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Mass Effect 3 Weapon Upgrade Bench

Updated on March 11, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Weapon Upgrade

Mass Effect 3 Upgrading the Mantis M-92 at the Weapon Bench
Mass Effect 3 Upgrading the Mantis M-92 at the Weapon Bench

Mass Effect 3 Weapon Upgrade Bench

In Mass Effect 3, upgrading weapons is done at the weapon bench. Upgrading weapons will allow Shepard to take down foes easily. It is essential for Shepard to continuously upgrade his weapons to make the battles exciting and smooth to increase the enjoyment of the mass effect game. There are also difficult areas of the game where a weapon power-up is crucial and the difference between stagnancy and advancement in the game.

Mass Effect 3 Upgrade the Sniper Rifle at the Weapon Bench

Shepard as the infiltrator will be able to take five weapons into the battlefield. The sniper is the hallmark of the infiltrator from long range. Every ranged weapon in ME3 is defined graphically at the weapons bench by its -

  • weight

  • capacity

  • fire rate (very low for the sniper rifle)

  • damage

  • accuracy

Compare the slightly different attributes of the weapons within the same category graphically, for example, the M-92 Mantis and the M-97 Viper Sniper Rifle and bring the best one into combat. As an example, to upgrade the sniper rifle at the weapon bench, simply add the sniper file concentration module. This increases damage by 5%, speeds perception by 25% and enhances aim for a brief time. Then add on the sniper rifle extended barrel 1 to increase damage by a further 15%.

By upgrading the weapons, Shepard will receive the achievement – a personal touch.

Mass Effect 3 Upgrade the Shotgun at the Weapon Bench

As an infiltrator or vanguard, the shotgun is essential for close range combat. There is nothing more exciting than activating tactical cloak and sneaking up on an enemy and blowing him away with one shot from the shotgun. Likewise, the vanguard will biotic charge and then take down enemies with one shot from the shotgun. Therefore upgrading the ME3 shotgun is crucial.

As an example, to upgrade the katana-23 shotgun, first add the shotgun shredder mod 1. This will allow bullets to pierce 0.25 metre thick objects at a reduced (60%) damage. It will also ignore 25% of defences on armored targets. Follow this up by adding the shotgun high caliber barrel 1. This will increase damage by 15% by allowing wider projectiles to cause more trauma on impact.

Mass Effect 3 Upgrade the Submachine Gun at the Weapon Bench

Although the sniper and shotgun are the staples of the infiltrator on the battlefield, sometimes one needs a backup weapon in various situations such as running out of ammo or dealing with brutes. This backup could be the battle rifle or the submachine gun. The M-4 shuriken submachine gun can be upgraded with the SMG ultralight material which reduces the weapon weight by 50%. In addition, the SMG scope 1 increases accuracy by 15% and it's optical scope allows for zooming and attacking enemies. This transforms the SMG into a backup sniper rifle.


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