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Megamind the Blue Defender for the Nintendo DS

Updated on January 10, 2016

My first video game was Pong played using the TV. Then came the computer games. Not laptops mind you but the old honking big towers. Yes I skipped over the Atari even though so many others had one. Granted I did find one at a garage sale many years later. But as usual I digress. Now a days I tend to use laptops for my electronic games. Different versions of solitaire and jigsaw puzzles. But not my kids. They use the PC for internet and sometimes school work. When it comes to playing games they tend to pull out the Nintendo DS's and put the different games in to play.

With my youngest we tend to rent the game first to see how he likes it. If he does, then we add it to the list of possible games to add to his collection. In this case he actually asked if we could rent it several times so he could keep playing. This was the first time he had done so. And at this point the only time.

So we have bought it for him. Into the DS it went. Needless to say the DS needed recharging many times with how often he was being playing with. In the good news he had his homework done before we would let him play. But the week ends were another story. It was like it was a Megamind week end. The move would go into the DVD player and the game would go into the DS. And that was just the first week end he had his new game.

Currently he has played all the way through but still has a weekend play off. He knows he can win but still has fun with the challenge. I know that this is the observations of the dad and not my direct playing of this game. That's OK because this was a gift for my son. And add into that I just have not gotten the knack of the Nintendo DS. Give me my solitaire anytime.

A couple of trailers for you to enjoy

The Video Game

The movie

Megamind (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
Megamind (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

This is our daughters move. And she moved out and took it with her. We may have to get our own copy now. OK so the daughter has done a little cleaning and passed this on to us and our collection.


You don't need to be a Megamind to leave a comment. But it would be great if you did.

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