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Mass Effect 3 Beginners Guide to Level Up

Updated on March 5, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Beginners Guide to Level Up

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard should level up correctly to take advantage of his class powers and complement these with the powers of his companions to maximize their combined abilities and bring enemies to their knees fast and efficiently. To know what areas to level up, it is a good idea to know the amount of points that could be allocated to various mass effect 3 powers at a certain stage of the game. It would appear that by the time Shepard reaches the Salarian homeworld, he would have amassed about 23 points to distribute into various powers. This will guide the relative newbie in mass effect 3 and the beginners to invest correctly in the powers and abilities of Shepard so that these powers can be used in ways to suit the gamers' playing style and to finish the objectives in each stage enjoyably. In particular, it will focus on leveling up Shepard as the infiltrator.

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Level Up Guide for Infiltrator

In Mass Effect 3, if Shepard is the infiltrator, then the above points should be allocated to the key feature of the infiltrator – the tactical cloak. The tactical cloak allows Shepard to vanish from the battlefield, only to reappear at the appropriate time or place to take down enemies with a headshot or with the omniblade. The tactical cloak can be leveled up at later stages to go down one of two evolutionary paths. Shepard may want the end ability to fire off a bonus power with the tactical cloak rather than opt for longer duration of the tactical cloak. In this way, Shepard can use Incinerate as a bonus power and invest one ot two points in this before the points run out at this beginner stage of the game. So imagine Shepard activating the tactical cloak, and then running up to an enemy and executing the omniblade or fire off the Incinerate bonus power. When more points are available as the mass effect 3 story progresses, the Incinerate skill tree could be completed. Or Shepard may choose to invest the points in other areas of the Infiltrator skill tree.

Mass Effect 3 Level Up Guide for Shepard Companion Liara

In Mass Effect 3, if Shepard is to be trained in the art of the infiltrator, then some thoughts should be put down for how Shepard's companions and their powers can complement the sniper and tactical cloak abilities of the infiltrator. Shepard's companion Liara could be leveled up at the beginning to contain enemies at range so that they will easily succumb to Shepard's sniper ability. For example, at the salarian homeworld stage, the beginner Shepard may have only about 11 points to invest in Liara's abilities. This small number of points can only be used to complete one skill path of Liara's skill tree. These points could be added to complete Singularity. Singularity allows Liara to fire off a a mass effect power and pinpoint Singularity that draws in enemies and contain them so that Shepard can cloak and then take aim at them from range and finish them off using the cloak / sniper ability. Or Shepard can sneak in near enemies using the tactical cloak and then attack them with the Omniblade; if the enemies survive this attack, then Liara could use Singularity to levitate the enemies and destroy them as Shepard retreats to safety.

Mass Effect 3 Level Up Guide for Shepard Companion Garrus

In Mass Effect 3, Garrus can be leveled up to provide another ranged attacker. To this end, Shepard may want to maximise the concussion shot ability of Garrus. This would allow Garrus to act as another sniper but with a slightly different twist – he can add lots of fire, ice and other damaging effects to his concussion shot. However, if Shepard feels that more power is needed to contain armored opponents, then it may be wise to level up armored ammo, as this will allow Garrus to knock the armor off opponents and even through thin cover to hit opponents. If Shepard decides to add on the “chase me” tactics into his team combat repertoire, then Garrus could level up on the mine power. This will allow Garrus to plant mines around Shepard's projected trajectory and run around the battlefield. These mines will explode as the enemies chase Shepard around, leading to their demise.


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