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Metro Last Light Get Past the Enemies in the Red Line Mission

Updated on May 28, 2013

In Metro Last Light, the hero must get past the enemies in the red line mission. The hero can either sneak past or defeat the enemies or do a combination of both. Defeating the enemies may be a bit too much because the hero can become overwhelmed in this section. It is better to sneak first and then do battle in the second section of the “sneak-through” and then sneak again in the final parts of the red line mission. This will guide the hero on how to get past the enemies.

Metro Last Light Betrayed Mission

Before the hero can get to the Red Line Mission, he must have completed the Betrayed mission. This mission is more of a storyline than a playthrough, with Artyom being betrayed by Pavel and then tortured for information. Someone within the Red Line helps Artyom escape. Artyom vows revenge on Pavel, but first he must find him.

Metro Last Light Red Line Mission

Metro Last Light stop the fan turning by pressing a button and get past the fan in the Red Line Mission
Metro Last Light stop the fan turning by pressing a button and get past the fan in the Red Line Mission

Metro Last Light Red Line Mission

Artyom gets through some cobwebbed tunnels in his escape. He reaches a large chamber with a train tank in the middle. The hero should sneak through this area, or risk confrontation with a large number of enemies.

  • The hero can also switch off a number of fuses here to reduce the amount of light.
  • When facing the front of the tank, go right and sneak past some enemies.
  • Where enemies cannot be sneaked past, go to their backs and put them down.
  • There will be a group of enemies behind the tank which will be too difficult to put down without alerting the others.
  • So go right and through darkness to avoid them.
  • Then turn left and go behind some crates to reach a door on the far left.
  • The hero can explore this large area, but this will describe the path to the next mission.
  • Go through the door described above and find the hero in another guard infested area.
  • Go left and behind the guards and sneak past them.
  • The hero will reach a ladder. There will be a guard here. It is possible to take down the guard. However, if the alarm is sounded, Artyom will have to fight his way through lots of men.
  • Climb up the ladder. Finish off the guard in front of the fan control and then use sniper weapons to take down all the enemies from the platform (if the guards are alerted).
  • Then climb through the fan to the next section.
  • In the next section, sneak past the enemies by getting close to the wall on the left. Then sneak through the darkness to the exit.

Once past the exit, the hero will find a friendly blacksmith who will construct a rail car for Artyom.

Metro Last Light Use the Rail Car In Hot Pursuit Mission

The rail car will take Arytom through several sections of the Metro. The rail car has replaced the actual trains that run in the underground system and will take Artyom past several “stations” or “places of interest” along the rail track. The key in exploring these places of interest is in finding and looting things, especially masks and filters. Look very hard for masks and filters, as these will substantiate the hero until he reaches the end of the Hot Pursuit mission.

There will be some watchmen chasing after the hero towards the end of the Hot Pursuit mission. Defeat them with shotguns as they run up the rail car. The end of the Hot Pursuit mission will be signified by two rail tracks that branch off in two directions. If allowed to continue, the rail car will go up the wrong rail track. The hero needs to back the rail car to the point of the division of the two rail tracks. Here, activate the sign on the right and the rail track will swing towards the one leading straight ahead. Move along the rail track with the rail car and accelerate. Smash through barriers after barriers until the hero reaches the next mission.


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