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Mass Effect 3 Tuchanka Downed Vessel Mission

Updated on April 9, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Defeat the Harvester on Tuchanka

Mass Effect 3 Defeat the Harvester on Tuchanka
Mass Effect 3 Defeat the Harvester on Tuchanka

Mass Effect 3 Tuchanka: Downed Vessel Mission

In Mass Effect 3, the Tuchanka: Downed Vessel mission is one of the missions within the main campaign. Shepard must save the Turian Primarch's son from certain death on Tuchanka after his vessel crashes down onto the planet. This will guide Shepard through the Tuchanka: Downed Vessel mission, and will provide Shepard with the locations of the great items in this mission, and also provide tactics for the very tough battle against the Harvester and his minions.

Mass Effect 3 Synopsis of Tuchanka: Downed Vessel Mission

This is a synopsis of the Tuchanka: Downed Vessel Mission, and will provide the locations of the items and the enemies / monsters that will pop up along the way to defeating the Harvester. Just next to the landing site is a SMG Magazine Upgrade. Go forth up the ladder and meet three husks. Eliminate them by surprise attack. Carry on and then up another ladder and jump over the small gap. Look around (this mission is quite dark) carefully to find a M-9 Tempest pistol. Next up are three cannibals in front of a crashed pod. Surprise them, and then climb another ladder and look around for a sniper rifle spare ammo. The Harvester makes his first appearance at this point. Protect the escape pod by firing at the Harvester from cover using the sniper rifle. Scare off the Harvester. Search the area after the initial encounter with the Harvester carefully. A Phaeston assault rifle, a SMG Ultralight Materials mod and a med kit lie in this area. Next up is a relative open battlefield where Shepard has to defeat some free moving marauders, cannibals and husks. Defeat them and face the Harvester again. Fire at the Harvester from behind cover until it flies off. Carry on and remember to search the area for Hadne-Kedar Chestplate and Shotgun Smart Choke 1. Shepard encounters more husks and then cannibals that stand between him and the Harvester. Use your companions to defeat the cannibals and concentrate sniper attack on the Harvester until it flies off again. The next few ladders are drop offs from which there is no return. Save before each ladder, and look for a Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel after the first ladder. Drop off the final ladder and prepare for the final battle in the Tuchanka: Downed Vessel Mission.

Mass Effect 3 Schematics to Defeat the Harvester

Mass Effect 3 Schematics to Defeat the Harvester and its Minions
Mass Effect 3 Schematics to Defeat the Harvester and its Minions

Mass Effect 3 Tactics to Defeat the Harvester

Here are the proposed tactics and tips for the final battle in the Tuchanka: Downed Vessel Mission, using Shepard as the infiltrator. The two companions are Edi and Liara.

  • After descending the final short ladder, Shepard will find two sets of cover in front of him. Use one of these.
  • Using the map, employ Liara's singularity power to create a trap at the position stated.
  • Now aim at the cannibal that is cannibalizing on the left before it can plate up. Destroy this cannibal with Shepard's sniper rifle before it can complete its cannibalization.
  • Spot a brute coming down towards Shepard as indicated on the map. The key here is to damage the brute as much as possible before it can reach anywhere near the two covers that Shepard is hiding behind. To do this, use incinerate from Edi, and incinerate from Shepard, and then sniper shot from Shepard.
  • Ideally Shepard should use the cover nearest the ladder, as the brute will attack Shepard's companions and ignore Shepard, especially if Shepard is cloaked. The disadvantage is there is little to no room to roll away when the brute attacks Shepard.
  • Change to Shepard's best shotgun when the brute arrives at the two covers. Hit the brute repeatedly, heal up, tactical cloak and then incinerate and hit the brute repeatedly with the shotgun again until it is down. If Shepard had taken care of the brute's minions ie the cannibals and maybe the marauder if Shepard has the time, then Shepard will not take much damage from the minions' attacks whilst concentrating attack on the brute.
  • Now heal up again and deal with the remaining marauders and cannibals left.
  • When the first wave is defeated, the Harvester will arrive and more cannibals will stream down to attack Shepard. Position the two companions near the cover as indicated, and make a run to grab the Reaper Blackstar.
  • With the Reaper Blackstar, go behind the nearest cover and assess the situation. Use the companions' powers and especially Liara's singularity to destroy and trap the monsters.
  • When the coast is relatively clear (the monsters will just keep streaming through, so just heal up if hit by stray attacks), go around to the cover indicated before the Harvester, and heal up again.
  • When the Harvester has just released its fireball attack, cloak up, stand up, and then charge up and unleash the Reaper Blackstar's blast at the Harvester.

One shot is enough to defeat the Harvester. Well, the Blackstar has only one shot anyway. Now go speak to the grateful Lieutenant Victus, and proceed to the next mission.


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