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Metro Last Light A Path Through the Light

Updated on May 26, 2013

In Metro Last Light, the hero Artyom teams up with Pavel to try to reach Polis, the headquarters of the Order. Previously they had used the dark to advance their cause. Now they must use the light to reach the headquarters of the Red Line. The light here includes the light from Artyom's flashlight and the light on the surface. This will guide the hero through the two missions - Through the Darkness and A Path Through the Light missions.

Metro Last Light Through the Darkness Mission

Pavel and Artyom must trek through some metro tunnels even the third Reich do not want to enter. The reason becomes clear as the comrades in arms face off against some giant mutated creepy crawly bugs that appear to emerge from underneath the ground. These bugs, or night crawlers for lack of a better name, will harass the hero and Pavel as they try to reach the surface. To eliminate these night crawlers, charge up the flashlight and shine it at the night crawlers until they flip over in fear of the light. Then shoot the belly until it ruptures.

Pavel and Artyom must first hold off the night crawlers and then find a long lever in which to use as a leverage to swing across to the other side of the metro tunnels. Then run for the trains, chased by night crawlers. Eventually, Pavel and Artyom will reach a door that will allow them to get to the surface. To open this door, go through the darkness and a passageway full of night crawlers and find a fuse box. Charge the fuse box with Artyom's charger pack and the door can then be opened.

Metro Last Light Through the Darkness

Metro Last Light defeat the monsters in the dark and get through the darkness to reach the surface.
Metro Last Light defeat the monsters in the dark and get through the darkness to reach the surface.

Metro Last Light A Path Through the Light Mission

Artyom finally reaches the surface. The heroes indulge in what most of early 21st century Earthlings take for granted - rain. The radiation on the surface soon snaps the heroes out of their surface daydreams. They must proceed on.

They move on from a bunker area. Search this area for a double barrel shotgun. Artyom is then assaulted by a mutated monster. Finish it and wait by the corner with Pavel as they watch some watchmen pass by.

Come out of hiding, go out into the open and reach an abandoned airplane. Head inside to look for a mask, as Artyom's mask is about to crack up from the radiation. Within the aircraft, Artyom is besieged mentally with reminiscent scenes of how the aircraft went down. Wake up just on time to save Pavel from radiation overdose by putting a face mask over his head. Next, move into the other aisle of the airplane and pick up a new mask.

Pavel and Artyom move on from the airplane and eventually reach the outside of the threater. Here, they engage in a ferocious battle with the watchmen as they try desperately to find the escalator and the way into the theater.

Metro Last Light Upgrade Weapons

Metro Last Light find this merchant in the market at the Theater to upgrade weapons.
Metro Last Light find this merchant in the market at the Theater to upgrade weapons.

Metro Last Light Upgrade Weapons At the Theater

Pavel and Artyom succeed ....... just. Enter the theater and be entertained.

On route to a rendezvous with Pavel (who has left to talk to his leaders to seek Artyom's safe passage through the Red Line), Artyom will reach a marketplace where he can use ammo currency to buy upgrades for his weapons. Artyom may want to get a silencer for his weapons, or more powerful upgrades for the more powerful and scary monsters ahead.

Then dine with Pavel at the restaurant before moving on to D6. However, the naïve Artyom has made a mistake. He is drugged and betrayed.


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