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Might and Magic Heroes 6 Defeat the Enraged Kirin

Updated on June 1, 2013

In Heroes of Might and Magic 6 Shades of Darkness, the Enraged Kirin is one hell of a boss monster to defeat, for a turn based strategy game. The enraged kirin has 80000 + hit points, meaning it will take an eternity to defeat the kirin. Not just that, the kirin has lots of magical attacks and mass magical attacks. The kirin’s melee attacks are also devastating. This will guide the hero Raelag on how use his innate and acquired powers and battle tactics to defeat the Enraged Kirin.

Might and Magic 6 Defeat the Enraged Kirin

Beware the Enraged Kirin's Great Tsunami. It will destroy units and dishearten the hero.
Beware the Enraged Kirin's Great Tsunami. It will destroy units and dishearten the hero.

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 Powers the Enraged Kirin will Use

The kirin is enraged. It has the following magical abilities which are devastating -

  • riptide - this sprawling whirlpool of water erupts from beneath the hero's unit in one turn, causing massive damage.
  • monsoon lightning - this spell causes a malstorm of lightning that attacks the hero's unit from above. Whatever it is, it causes the hero's unit to be damaged.
  • tsunami - the most devastating of the kirin attacks. It takes three rounds to launch this attack. Notice the change of weather pattern behind the kirin. When the sky looks threatening, beware. The hero's units will be devastated by the tsunami.

The kirin does not stop with these magical attacks. It will also attack using its melee attacks. It's melee attack is a massive unit attack, meaning it will hit two units in front of it and will cause chill damage and the units so hit will be rooted to the ground. The kirin is no easy prey.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Tactics to Defeat the Enraged Kirin

The hero needs to counter each of the Kirin's magical attacks. The best way to do this is to render the units immune to magic, for at least three turns. There is a magical immunity statue on the first level of the crystal caves just beside the stairwell. Go back there and get magical immunity. Then march on to take on the Kirin. With magical immunity, the riptide and monsoon lightning spell will not work. Then when the tsunami is about to hit at the third turn, hide behind the giant statues on the map.

The hero cannot just defend. He must be very very aggressive and attack the kirin in all directions and with all units. The two units to protect at all costs are the lurkers and the stalkers. These ranged units will take out the Kirin's health substantially.

When the action starts, tactics will allow the hero to place the units on the battlefield map so that only the lurkers and the stalkers are at the back of the map. The other units are all poised to attack the kirin upfront.

Mass haste every single unit. Then use the units' special attacks to create non-retaliation effect on the kirin. This will help preserve the units' numbers so that they can attack more in the next turn. The hero should also build the shadow buildings in the city so that the shadow gauge can fill up very very fast. This means that the black dragons can be cloaked and can attack with no retaliation from the kirin.

With battle tactics and a little luck, the Enraged Kirin will be subdued and defeated.


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