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Best Xbox Microphones

Updated on September 28, 2009

Xbox Microphone

Depending on how much you plan on using your microphone and what exactly you want to use it for, you'll find there's a number of options. That doesn't mean that all of the options are the best. Below you'll find a few of the highest rated xbox microphones. It's up to you to figure out which one you think that you'll get the most benefit and enjoyment out of.

Some are wireless and some of cords. Some work to record on your computer and some don't. Some work with Rock Band and Guitar Hero, as well as other karaoke games, but some just work with basic karaoke games. They're all a little different in their own way because not everyone likes the same thing and not everyone will use the mic for the same purposes or to the same extent.

Depending on what you're looking for and how heavy you plan on using your microphone xbox, you'll want to figure out which mic you want to purchase for your xbox games.

Xbox Wireless Microphone

This microphone is probably one of the most commonly purchased. It's wireless, so you can stand as far back as you need to and as far back as you can get a signal; you're less confined with wireless. You've cool color changing indicator lights that a few games take advantage of.

The microphone is very durable, and it has a long battery life whether you use the sleep mode or not. Of course, sleep mode is preferred to protect your battery life, but hey if you forget, you should still be good to go the next time you're ready to play.

The wireless mic has sensors that detect when you lift and move it.

All in all this Xbox microphone is one of the better ones, but you'll find it can be a little tricky to sync the mix to the console. Even if the top feels loose, don't worry it does lock and your batteries will stay in the microphone.

If you plan on using a stand, make sure to use a clamp to hold it because the base of the mic is thick.

Logitech Vantage USB Microphone

The Logitech USB microphone for Xbox does have a wire, but it's 15 feet, so you have a good distance that you can stand away from the console, and more than likely still have plenty of room to spare.

The Vantage mic is high performance, and despite the wire, it's still highly recommended by gamers. The microphone has the ability to accurately reproduce your voice on screen, and it great for karaoke games.

You can even use the mic to record on your computer. It's really a win-win situation if you have a good voice. You can not only show it off in game, but record yourself and burn it to a CD.

Unlike the wireless xbox microphone, this Logitech microphone works with Rock Band.

Rock Band Microphone

If you're looking for an actual Rock Band microphone for xbox, you have the choice of a few different kinds, but the two that are generally considered the best microphones include the two at the right.

One is the microphone that includes a controller with all your xbox controller buttons but in the shape of a microphone and usage of a microphone. The other is the official Rock Band microphone, which actually works for PS3, PS2, Wii, PC, as well as Xbox 360.

Guitar Hero Microphone

Both the Rock Band mics and the Guitar Hero microphones work great with most, if not all, karaoke games. But, it's always cooler to have a microphone with your favorite singing game's logo on it. If you've found the Rock Band World Tour is your favorite, then guess what... There's a mic for you. This microphone xbox is great; it's accurate and reliable. Just be careful of the 15 foot cord that is attached; you don't want to get carried away and trip yourself, although you'll probably not have that problem.


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