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Melissa & Doug Wooden Car Carrier

Updated on September 15, 2014

If your kids are obsessed with cars & trucks then this is the perfect toy for them! We have a few different Melissa and Doug car toys, but the kids seem to really like this one. From an adult standpoint it's nice to see the kids playing wooden toys over that plastic junk they usually want. The design is simple which makes play time even more creative if you ask me. It's held up for more than a year in my house...which is saying a lot! We have yet to have one Melissa and Doug toy break on us...that is itself is super impressive to us. Too bad all toys aren't made this nice!

You get the big sturdy car hauler truck (green) & 4 brightly colored wooden cars, the details are painted on so you don't have to worry about tiny parts breaking off. The ramp flips down so the cars can be driven on & off the car hauler with ease. It's great for little hands learning how to make things move & pretty simple even from for a 2 year old to play with unassisted. All in all this is a great low tech toys for kids to spend hours playing with, I'd even get a different truck or two if you have more than one kiddo, it's a pretty popular toy around here.

If you want other cars to work with this toy...Hot wheels are a bit too small but Thomas the Train toys fit great.

Melissa & Doug Garbage Truck Wooden Vehicle Toy (3 pcs)
Melissa & Doug Garbage Truck Wooden Vehicle Toy (3 pcs)

I have no idea why but my kids Love this!

Melissa & Doug Low Loader
Melissa & Doug Low Loader

Great for kids that love construction gear!


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    • profile image

      marsha32 4 years ago

      I just love the Melissa and Doug toys!