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Might and Magic Heroes 6 The Doom That Came to Konos

Updated on June 1, 2013

Might and Magic Heroes 6 the Doom That Came to Konos

In Might and Magic heroes 6, the hero Raelag finally reclaims the invisible library. However, the invisible library is not what it seems. This is a gigantic subterranean catacombs which harbor arcane knowledge. The invisible library also returned back to Raelag full of demonic clans. This will guide the hero on how cleanse the invisible library of the demonic clans and win the dungeon campaign.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 the Doom that Came to Konos

Conquer all the castles. Three castles lie to the south and southwest of the map. The other castle lie to the northeast and the final castle will be the stage for the final battle in Shades of Darkness.
Conquer all the castles. Three castles lie to the south and southwest of the map. The other castle lie to the northeast and the final castle will be the stage for the final battle in Shades of Darkness.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Conquer All the Castles

The key in winning this final dungeon scenario is to conquer all the castles. Although the other objectives of defeating the peripheral demonic clans and closing the gates to Sheogh must be met, with more dungeons captured, Raelag will not only be able to produce more dungeon creatures, he will also be able to use the castles as bait to lure the demonic forces to the castles. Defending in castles is better than attacking on the ground.

The hero will start with the castle far to the southwest of the map. Build all buildings and collect resources to achieve the capitol here. Transfer troops from Yrris to Raelag and use Raelag as the main force in driving enemies back and conquering castles. The next two castles to capture are to the north and northwest of the first castle, but do not venture too far unless the hero has already built teleportation towers so he can teleport back to the towns when they are under attack.

The key to winning this final scenario in the dungeons campaign is to designate some troops that the hero must preserve from the start of scenario to the very last battle. These troops are essentially

  • the stalkers - you need about 500 of these in the final battle
  • the lurkers - 100 + of these are enough for the final battle.
  • the black dragons - try not to use these troops until the final battle; Raelag needs about 100 or so black dragons for the final battle.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Progression to Final Battle

So build your army and make your way around the corners of the invisible library and visit the arcane libraries. The hero needs to visit all three libraries and then get to the two gates to close them to prevent demons from gating in.

  • The final gate will be located far to the north of the library.
  • So as the hero is venturing north, take your time to capture the other other demonic towns and convert them into dungeon towns.
  • With the technique of army creatures preservation and the capture of more towns, Raelag's army will grow and grow until he reaches the required army size for the final battle.
  • During this time, enemy heroes will attack the towns so captured. Teleport back and defend your towns.
  • Then make your way out to find the three arcane libraries. Eventually, the two gates will be closed. And the two large gates leading to the final demonic castle will open. March in and begin the final battle.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Final Battle of Dungeon Campaign

Don't hold back here. Gather your strongest army and head forth to the final demonic town.

  • When the battle starts, be very aggressive. One of the keys here is to use the faceless to take control of the ravages, as they are the fastest units in the enemy ranks.
  • Then, use pressed attacks on the stalkers and use them to annihilate the enemies' ranged units.
  • With the destruction of most of the enemies's ranged units, swoop in with flying units to swiftly destroy the remaining enemy units. The flying units include the black dragons, the faceless and the manticores.

Then revel in the sweet victory of the dungeon clan.


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