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Mass Effect 3 Grissom Academy Mission

Updated on April 10, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Rescue the Students at Grissom Academy

In Mass Effect 3, the Grisson Academy Mission is available after speaking to Samantha Traynor. Shepard must rescue the students at Grissom Academy. This mission is important because Shepard can pick up a lot of interesting and useful items (weapons, armor and credits alike) in this mission, and the students that Shepard rescues can be added to the citadel defense force as the biotic student force. Sounds impressive. This will provide Shepard the infiltrator with tactics to defeat the massive cerberus forces at the atrium of Grissom Academy, and will provide some details on the items that Shepard can pick up on route to the atrium and thereafter.

Mass Effect 3 Grissom Academy Mission

Mass Effect 3 Chance to Use a Mech Atlas Against Cerberus -  Another Reason to do the Grissom Academy Mission
Mass Effect 3 Chance to Use a Mech Atlas Against Cerberus - Another Reason to do the Grissom Academy Mission

Mass Effect 3 Synposis of Grissom Academy Mission and Items to Pick Up

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard will arrive at the Grissom Academy with Edi and Liara (or other companions as Shepard chooses). They are met with moderate resistance near the entrance. Finish off the cerberus operatives, and proceed to meet with Kahlee Sanders. Leave Sanders and continue into Grissom Academy. Pick up the Assault Rifle Stability Damper along the way. Defeat cerberus operatives who have cornered a student into a protective biotic sphere. Agree to find the student's sister and proceed deeper into Grissom Academy. Search the area for a SMG Heat Sink. Enter a classroom and become besieged by more cerberus operatives. Defeat them and search again for the sister and other items including a M-22 Eviscerator, a M-96 Mattock and a Mnemonic Visor (adds damage and recharge bonus). Next, enter a large hall and be greeted by some students led by Ensign Prangley and Ensign Rodriguez, and an atlas mech. Defeat the atlas mech and other cerberus operatives in this area, and then enable the cerberus camera control in the room where the students are gathered. Note that Shepard's conversation with the ensigns in this area will lead to renegade or paragon points and also the students' help in the Grissom Academy atrium fight. Pick up the Assault Rifle Precision Scope before moving into the atrium. After the massive atrium fight, head for the docking bay and meet more students...... and cerberus operatives. Pick up the Biotic Amp Schematics and the Serrice Council Chestplate in this area, and head into the final fight. This fight is simple because Shepard can hop onto an atlas mech and use it against the Cerberus forces here. Before leaving Grissom Academy, pick up the SMG Magazine Upgrade.

Mass Effect 3 Tactics to Defeat the Cerberus Forces at Grissom Academy Atrium

To defeat the Cerberus Forces at Grissom Academy, the key here is to place Shepard and his companions at a position where they cannot be flanked easily (or be attacked from the back). This position can be attained by moving Shepard and his companions right (past the entrance into the atrium) and up along the staircase to the highest point at the top of the ramp. Hide behind the cover here and maintain this position. Instruct the two companions to guard the two entry points into this position.

Employ Liara's singularity power on the right side of the position where the cerberus operatives can climb up the stairs to enter this position. Ask Edi to guard the other side of the position. Now using Shepard as the infiltrator, start picking off the cerberus operatives at the bottom of the stairs in the atrium, starting with the cerberus engineers. Shepard may have to change into his shotgun occasionally to deal with cerberus operatives coming up towards his position. Change back into the sniper rifle and attack the atlas which lie just beyond the other side of the atrium. The atlas does not appear to be able to reach Shepard and his team and will be defeated eventually. Be careful to dodge the atlas's missile attacks by using cover. If the Cerberus forces become too overwhelming and breach Shepard's position, take them out as fast as possible with powerful moves like Incinerate and heavy omniblade melee attacks. Heal up as necessary. It could take a while, but with some perseverance and rapid careful aiming, the massive cerberus forces here will be defeated.


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