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Metro Last Light Through Fire to the River of Fate

Updated on June 10, 2013

In Metro Last Light, the hero will go through fire to save Anna. Anna has been captured by Lenistsky and has been brought to the station Oktyabr'Skaya. Here, Artyom finds that most of the station appear to have been set on fire. He must wear a mask and have enough filters to get to Anna and rescue her. This will guide the hero with through the fire mission. Later, Artyom arrives at the rangers' camp and meets up with Khan. Together, they go on a quest to rescue the dark one. They must change the fate of the world in the river of fate. Then board the train of the future to change the future for mankind.

Metro Last Light Through Fire Mission

Once you see this ring of fire, the through fire mission is almost it's end.
Once you see this ring of fire, the through fire mission is almost it's end.

Metro Last Light Through Fire Mission

Artyom arrives from the darkness to enter a crawlway. From his crampy vantage point, Artyom spots Anna (in a mask) being taken away. The hero crawls away and finds an opening from which to land and find an alternative route to Anna. Artyom sees two men walking away from having just executed some men. Sneak up behind them and knock them out.

Then get out of the execution chamber into an area with some rail tracks. Continue ahead and spot some men talking. Take them out from stealth positions or just use weapons firepower. Either way, finish off these guards and explore the area. The key here is to collect as much ammo and filters as possible. Then, find the door that leads to the next section.

The next area is much more difficult. This is the fire hazard area, where Artyom must contend with fire, more guards and the lack of pure breathable air. Artyom must put on a mask and then rapidly go through the area before air runs out. As Artyom moves around the area, take out the guards using sneak or the silencer pistol weapon.

The objective in the through fire mission is to find a man sitting on the ground. This man will signify that the exit is near. Finish the man and then walk through to the other side, operating a lever along the way. Go around the corridor and round to the back to finish off some other guards. Then find a hole in the ground and crawl underneath, using the tunnel to transverse to the other side. Then emerge into the fiery area.

Through the smoke and fire, take down the enemies and find the 'ring of fire' exit. Tough it out and find Anna with the traitor. Finish him off (or at least try to) and Anna will help Artyom to reach the rangers before air runs out.

Metro Last Light Epidemic

Artyom and Anna wake up at the rangers' camp. Here, Artyom receives the reward from Anna that he so richly deserves. After the pleasure trip with Anna, wake up and be cleared of the infection by the doctor. It is not totally unclear if Anna has joined the people afflicted by the epidemic, but she appears relieved to only have minor wounds which need treatment.

From the medical quarters, head out and restock on ammo. Upgrade any weapons that Artyom may want to and then go find Khan. It's time to find the dark one and end the epidemic.

Metro Last Light Train to the Future

Metro Last Light Train to the Future - it's so dark and bright at the same time on the train. Just fire at anything that moves ahead.
Metro Last Light Train to the Future - it's so dark and bright at the same time on the train. Just fire at anything that moves ahead.

Metro Last Light From River of Fate to Train of the Future

Khan and Artyom take the route less traveled to Polis. First they go through some tunnels and meet some monsters. Let Khan do most of the shooting in order to conserve ammo. Khan then leads the hero to the River of Fate.

Cleanse your memories in the river of fate and strengthen your resolve to find the dark one. Understand how it comes to full circle that Artyom was first comforted by the dark ones when he was all alone and how it is he who must now rescue the only dark one left.

Ride the track car alongside Khan and finish off the dark one's captors on the train on the right. Then board the train and engage in a difficult light blazing gunfight to finally rescue the dark one.

With the dark one rescued, it's time to combine human and alien innovation and abilities to save what is left of the human race.


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