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Mass Effect 3 Defeat the Atlas Mech

Updated on April 29, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Defeat the Atlas Mech

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard leads his team of Liara T'Soni and Garrus to retrieve the female Krogan from Mordin Solus on the salarian homeworld. This will involve Shepard as the Vanguard attempting to complement his biotic charge and nova powers with Liara T'Soni's biotic powers (of Singularity and Warp) and Garrus's ranged weapons expertise in defeating waves of Cerberus enemies. Finally, Shepard, Liara and Garrus will face off against the Atlas Mech and more waves of Cerberus enemies on the salarian homeworld. This will provide some tactics that Shepard the Vanguard and his companions can use in defeating the Atlas Mech, and retrieving the pod containing the Krogan female.

Mass Effect 3 Using Nova Against Cerberus Operatives

Mass Effect 3 Vanguard Using Nova Against Cerberus Operatives
Mass Effect 3 Vanguard Using Nova Against Cerberus Operatives

Mass Effect 3 Defeating Cerberus Operatives on the Salarian Homeworld

In Mass Effect 3 Salarian Homeworld, Shepard and company must overcome several waves of Cerberus Operatives to reach the final stage of this part of the game. The cerberus operatives are tough and can include cerberus centurions (well armored cerberus operatives with better firepower). In addition, the cerberus operatives can deploy automatic machine guns that spray ammunition at Shepard and his crew. This particular part of Shepard's battle against the cerberus operatives on the Salarian Homeworld can be quite hard, and one stage involves Shepard and companions having to outflank the cerberus operatives by moving to the right. In this way, Shepard can move beyond the direct firing prowess of the deployable machine guns. Even so, when flanking to the right, Shepard must hide behind cover, and take calculated aim at the enemies using the M-22 Eviscerator. There will be waves after waves of Cerberus operatives and attacks. When the numbers in each wave have dwindled down to one or two, prepare and use biotic charge and ram the enemies, followed by rapid firing of the shotgun that is the M-22 Eviscerator to finish them off. The idea here is to get close to the machine guns, and then take them down with close range shots of the M-22 Eviscerator. With the machine guns gone, the remaining Cerberus operatives can be taken out by Shepard, Liara's Singularity and Garrus's concussion shots easily.

Mass Effect 3 Defeating the Atlas Mech

Mass Effect 3 Defeating the Atlas Mech
Mass Effect 3 Defeating the Atlas Mech

Mass Effect 3 Tactics to Defeat the Atlas Mech

In Mass Effect 3, the final stage of the salarian homeworld battles comes in the form of a cerberus Atlas Mech. This fearsome and more than man size machine carries two arm like machine guns and has a cerberus operative piloting the machine within a glass like pod. To defeat this mechanical monstrosity, Shepard and company must learn the geography of the battlegrounds.

Shepard must realize that he is at the center of a foyer with much cover. To the left is some space that Shepard can run into to escape the Atlas Mech. The right side of the foyer has larger amounts of space, but is also the area that more cerberus operatives will drop down into. The atlas mech will advance down towards Shepard.

If Shepard is interested in high-octave battle, then use biotic charge and ram the Atlas Mech. If Shepard has invested enough points in this vanguard class level up, then the biotic charge may recharge back to full. Ram the Atlas Mech again! Follow this up with a Nova move. When the Atlas Mech is stunned, quickly run to the left and hide behind cover. Heal up if necessary. Next, play a cat and mouse game with the Atlas Mech, running around the area described above, and then launching timed shots from the M-22 Eviscerator.

With patience and perseverance, the Atlas Mech's armor will decease, followed by it's shield and then it's health. Whilst running from corner to corner looking for cover, do not forget to take cover from the cerberus operatives firing shots at the hero from the right. Dodge this and try to bring the Atlas Mech round in a circle on the left side. Repeat this sequence of biotic charge, and then close range shotgun attack followed by hiding behind cover. Eventually the Atlas Mech will be defeated.

Watch the cutscene as the Krogan female is rescued on the Salarian Homeworld.


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