity story begins in full. Taking place on Galador, home of the SpaceKnights, the ancient race of The Builders attacks. The mysterious figure known as "The Universe" watches as the planet's heroes attempt to protect their world. Quickly, though, everything is destroyed. The issue then moves to Abigail Brand on The Peak. Tracking some Skrull invaders, she leads Captain America and Avengers towards their location. They lock on and fight, but it turns out that these are not warriors by any means; they are refugees. Suddently "The Universe" appears on The Peak and Brand calls Cap to come immediately. The story then moves to the next series of scenes, taking place on Attilan, the Inhuman home above Manhattan. The tasked Outrider is sifting through Black Bolt's memories while he's sleeping. Elsewhere, Cap is updated to events at The Peak. They know realize that the Builder race is on a route with earth as its target. A Kree distress signal confirms it. Back on Attilan, the Outrider locates the Infinity Gems and discovers The Illuminati in Black Bolt's mind. He also discovers the Hidden Kings, but before he can go further, Black Bolt detects him and counter-attacks. The creature is nearly killed, but manages to escape with mortal wounds. Back on The Peak, Captain America has gather the entire roster of Avengers and reveals the threat. There is almost no chance the Earth will survive if the Builders reach them first, so instead they are going to assemble and join the galactic empires across the universe to stop them. Iron Man is tasked to stay behind and develop a contingency plan if they fail. In the last scenes of the issue, the nearly-deceased Outrider makes it to the moon, Titan and is brought before Thanos and his Black Order, consisting of Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf, The Ebony Maw and Supergiant. It reveals the "secret" it has found and now Thanos has learned that the world no longer as Avengers protecting it.This issue also contains an Infinity addition starring the Silver Surfer. As a Skree outpost on the moon, Hy'lt Minor is being razed by The Alephs and Builders, the Surfer destroys them. The Skrulls fear him, but he reveals that he is no longer a Herald of Galactus and will try to save them.

002 Avengers #18 - Occurs a short while after Infinity #1, with the team out in deep space. Starting at the neutral territory called Nomad, the Skrull Warlord Kl'rt is requesting an audience at the Citadel of the Galactic Council. It was two days hence when he learned that the Hy'rt Minor outpost had fallen and the Builders were identified. He calls on a gathering of the last Warlords and they set a trap. Giving their lives, A minor battle is one and Kl'rt is allowed time to travel to the Galactic Council. Now coming together, he shares his forces with J'Son of Spartax, The Kree's Accuser Corps, and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Their numbers also include the Brood and Negative Zone Annihilation forces. The Avengers are here as well. Relating his knowledge, K'lrt explains the forces he has encountered; this causes the Council to see their only chance of winning as a trap. Using a locale known as "The Corridor", they wait for the passing enemy fleet. Once it appears, they perform an all-out strike and take out the Builder command vessel. But surprise! The Builders have sprung their own trap and the resistance was only a decoy. They spring out of hiding, then attacking everything within range. The Avengers are flying in two Quinjets; a call for retreat has been issued. Cap and his team teleport out using Manifold's power. Captain Marvel begins to skirt the battle using her elite piloting skills. Suddenly, there is an explosion; it's the Shi'ar command cruiser, now destroyed and buffeting her ship about.

003 Avengers Assemble #18 - This is a recount of the Battle of the Corridor from Spider-Woman's perspective. Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, gives her version of the Battle of the Corridor, detailing her fears and lost relationships with Captain Marvel and Hawkeye as she joins the front, ends up fighting on the hull of a ship, almost gets stranded in space, and is saved by Skrull and brought to safety. She feels her mortality and then learns that her Clint and Carol haven't reported in.

004 Captain Marvel #15 - This is a recount of the Battle of The Corridor from Captain Marvel's perspective. Carol expresses her opinions and emotions in a way the befits the fact that she's lost her memories. As her cruiser becomes involved in ambush and counter-ambush. She also recounts the retrieval of Spider-Woman, but also explains what happens to their ship after it is breached. Everyone is sent into escape pods while she remains behind, blowing the ship for a directed push away from the singularity. When she is out in space, she begins having an emergence of strange sensations and suddenly transforms into...Binary!

The Mighty Avengers. Excerpt from Mighty Avengers #1 (2013), part of Marvel Infinity
The Mighty Avengers. Excerpt from Mighty Avengers #1 (2013), part of Marvel Infinity

Meanwhile on Earth...

005 Mighty Avengers #1 - This issue takes place before the actual invasion on Earth. It could also be simultaneous with Thunderbolts #14. Centering on Luke Cage as he attempts to rebuild his own team from his Heroes For Hire business. Thanos sends Proxima Midnight to New York before she is to embark to Atlantis and destroy the sea-dwellers. Luke, with White Tiger and Power Man take down a group of wannabe super-thugs, but Spidey shows up and taunts them. White Tiger decides to leave the team; later, so does Power Man. But as Proxima Midnight lands with her forces, Luke is lucky enough to assemble some resistance with the Superior Spider-Man, Spectrum and her cohort, a mysterious stranger dressed as calling himself The Splendiferous Spider-Man (aka "Spider-Hero"). The decide to call themselves Avengers since the actual ones are out in space.

006 Mighty Avengers #2 - Occurs immediately after Mighty Avengers #2. Across the city, Doctor Strange is being subverted by Black Maw to use a charm called "The Wings of Needless Sorrow". Meanwhile, Proxima Midnight battles our assorted group of "Mighty Avengers". She throws her spear - it splits into three tails of black light and fully hits Spectrum, taking her out. While all this is happening, somewhere deep in the ocean waters, The Blue Marvel is being observed by Uatu, The Watcher; he's alerted to a Level 7 event and heads to the city to confront it. Back in Manhattan, Proxima's battle ends. Thanos appears and summons her to head to Atlantis and collect The Tithe. She is reluctant to go before her fight ends, but swears that Spectrum will soon be dead. Once she disappears, seismic occurrences increase until finally a summoning occurs. It's from Doctor Strange; the Black Maw has made him summon Shuma-Gorath, a powerful entity. Blue Marvel has just shown up; he prepares to battle and notes that now the problem is "Level 8".

007 Mighty Avengers #3 - Occurs near immediately after issue #2 Blue Marvel shows up quickly and helps heal Spectrum by boosting her photons. But it's not quick enough; Shuma-Gorath is growing powerful more rapidly and affecting citizens. Power Man and White Tiger show up to help, and they get the idea to use the White Tiger's Amulet, Power Man's Chi, and combined might to amplify the Tiger God, which then attacks Gorath. Weakened, they it is with everything and send it back. Now realizing they can work together, Luke Cage unofficially names them "Avengers".

008 Infinity Heist #1 - Occurs before the main invasion on Earth and shortly after The Avengers leave for space.Consisting of a villain oriented story, Blizzard and Whirlwind have been keeping tabs on The Avengers and take special interest when the team leaves the planet in their Quinjet. Sensing opportunity, they use the advantage to attack the Wakandian National Bank. Together they cut through the defenses, but are stunned when they find the money and jewels gone. Instead, Spymaster is there, waiting for them. Knowing him for his mysteriousness, he tells them to meet later for a special plan. It turns out that their meeting place is the Black Market, a villain hang-out run by Spymaster himself. In there, Blizzard and Whirlwind meet up with Constrictor, Firebrand, Whiplash, and Unicorn. Spymaster tells them that their hit is going to be Iron Man, Tony Stark; their going after his armors and his tech. During the discussions, Titanium Man crashes in, creating a ruckus. Spymaster tells them that he will also be on the team. Something happens with Blizzard, though, and he appears to be suffocating. Whirlwind isn't sure what's going on now...

009 Nova #8 - This is another setup story before the main invasion of Thanos. Sam is out and about, helping the citizens and all, when he's aware that his identity may have been discovered because his voice isn't disguised. He bolts away and in confusion takes off his helmet in the atmosphere. This causes more complications because it turns off his powers. He crashes into earth and black's out. When he wakes up, he's in the back of a pickup truck, guided by none other than Speedball and Vance Astro. It turns out that they've been following him and want him to join their team. Unfortunately, Sam doesn't know them and wants to get away. While this is occurring, the issue also deals intermittently with the main plot. Thanos is aware of the Nova Force and Sam Alexander and wants him eradicated. Instead of sending one of his Black Council members, he sends the daughter of Proxima Midnight, a bloodthirsty killer known as Kaldera. She travels to Earth and appears at Sam's home, asking to see him.

010 Thunderbolts #14 - Occurs before the Thanos invasion, so should be placed or read within the pages of Infinity #1. Technically, it could be read at the end of the Infinity Prelude. After finishing Ross's mission, the Thunderbolts draw "feathers" to determine who will be next. Frank Castle, The Punisher, wins. He tells them that their next mission will be to hunt down the Paguro Family, and old Cosa Nostra faction that secretly runs all of the crime in New York. The story then shows a bit of the family interactions and then goes back to Punisher's plan. He intends to run a recon until he learns that The Avengers are out in space. Realizing their advantage, he prepares the team to go in stronger with Red Hulk remaining out of sight. They expect no surprises, but in another shot, the invasion forces of Thanos are clearing the atmosphere.

011 Thunderbolts #15 - Happens shortly after Thunderbolts #14, Thanos and his fleet haven't landed yet. Still searching for the whereabouts of the Paguros family, Castle and his team begin capturing, threatening and torturing street thugs. No good, though; nobody seems to talk until they come upon some older, former leaders of the Nosa Costra. Happy to get rid of the new mafia, they tell the Thunderbolts where to find them. Meanwhile, in the sub, The Leader is watching the coming invasion on radar, but he doesn't inform Ross for reasons yet unknown. Mercy, while in meditation, senses it; there are many people thinking of death. While Castle's team is in route, the invasion starts. The sub is underwater when Ross finds out, but The Leader causes it to surface. Betrayal. And for what?

012 Thunderbolts #16 - Happens near immediate after Thunderbolts #15.The three old Nosa Costra head towards the Paguros' Hideout; they don't care if they're being followed; the invasion has them scared. Unfortunately, though, the place is guarded and closed off to them; in a somewhat cunning move, they warn that they have info about The Punisher and are let in. On the topside sub, SuperGiant, one of the Black Council, appears. Attracted by The Leader's intellect, she begins absorbing his knowledge. This draw's Mercy's attention; she throws the aggressor out of the sub and then heads directly into the city to harmonize and draw upon the sensations of death. Back at the Paguros' Hideout, Punisher, Elektra, and Venom have arrived. Seeing that they are barred from entering the triple steel-reinforced location, Frank calls for "The Trunk". It turns out to be a powerful, bunker-buster bomb. He arms it wrong, though, and it's about to go off in 10 seconds. Venom quickly webs it, lurching it into the air. It explodes against an alien craft, which in turn falls towards the hideout, creating a huge hole for their entry. Inside the place, the Paguros Family is preparing; they've armed everyone in case Frank gets in. And this is just the way Punisher likes it.

013 Nova #9 - Happens after a short drive. Sam, Speedball, and Justice head to Sam's House and find Kaldera waiting, his family captive. The warrior-girl offers him a fight with no powers; if Kaldera wins, she gets to kill him and take his helmet, if Sam wins, he gets his family back and is free. Sam agrees and fights, but quickly calls in his allies and cheats. Kaldera loses and they escape. Once back on Thanos' vessel, she's sentenced to eternal pain for her failure.

014 New Avengers #9 - Occurs near simultaneous to the events in Avengers #18. With the secret of the Infinity Gems revealed, Thanos is still determined to acquire the one remaining. He sends his Black Order out with troops to find it's location. Black Dwarf faces Wakanda and The Black Panther, Proxima Midnight faces Namor who still reels from the surprise strike on his nation. At the Sanctum Sanctorum, Dr. Strange is beset against Ebony Maw. And at the Jean Grey School, Wolverine and his X-Men are squaring off against Corvus Glaive and Supergiant. The confrontations move swiftly; Wakanda sends Black Dwarf away in retreat. Namor, however, establishes a parley of subservience and tells Proxima Midnight that the gem she seeks is in Wakanda. This is a clever move, setting one enemy against another. Meanwhile, high above Manhattan, Black Bolt sets his own plan in motion. He actives his Illuminati link.

Chapter 2: Invasion - Thanos Begins His Hunt; The Builders Find Victory, Even in Defeat

Their First Victory, Except from Infinity #2 (2013)
Their First Victory, Except from Infinity #2 (2013)

015 Infinity #2 - Begins the second chapter of the event. Starting off at The Peak, Thanos forces gain control of a conduit of the station, but are quickly blown clear by Abagail Brand outside and a set explosive charge. Once she regains control, she learns that they weren't trying to take control of the station, but taking its defense systems offline. Too late! From the viewscreens, a multitude of ships are on their way. In the next segment there is a brief recap of the ending of Infinity #1, and then the issue resumes with the emissary of Thanos, Corvus Glaive, landing his ship in the Inhuman city above Manhattan. He demands Black Bolt give them his secret and furthermore demands the "tribute", the heads of all Inhumans between sixteen and sixty-two. Glaive gives them one day to decide. Meanwhile, in deep space, we now know that one-third of the galactic fleet was decimated by the Builder Armada. In an orbit of the Agricultural World, Whaan Prime, the Shi'ar flagship, Lilandra survives, and accepts Captain America and his team, but the rest of their network is dark. While Gladiator is in counsel, some Builder ships attack one of their incoming vessels. Gladiator activates an all-out counterattack, which they win. But not too fast; the Builders unleash one of their Ex Nihili to the planet's surface. It commits suicide and starts a dark plague across the world, causing decay and disease on everything. In the final pages of the issue, we return to Attilan. Black Bolt summons the Illuminati to his special pocket dimension, telling them that Thanos' emissary has reached him and demands tribute. He gives a data stick to them saying that it is what Thanos really wants, the identity of his son on Earth, whom the mad Titan wants to kill.

016 Avengers #19 - Takes place after Captain Marvel #15 and Infinity #2, where we know the Ex Nihili committed suicide. Captain Marvel wakes up and learns she's been captured along with the rest of the members of her Quinjet team. She recounts how she transformed into Binary, helped the team escape death, but eventually was caught by Alephs and chained on a Builder ship. Meanwhile, on the Behemoth Ringworld, The Galactic Council has reconvened to contrive a new strategy. They now realize the Builder forces are much greater and more powerful. Eventually, Captain America steps forward and begins to speak. Back at the Builder Armada, Captain Marvel is brought before the Builders and she's asked to explain how "The Universe", a Starbrand, a Nightmask, and an Abyssii could exist and be fighting with them. Back at the Galactic Council, it is revealed that the Builders main objective is Earth, the reason why is still unclear. But J-Son, King of Spartax has other plans. He sends a solo ship towards Builder-controlled space with a communication link. Attempting to make a selfish truce with them, he offers to aid the Builders in taking Earth if his own realm is spared. The Builders reject him, also letting him know his communique signal has been traced; now they know where the galactic forces are hiding. Within the issue, the true goal of the Builders is revealed, but it's parsed. We eventually learn that our Earth is the source of forces causing the destruction of their own universe; they mission is simply one of preservation. But to do so, they must extinguish the planet.

017 Infinity: The Hunt #1 - This 4-part story takes place on the cusp of the actual invasion as forces strike Earth. This puts it after the events in New Avengers #8, Thunderbolts #14, and most importantly, Infinity #2, where we know the Black Order is attacking across the globe. This story starts out as a collaborative effect of young superheroes. Taking place at the Avengers Academy in Palo Alto, California, Pym and other school leaders create the "Contest of Champions". The challenge involves his Academy, The Pan-Asian School For The Unusually Gifted, The Jean Grey School, The Wakadan School For Alternative Learning, The Future Foundation, The Latverian School of Science (which fails to appear), The Braddock Academy of England, and The Atlantean School. But something is wrong when the latter is announced. As the teachers learn Atlantis is under attack, rubble from a building collapses on the campus grounds. The students gaze towards the city and see it is already under missile fire. And on the last page of the issue, we see Atlantis is devastated.

018 Infinity The Hunt #2 - Starts immediately from Infinity The Hunt #1. The issue starts at the Latverian School of Science. Demona, Pan, and Morg are introduced; they assemble for the Headmaster, Baron Blood, but then the school is attacked. Blood may have been killed. Before they can retaliate, the students are sent into the school's panic room. Meanwhile, at the Academy in L.A., Wolverine, Pym, and the superheroes are fighting. Quentin is standing next to "Crimson" and watches him splattered by the aliens. As the battle takes a brief pause, the kids there are informed and sent into a Panic Room. The professors then return to their "homelands" to help the unattended students. Back at the Latverian School, Morg has no desire to sit it out in a room. He takes over the controls and contacts the students in the panic room in L.A.. Wanting some action, he tells them to meet his group in Atlantis, where they take on some aliens.

019 New Avengers #10 - Occurs after New Avengers #10, and also Infinity #2 because Glaive has demanded the tribute and Thanos forces are everywhere. Black Bolt reveals the true intentions of Thanos: that he is looking to kill his own son. The Inhuman leader also reveals the existence of the "hidden tribes" of Innumans spread across Earth. The Illuminati agrees to split up and search for the heir. Once they leave, Black Bolt has his brother ready the weaponized Inhuman device, waiting for the Mad Titan to arrive. On his command ship, Thanos accepts the Black Dwarf's failure in battle, but beats him senseless, regardless. Proxima Midnight tells her leader that she was successful and that the gem is in Wakanda. This causes him to prepare an assault against the African nation for the near future. Across the globe, the search has finally yielded satisfaction for Doctor Strange; he finds the child of Thanos. But Strange is not himself, he has been corrupted, controlled but the Ebony Maw. Once given the information, he sends Strange away, telling him to forget their meeting. On the last few pages, the progression of the invasion is witnessed. Black Bolt is waiting in the Inhuman city, alone. Wakanda watches as invasion forces gather overhead.

020 Infinity The Hunt #3 - Although it doesn't designate a specific timelapse, we can assume that the students are all traveling to their destination and, at least, a few hours have passed. The Terrigen Bomb hasn't gone off yet. The Pan-Asian students manage to return their panic-pod to earth, landing in Wakanda near Red Rock, where their students are waiting. They eventually decide not to fight and to head to Atlantis together. Quentin Quire, Avengers Academy, and the Braddock Academy students finally take off in an old ship and leave the school, now devastated, behind. Above Atlantis, the Latverian students are holding their own when the others arrive. The battle is in heavy forces, but Atlantis appears doomed. While fighting, the students begin to forget their training and slowly gain wounds. Some appear to be dead. On the last panel, a huge, crocadile-like monster has the entire group about to be swallowed in its mouth.

Captain America's Battleplan. Excerpt from Infinity #3 (2013).
Captain America's Battleplan. Excerpt from Infinity #3 (2013).

Chapter 3: Kingdoms Fall

The Resistance Counter-Attacks; Thanos Arrives in Attilan

021 Infinity #3 - Starts the third chapter of the event. With the universe of races completely overwhelmed, world after civilized world begins to submit to the Builders as they make their way to Earth. The Kree are only the most recent; Ronan The Accuser and his troops are called back to the homeworld, leaving The Resistance one-fourth smaller in numbers. J'Son of Spartax shows no better valor; he takes leave, preparing to submit. The remaining, however, are counseled by Captain America. He gives them a tactic, teaching them a strategy to fight from a position of weakness. Using a distraction wave of attack, two flanks of their forces infiltrate and take over the Builder codes, causing their world ships to attack each other. Now having their Command Ship exposed, the Builders teleport to safety. Now victorious, Cap calls back his troops to minimize casualties, but Starbrand is still out there. Black Widow convinces him to use his powers...and he does. Across the war front, the remaining Builder ships are destroyed in a wave of cosmic might. Back on Earth, the fights continues while Thanos lands on Attilan. He's confronted by Black Bolt, but all the other Inhumans are gone. Maximus has now armed the secret Inhuman device, and as Thanos demands his tribute, Black Bolt screams with his devastating voice, causing the entire city to explode.

022 Captain Marvel #16 - This issue actually spans across many. It recaps where Captain Marvel becomes Binary and then shows her team captured, but ultimately ends where Starbrand uses his powers. Carol fights the Alephs as Binary, using the power of the Singularity to fuel her, but battling a powerful enemy, they take her out and capture the entire team on the Builder Control Ship. Once again, there is a symmetry of issues; we see the Builders interrogating Carol and revealing that Earth is their target. We also see the previous scenes where J'Son of Spartax attempts to betray the planet, Earth. This also coincides with the ending, an attack on the Builder Fleet led by Captain America and Resistance forces. Danvers frees her team, but doesn't escape before she meets Spider-Woman and her squad. Now together and winning this battle, Starbrand uses his incredible abilities and causes the Builder ships to explode.

023 Avengers Assemble #19 - This issue occurs during the midst of Infinity #3 and Captain Marvel #16. Centering on Black Widow and Spider-Woman, this story deals with them learning that Carol Danvers and Clint Barton are missing in action. Captain America warns them of the risks of war, but is convinced to allow them to try to rescue their teammates during a Resistance counter-attack. The next few pages go into detail about how they infiltrate the Builder Command Ship and work their way to the prisoners, freeing them. In the final panels, they return to their own ship and reconcile some of their past differences.

024 Avengers #20 - In the final moments, before the Command Ship is destroyed, we now learn that the remaining Ex Nihilio that stayed behind used her opportunity to speak with Abyss. She told her, psychically, of a place to meet in the near future. Meanwhile, in the skies above Hala, the Resistance forces plot their next move: they may have won a huge victory, but it is also evident that the Builders will be able to quickly reconstitute their armies and continue with their battleplans. The generals offer different opinions on strategy while a single Builder remains on Hala, consulting with Ronin the Accuser and The Supreme Intelligence. Once again, showing his tactical leadership, Captain America steps forward, suggesting it is now time to sue for peace and negotiate with the enemy. The issue then takes a turn; out in deep space Ex Nihilio and Abyss head to the meeting place and are face to face with scores of other Ex Nihilios. They stare at Abyss, stating that their own Abysses, counterparts they all had, had disappeared once the Builders told them to stop creating life across the universe. The Avengers-Ex Nihilio sees this tragic state of affairs and realizes that something has gone terribly. He has had enough. Shifting back to Hala, The Builder receives word that the Resistance will negotiate; he limits the terms to one representative and believes that this will end the war in his favor. As Guardian and Captain America discuss what transpired, they both agree that the ancient alien still wants them destroyed. Cap admits that they are still vastly outnumbered and outpowered, and he narrows it to one single move they have left: Surrender. But is this, truly, what they will do?

025 Thunderbolts #17 - Covers the lapse in time from the drive to the warehouse to the point before Punisher and crew assault them inside Red Hulk and Sterns are attempting to stop Mercy's advance on the city. Sterns tells his partner to attack while he downloads his second brain from the internet. Elsewhere, Punish, Venom, and Elektra prep and go in full-throttle, blowing away Paguros lackeys. The family heads announce over the comm that the Punisher reward is now quadrupled. As all this happens, the Terrigen Bomb is seen exploding. The mist is seen infiltrating the Paguros warehouse and affects the original three Nosa Costra characters. They quickly cocoon and emerge as inhumans, ready to fight.

026 Thunderbolts #18 - Continues immediately from issue #17. While Castle, Thompson, and Elektra are fighting, the Nobili have turned inhuman. One of the boys is immediately shot and killed by other thugs and this enrages the other two; they start killing everyone. Elsewhere, Stern and Red Hulk have stopped some of the main alien attacks, but now Mercy is on a killing spree. Ross makes a deal with her and she continues, now only killing aliens. Frank and the rest are still shooting it up, but he realizes that the Paguros heads got away. He runs after them with the help of Venom's symbiotic tracker. Fortunately for them, it won't be needed; Deadpool is already eating at their next hideout, a pizza shop, and kills them when they walk in the door. As the last two Nobili finish off the rest of the thugs. One of them, however, isn't right in the head and kills himself, leaving only one. Suddenly, his skin begins talking to him with faces. It's the ancestors of his family now speaking through him, a new feature of his inhuman power. He leaves vowing vengeance. With the battle over, the Thunderbolts now attempt to retrieve Mercy...but this may be harder than it looks.

027 Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3 - The events in this issue occur after the events in Mighty Avengers #1. Spider-Man suggests that they've been fighting the invasion for a long time, but doesn't give an actual length of time, therefore, we'll put the issue back and possibly move it around later. With Luke Cage and the Mighty Avengers now scattered around Midtown Manhattan, Spidey takes on the invasion forces of Thanos. In his battles, though, he comes across an unlikely girl named Sylvia Prell, miraculously turned into living electrical energy. Naming herself "Fulmina", Spidey attempts to help her cope with her new powers. When he heads to Midtown, he hopes he's recruited her to help fight, but she takes an action - one that mirrors her anti-technology agenda - and begins destroying the electrical grid. Spider-Man and Luke Cage now have two problems to deal with.

028 Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #4 - Occurs immediately from issue #3. As Fulmina grows exponentially in range and power, Spidey attempts to quell her goals of blacking-out the world in the midst of the invasion. Spidey stops and talks to Cage, learning that Spectrum may be able to jump inside the electrical grid and help. Eventually, the web-swinger ends up back in his lab, donning the neural interface and drawing Fulmina into his mind. They have a sort of battle of wills; in this midst of this, one of the spider-bots warns him that another wave of the alien invasion is occurring. Somehow, he convinces, or manipulates, Fulmina into fighting against the alien threat. He releases her and she attacks the spaceship overhead. In the clash, though, it appears, she is destroyed.

Thane, the Son of Thanos, after he is transformed by the Terrigen Bomb. Excerpt from Infinity #4 (2013)
Thane, the Son of Thanos, after he is transformed by the Terrigen Bomb. Excerpt from Infinity #4 (2013)

Chapter 4: Thane

The Son of Thanos and The Terrigenesis

029 Infinity #4 - Occurs after Infinity #3 and the events coinciding in that issue. Through Captain America's strategy, surrender negotiations have been set up with the Builder on Hala. He reports this to his brethren across the stars. One negotiator will soon be on the way to the planet surface to formalize the agreement. But before all is done, the Builder makes certain that as many races and planets as possible can witness it. Elsewhere in the issue, we see the Hidden city of Orollan, a population that only uses its terrigen mist once every generation. An inhuman-gened settlement, we're introduced to "Thane", secretly the untransformed son of Thanos; he uses his skills as a healer among his kin. Little does he know, the terrigen bomb over New York has just exploded, scattering the mist all over the world and cocooning inhuman-DNA'd people. Thanos also witnesses it, pulling himself from the wreckage of the explosion. He finds Black Bolt and the two battle. The great Blackagon uses his mighty voice, but Thanos is too powerful., he pummels him to death, driving his head into the ground. He vows he will find and kill his son, but it's already too late. In Orollan, the mists have flown; Thane has been forever changed, now a creature of extreme power and inhuman rage. In the final pages of the story, the negotiator has landed on Hala; it is Thor. They demand he disarm and he throws his hammer into the skies. Thor attempts to parley, but the Builder intends this to be a lesson in humility. He slaps the Thunderer and tells him there will be no negotiations, only submission. The Builder also swears that humans are the cause of the problems in every universe and will be cauterized. He continues his rant, but...too late...Thor's hammer returns, blowing a hole through the alien. Thor then finishes it with a godly blow to the head. Everywhere, everyone has seen the Builder killed. Hala, now freed, plots their move. Ronan the Accuser calls his brothers back to the fight...and his summons is heeded.

030 Avengers #21 - Best after Infinity #4, showing the results after Thors killed The Builder on Hala.As the armies of The Resistance fight the alien race of Builders, war has erupted throughout the universe. At the same time, though, a group of Ex Nihilio have gathered and are communicating with our Ex Nihilio and Abyss. An agreement arises, realizing that The Builders have turned away from their code. Working together, they attempt to revive "The Universe" as she lays in a state of catatonia. Returning to our Avengers, their battles have gone well, but their momentum is slowing; now they are beginning to lose battles while The Builders are still outnumbering them heavily. Fearing all will be lost, Captain America directs the forces to open a portal to the Negative Zone. The Annihilation Wave, a scourge to all, is unleashed. Amazingly, The Builders cause the new threat to eat upon itself! All appears to be lost until The Universe awakens! She appears on the Builder lead ship and begins destroying all who resist her. One Builder flees our universe and vows to destroy all the others: he leaves orders for everything here to be terminated.

031 Fearless Defenders #10 - The Terrigenesis bomb has gone off so this belongs after Infinity #4. Ren Kimura is a young adult who loves dancer. Today, however, she's wrapped in a cocoon. Finally free, she's stunned to see her hands wrapped in razor-like, mummified strands. Outside, lots of things are happening: cocoons are everywhere and a band of Thanos War Dogs are destroying as many of them as they can before hatching. Before they can continue, though, they're halted on two fronts. Caroline Le Fay has brought her team of Titanis, Mindblast, Scorpia, and Shriek, to kidnap the cocoons. They kill as many Thanos soldiers as they can. And near Ren, one of the soldiers is beaten before he can terminate her. She sees her rescuers are Valkyrie, Hippolyta and Misty Knight. They confront Caroline's team and a battle occurs over Ren. Suddenly, Ren's fingers come alive and she's whipping razor tendrils out as she dances. Le Fey's team exits with as many cocoons as they can. Valkyrie attempts to calm Ren, but eventually has to turn into Annabelle to pour on the charm. Promising to later help her find her parents, Ren joins their team and helps against the invasion.

032 Secret Avengers #10 - Occurs before Avengers Assemble #20.While Nick Fury (Jr.) and Coulson are out in the field, they call for heavy-powered backup. War Machine and a brand-new recruit named Sarah Garza are sent in; Sarah has just been altered by the Terrigen Bomb and has incredible energy-releasing blasts. She's fitted with some tech gear by War Machine and told to keep calm and follow orders. In the head of battle, she does great, but during their victory, another threat appears; cables of wire and steel begin to attack them. A figure rises out of the destruction; it appears to be another newly-transformed human. In this case, though, it believes they are the enemy.

033 Secret Avengers #11 - Continues from issue #10. This new inhuman is a telekinetic. Maria and her agents on the helicarrier attempt to get information on the subject, but nothing important comes up and it doesn't matter. Sarah becomes the major player, transforming to full energy mode. She attempts to keep him alive, but Fury takes the kill shot in safety. Later, SHIELD attempts to recruit Sarah, but she says killing isn't her style and goes her own path.

034 Avengers Assemble #20 - Occurs some short time after the Terrigen Mist explosion. Following the results of the Terrigen Bomb, this issue centers on the Kedzierski family. Alice Kedzierski is affected, cocooned, and when she awakens, has the ability to alter the size of anything. The only difference is she has to alter something else to keep things equal. As Wonder Man, The Wasp, and The Scarlet Witch arrive, Alice has made her husband a giant while shrinking her house, child, and herself to microscopic level. The Wasp shrinks to that level and tells her how to get back to normal, ultimately solving the situation.

035 Infinity Heist #2 - Occurs after Infinity Heist #1, but also represents the lapse in time that occurred with the Terrigen Bomb exploding. Blizzard wakes up in a bed in a lair of Spymaster's. They tell him that he's been cocooned and altered by a mysterious mist (the Terrigen Bomb) and changed. His skin color is now bluish. The story continues with the group preparing to remove loot from Stark's Tower, but Blizzard decides he no longer wants to be a part of the team. Spymaster won't allow it and unleashes his precautions against betrayal. Whirlwind and Firebrand try to aid him, but their knocked out too. Spymaster tells them that they have to do the job, but whispering to Whiplash to kill them after it's over.

036 Infinity Heist #3 - The team blows the door and teleports the suits to "The Buyer". Unfortunately, Spymaster has been attempting to betray them all along. Blizzard and Whirlwind attempt to curtail the act, but it doesn't matter, Spymaster teleports out on his own. They have a battle with War Machine and others, but win the skirmish. They're also also be follow Spymaster's teleport, but it ends up on a ship of the Kree Army.

037 New Avengers ##11 - Features The Builder who escaped from The Universe while she was destroying them. This issue therefore occurs after Avengers #21. Also best after the issues where cocoons are opening. Considering strategies, Thanos currently has his forces bent on taking Wakanda. Proxima Midnight is sent into battle, directly confronting Shuri. Meanwhile, the members of the Illuminati are watching as the next incursion comes closer and closer. Suddenly, a figure falls to their earth; an Aleph of the Builders, it invites them to a ship of Builders in the other Universe. They go there and learn of "The Superflow" and how it is destroyed. At the same time, the Black Maw's hold over Doctor Strange is revealed and destroyed. We learn that the Earth is the axis point for all the Universes to be destroyed; now The Builders want to destroy it in each one. They bring in the fallen Builder from Avengers #21 who fled "The Universe and ask our heroes if we have the means to destroy our own planet. Reed Richards confirms they do - this is happening as Thanos is down below in the Wakandan breach and studying the anti-matter bombs that the Illuminati created. He also sees that Black Swan and Terrax are prisoners. But it may be too late, from the perspective of Richards and the rest, The Builders may have activated our bombs and blown up our planet!

038 Guardians of The Galaxy #8 - This issue acknowledges that The Peak has been captured, Thanos is attacking Earth, and Agent Brand is a prisoner. But it doesn't appear that Infinity #5 has occurred. Upon seeing that Earth is under an Invasion from Thanos and his forces, Gamorra and Quill argue about who should have taken out Thanos when the chance was available. Gamorra leaves the ship, intent on killing her father by her own means. Quill, however, decides differently: to rescue Abagail Brand on The Peak with his crew. Using stealth, he and Rocket Raccoon eventually free Brand and make their way to the Command Center. But before they can take it over, they are surrounded. Quill calls for backup, but none can come; Groot, Drax, and the spaceship have been detected. Suddenly, a hurtling missile in space heads for The Peak. It strikes, killing many as Peter, Abagail, and Raccoon hold on. They are surprised to see, within the hull breach, an angelic figure. Angela!

039 Wolverine and The X-Men Annual #1 - Focused on Prince Kubark, he joins the last fight against the builders gaining great respect from his peers. At the end, he tells his dad he wants to rejoin Wolverine's school.

Chapter 5: The Left Hand of Death - Builders Destroyed, The Avengers Turn Their Attentions Back To Earth

The Avengers Turn Towards Earth. Excerpt from Infinity #5 (2013)
The Avengers Turn Towards Earth. Excerpt from Infinity #5 (2013)

040 Infinity #5 - The Builders have been defeated. Across the Universe, The Avengers, Shi'ar forces, and others are helping races reclaim their homeworld's. Some are starting to erect flags and banners as tribute to The Avengers. But the fight is not over; sometime later, Gladiator tells Captain America that the Earth has been invaded by Thanos. Meanwhile, on Earth, the Ebony Maw meets Thane, the son of Thanos. Using trickery, he convinces the man to step into a force field trap. And still, in the city of Wakanda, Thanos and his remaining Black Order are intent of activating the anti-matter bombs they've found in hiding. With nothing working, they decide to torture Black Bolt, their prisoner. After a short while, they learn there is a second site where the bomb is remotely detoned. Thanos heads there. At the same time, The Illuminati returns from the Incursioned World. Wondering what happened, they see Maximus and Lockjaw in the distance. They join with them, appearing in Wakanda where they see the defenses being overrun. While Black Panther laments that the bombs may be in play, Iron Man tells them his lab alarms have gone off. At the same time, Maximus tells them Black Bolt is in Wakanda. Ultimately, they decide to take the Necropolis first. The issue then moves to Orollan, when Thanos arrives. The Black Maw is waiting, and turns over Thane to him. As he enjoys this victory, though, Corvus receives a message and tells him that something has happened on Titan. In the last few pages, the resistance forces are executing their final plan. Using all their ships, they jump to Earth to free it from the clutches of the Mad God.

041 Avengers #22 - Covers multiple plots, but shows us that Titan is being attacked by The Avengers. Since this is a spoiler from Infinity #5, it will be placed after that issue. Landing on the moon, Titan, Falcon and Avengers take out perimeter guards, securing their position. Their goal is simple: let Thanos know they are coming. Meanwhile, on The Peak, Black Dwarf with his contingent are ready. Thanos has now sent them word of coming Avengers and he means to be ready. Likewise, The resistant fleet also prepares. Captain America and his allies prepare actions again Titan, The Peak, The Blockade, and ultimately Thanos. The battle begins by the end of the issue. Each phase of the attack is now on as The Avengers lead an assault to take back their planet.

042 Avengers #23 - Continues from issue #22 a short period later. Having seized on their moment, The Avengers lead the entire resistance towards Earth, using the Moon's shadow as cover. Once ready, they come out, weapons blazing. But Black Dwarf at The Peak is ready. The fight is intense and it doesn't look good for the good guys. In a last ditch effort, Captain America sends Manifold in with Black Widow and Shang-Chi. The fight is now on the decks of The Peak, but they are also losing. Manifold teleports back and forth, but this time brings Gladiator and the other leaders of the races. They motion The Avengers to head towards Earth while they take out Black Dwarf, which they do, as Ronan swings the skull-crushing blow to Thanos' General.

043 Guardians of The Galaxy #9 - The space-war surrounding The Peak is at its climax. Gamora appears to leave while Peter and his team are saved by Angela. The fight continues as they reach a comm station. Still no word from Captain America and the Avengers until they're caught in fight. Suddenly Ms. Marvel breaks in and says they're trying to get to earth with their ship on fire. Peter manages to open the shields for them as they hold off the troops of Thanos. Expecting to be killed at any moment, Gamora reappears, fully armed, ambushing the troops. It appears they will live the day.

044 Infinity The Hunt #4 - Quentin and the group have been resting and recuperating in in "Whalesong", a leviathan psychically bonded with a half-Atlantean while they are forming their next plan. They end up in Wakana, helping Shuri fight a huge creature. The leviathan fights, but is hurt and taken out of the fight. Something happens and suddenly, the monster is given orders to kill all young superheroes (I don't know why, don't ask me). But regardless, they fight this battle, eventually winning. The group seems interested in sticking together longer and at the end, we see that Whalesong is back up and the team is in New York cleaning up some of the damage after the city of Attilan fell out of the sky.

Chapter 6: Amber - The Infinity Conclusion

Thanos encased in Amber. Excerpt from Infinity #6 (2013)
Thanos encased in Amber. Excerpt from Infinity #6 (2013)

045 Infinity #6 - As the issue starts, The Avengers break through the space warface and land on Earth. Locating Thanos, Captain America sends Hulk ahead to begin their final conflict. In Wakanda, T'Challa, Iron Man, and the Illuminati team finally get through the doors and see SuperGiant has Black Bolt under her influence; she's using the Leader of Attilan as a living weapon while the bombs are set to explode. Elsewhere, in Orollan, Thanos is lamenting his near victory; his son is now imprisoned and ready for tribute. Suddenly, The Hulk appears and attacks. The battle begins, but it is only a diversion; the rest of the Avengers bring up the rear. In Wakanda, the bomb is now ready and triggered; suddenly, SuperGiant realizes that Black Bolt's brother stole the trigger. He has Lockjaw teleport SuperGiant and the bomb to...(a remote planet) where the bomb goes off. Now that this matter is resolves, the final matter concerns the big fight. Thanos is holding his own, but little does he know, he's being betrayed by The Ebony Maw. Whispering to Thane, Thano's Son is freed and unleashes his power on his father. Thanos is now neutralized and encased in a block of solid Amber.

The Resolutions: Black Bolt and Maximus are thought to be dead. They leave the Inhuman Codex in the Himalyas behind. On Whaan Prime, the Ex Nihili have reformed and our governing. On the Kree planet of Hala, the Accusers have returns and vow to return to the ways of war. On Tarnax II, the Skrull empire has finally reformed, starting their race with new hope. Annhilius has now taken over Praxis II; it is officially his world. And in the meantime, somewhere out there, Thane, Son of Thanos, roams with The Ebony Maw manipulating him.

The members of The Illuminati has whisked the amber block with Thanos away, hoping the day never comes when he is again free.

046 New Avengers #12 - Starting with a meeting between Shuri and T'Challa in the city of Necropolis, she questions him on his whereabout. Suddenly T'Challa's guards give up their weapons, accusing him of betrayal. They reveal that Namor - King of the Atlantis nation they are warring with, has come and gone many time and his been counseling with Shuri's brother. Shuri then banishes him from Wakanda and leaves is disgust. Inside Necropolis, their mostly having discussions. Black Swan attempts to get them to understand; the Builders are nowhere near the greatest threat to this world. She reveals the existence of other entities, Mapmakers, Black Priests, and forces that would make the Builders pale. She also tells them they haven't got a chance and they're going to have to learn to destroy other universes to survive these incursions. (In the background of the Black Swan's prison chamber, we can see Thanos in amber.)

047 Infinity The Heist #4 - Captain Atlas of The Kree is the "buyer" of the armors. As they prepare to kill the villains, Unicorn manages to break them free. The group fights the aliens off momentarily, but it is Iron Man that finds the craft, his armor, and provides the support needed to finally beat them. Blizzard has the climax moment when he learns that his new powers make him a human battery. He depowers all of the attacking Iron Man suits controlled by the Kree and the day is one. After travelling's this part of the story that doesn't quite fit into the Infinity event. The issue shows Blizzard meeting up with the Inhumans in the city of Attilan when we already know that Black Bolt and Attilan have had some changes during this event. At least, as far as Infinity goes, Black Bolt is believed to be dead. Either way, that's why this is at the end.

The Marvel Infinity Checklist
The Marvel Infinity Checklist

The Marvel Infinity Checklist

The Issues Released

This is a blocked, category list of the issues involved with the event. If the title is in in boldface it has been released.

The Prelude

Infinity FCBD 2013

Avengers #14-17

New Avengers #8

Infinity #1

Infinity #2

Infinity #3

Infinity #4

Infinity #5

Infinity #6

Avengers #18

Avengers #19

Avengers #20

Avengers #21

Avengers #22

Avengers #23

New Avengers #9

New Avengers #10

New Avengers #11

New Avengers #12


Avengers Assemble #18

Avengers Assemble #19

Avengers Assemble #20

Captain Marvel #15

Captain Marvel #16

Fearless Defenders #10

Guardians of The Galaxy #8

Guardians of The Galaxy #9

Nova #8-9

Secret Avengers #10-11

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3-4

Thunderbolts #14-18

Mighty Avengers #1-2

Infinity: The Hunt #1

Infinity: The Hunt #2

Infinity: The Hunt #3

Infinity: The Hunt #4

Infinity Heist #1

Infinity Heist #2

Infinity Heist #3

Infinity Heist #4

The Marvel Infinity Checklist (2013)
The Marvel Infinity Checklist (2013)

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      4 years ago

      Hey blake just finished the NYC Comic con here is a spoiler alert. regarding Superior Spider man and up coming comics.The panel moved quickly into teasers and upcoming books:

      Further into the Venom arc, thereâs going to be âthe birth of a new Goblinâ.

      Coming up in November, thereâll be the first Superior Spider-Man Annual, and Aunt May is going to get to see âthe darker side of the Superior Spider-Manâ as he changes things in his world. Slott commented that Peter A.K.A Dr. Ock isnât a doctor yet and hasnât finished his thesis yet, since âsomethingâs going to happenâ in issues #20 and #21, which will âhurt you a lot in the feelsâ.

      In December weâll see the return of Peter Parker (âkindofâ) in 5 flashback Peter Parker stories for those languishing.

      Superior Spider-Man Team-Upâs going to show us what happens when Superior Spider-Man tries to have his own team and winds up facing some major forces. In issue #9, some of the âseeds that Dan is planting something. Itâs going to tie directly into, which Slott says itâs all been building to. The new storyline named Goblin Nation, coming in February 2014. Somethingâs going to happen in Superior #26, Slott teased.

      Kelly Sue DeConnick was âterrifiedâ as they homed in on an announcement for her, coming in March Captain Marvel #1, relaunching with DeConnick and David Lopez! Theyâll be taking her to space in a âFlash Gordony, Buck Rogersyâ kind of way. âHigher, Faster, Further, Moreâ is the title on the storyline. Carol is on her way up, said DeConnick, âAnd weâre going to let her goâ.

      Assassin was teasing Elektra #1 by Zed Wells and Mike Del Mundo coming in March 2014. Sheâs going to have her traditional costume but it will âcover up her butt a little moreâ as Amanat prefers.

      Punisher #1 is coming from Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads in February 2014. They are moving Frank Castle out to the West Coast in L.A. and he has to find âthe head of the snakeâ with a whole new set of villains as well as some Marvel universe villains. He is the âhuntedâ in the story by a group called the 313 which later will be a twist as who really is behind the 313.

      The New Warriors will be returning at #1 this spring by Chris Yost and Marcos To. Scarlet Spider will be included. Superheroes of all backgrounds, races, and colors have been deemed a threat by the âhigh evolutionaryâ. They have to put aside their differences to protect the people they love.

    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Deadpool: Hey Deadpool! Man, you're like a super-spy! Thanks for the info. (Breaking out my box of pencils and writing all this down). I've been wandering all about the superior spidey stuff. Goblin Nation sounds like the big 2014 hit.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      @BlakeCzirr: Yes, I thought also that the "2nd wave" is a problem to my argument, unless we consider that this 2nd wave ended quickly when Fulmina blast them out of the sky. But I'd rather wait until Mighty Avengers #3 to confirm the status of Monica and the invasion. Meanwhile, thanks for this week issues ;)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hi again, got another hint to prove my point over the Battle of Manhattan. In today's Superior Spider-Man Team Up #4 it's clear that Monica hasn't been hit by Proxima Midnight's Spear (in Mighty Avengers #2), 'cause Cage and Fulmina name her twice as she keeps fighting the invasion and tries to engage Fulmina; so Monica is not injured at this point of the story. Spider-Man fights two alien invasors in the streets, and in Mighty Avengers #2 Proxima Midnight and the remaining acolytes leaves the city. So I'm pretty sure that the reading order of this issues is: MA #1 - SSTU #3 - SSTU #4 - MA #2. Please, let me know if I'm wrong with this assumptions

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I found a new tie-in, Infinity - Against The Tide Infinite #1 and #2

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hey Blake, glad to see your back in the game. As an avid reader, I'd be almost lost without your guidance, and I want you to know how appreciative I am of your work.

    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @juank-pipoca: Excellent comments. I'll check this out!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great reading order, thanks for your effort!! But i'd rather think that Mighty Avengers 2 comes after or parallel to the events of Superior Spider-Man Team Up 3. In SSTU we don't see the giant squid in the story, and the fight suggests that neither do Blue Marvel has appeared also. And I've been reading Guardians of The Galaxy #5. At the end Thanos is seen, saying that the earth will pay for what they did in Age of Ultron; so i'm counting this issue as a Prologue to Infinity, 'cause explains the reason why Thanos invades the earth

    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Deadpool: Ha! Keep working those traps, my friend. Superheroes never say die!

    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Dudeness83: Thanks greatly! I added it this morning and gave you full credit. Please keep up the good work!

    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @mialicia: Thanks for the well wishes, Mialicia. Doing lots better and hope to get back into the fun. It's always great to have good friends.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I hope that, whatever it was going on, it's better now and you're all right! I just want to say that I appreciate these lists like crazy, and they really helped me get my footing in the comics world. I'm so glad to see that you're back!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hey Blake, there was a Superior Spider-Man team-up with the infinity tag on it. I han't read it yet, but just giving you a heads up. Thanks again man!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Blake My boy, Shhesh it's been awhile I thought i tied those ropes to tight and you would never get out from my trap,LOL But i'm glad your back

    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @anonymous: Hey Dudeness! It's been a slow crawl. My break nearly "broke" me. I've got lots of catching up to do, but I plan on fixing up a lot of loose ends, including some recents. (Just finished up and fixed my Age of Ultron Reading Order.)

      If you don't hear from me, means I'm working like a demon on these projects. Stuff will start showing back up like it's supposed to. Thanks for your kind words. Always glad to make friends out here.

    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @anonymous: Hey gunddam. I'm not at full force yet, but I'm back. The Marvel NOW! Reading order needs some updating, but I have them all cataloged and am in the process of putting the website back up.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hi Blake, thanks for return here and continue with the reading order (i was getting headache reading these all new comic when you take a break)

      i just want to make sure that the Marvel NOW that the list you create is complete or not?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Holy Crap! You're back Blake? AWESOME! Been following you reading orders for a while now and freaked out a bit when you took a break. Thank you so much for doing these lists.

    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @anonymous: Hey Meearths! No worries, I'll update it tonight. And yes, this list will be updated weekly. You should normally see results Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hey there. First of all thank you for all your hard work. Secondly, is this list gonna be up-to-date? And lastly, Infinity-The Hunt 01 (of 04) and Avengers 19 is out. Any idea where to fit them into the list?


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