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Metro Last Light Walkthrough

Updated on May 20, 2013

In Metro Last Light the hero Artyom returns. Initiated and accepted into the Order, his next job is to make contact with a dark one that has been spotted on the surface. Well, that is what the renegade ranger wants him to do. The commander in charge wants the hero to defeat the dark one. And so the metro last light walkthrough begins, as Artyom is joined by Anna in the quest to explore the surface for the dark one. This will guide the hero on how to survive the various missions from exploring the surface to rescuing his new found friend Pavel in A Friend mission.

Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light - hunting aliens and surviving in the metro underground in a post apocalyptic Earth
Metro Last Light - hunting aliens and surviving in the metro underground in a post apocalyptic Earth

Metro Last Light A Train to the Past Mission

Anna and Artyom team up. Follow Anna and walk around the underground metro station network. Do not just follow Anna. Explore the area and the hero may discover some journal entries.

  • Put on a gas mask at the surface and hunt the dark one

As Anna and Artyom reach the surface, the hero must put on a gas mask. The gas mask surface can get wet and unclean and may need wiping. Filters allow the dangerous radioactive gas and other toxins to be sucked out but can be used up and needs replacing.

On the surface, follow Anna's directions and run around. Use the hero's most effective weapons to eliminate enemies. And then reach and capture the dark one. The hero is induced into a reminiscence trance as he grabs the dark one. When he wakes up, the hero is taken by surprise and is captured.

Metro Last Light the Enemy of My Enemy Mission

Artyom wakes up to find himself roped and about to be interrogated by a man belonging to the future third Reich organization. The hero assaults the officer and takes him by surprise as he approaches. He receives some help from his new friend Pavel. Together, they slip down the rabbit hole, wait no, the rubbish chute and arrive at a future concentration camp.

Pavel and Artyom must sneak around and work together to finish off the enemies here and prevent them from flooding the chamber with gas.

After they reach the exit, escape into the next area. Previously rendered weaponless by his capture, Artyom can now explore this area and get some weapons. The one to get is the pistol with silencer. This will help greatly with his escape ....... in silence.

As the hero and Artyom make good their escape by moving seemingly through the ranks of the third Reich, unfortunately, Pavel is careless and is captured again. Artyom tries to rescue him by defeating countless Reich men but is unsuccessful initially.

Metro Last Light A Friend Mission

This time, they intend to hang Pavel. The hero must rescue his
only friend in this hostile territory. The path is fairly linear. Make your way and reach a cold locker. Grab the sniper rifle from the frightened man. Now, move on to the next area and test the sniper rifle on the enemies here. It is possible to take out the enemies here by overwhelming them with weapons firepower. Proceed to the next area.

  • How to sneak past the guards by using the darkness in the metro.

The next area is different. Artyom must learn how to switch off light bulbs and fuse boxes and take down.enemies through stealth in the dark. If the enemies are alerted to the hero's presence, Artyom will most likely succumb to the enemies' overwhelming firepower.

Once Artyom has navigated to the crawl hole, proceed through and take down the remaining two enemies preparing to hang Pavel. Then follow Pavel onward and indulge in the dark mutated environment of the lovely Metro Underground.


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