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Might and Magic Heroes 6 Initial Walkthrough

Updated on November 5, 2011

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Walkthrough

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Scenario 1 Final Fight
Might and Magic Heroes 6 Scenario 1 Final Fight

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Initial Walkthrough

Might and Magic Heroes 6 is finally here. This will take the gamer on a walkthrough of might and magic heroes 6 scenario 1, and will illustrate the hero level up system, the various griffin units, horde units, inferno units present, and showcase the combat system and graphics in the might and magic heroes 6 game. For the hardcore heroes of might and magic fan, there is no question at all. Add the might and magic heroes 6 game to the list of games at home. For the casual might and magic fan, this might and magic heroes 6 initial walkthrough will hopefully allow one to make up one's mind about the game.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Griffin Units

In might and magic heroes 6, the gamer takes control of the duke, a young man (at the beginning of the walkthrough) who is asked by his aunt to explore the truth behind the rumors of rumbling orcs in the griffin territory.

The Duke starts off with some crossbowmen and some sentinels. He is instructed to meet with the priestesses. These are called sisters, and can heal the units. Try to maintain the number of sisters till the end of this scenario, as they cannot be replaced. As the duke explores the countryside, he will be able to defeat some inferno units and capture a griffin village. This is not upgradable at this stage, but more sentinels can be recruited here.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Level Up

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Hero Level Up
Might and Magic Heroes 6 Hero Level Up

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Hero Level Up System

In might and magic heroes 6, the hero level up system appears to have been improved. As the hero travels, he will be able to pick up gold or experience. The experienced heroes of might and magic gamer will likely choose the experience points and level up the hero.

As the hero levels up, he can choose between some important talents and spells to put his points in. These talents and spells are further divided into neutral type talents, "tears" type talents and "blood" type talents. Blood talents are more damaging, whilst tears talent focus on luck and morale (for the griffin hero). At the same time, as the hero levels up, the gamer can earn achievements and unlock more goodies available from the game developers.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Griffin and Horde Units vs Inferno Units

After capturing the village, the duke must capture four mines and then take on a Inferno general leading some inferno units. The duke is joined by an orc commander who has brought along some of his orcs with him. This fight with the inferno general and the inferno units is straightforward enough. Protect the sisters at all cause, and send out the melee attackers to finish off the inferno units which include maniacs, hellhounds and succubi. When this fight is concluded and the duke has captured all four mines, he is allowed to venture into the subterranean levels to find the horn (raises morale), and find the family mausoleum which has been taken over by the renegade orc shaman.

The items collected by the hero is put into slots and each item can add up to complete a set of items which will make the completed set even more powerful.

Might and Magic 6 Duke Slava Campaign - the Emperor's Will.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Necropolis Campaign - overwhelming army numbers and challenging scenarios.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Combat System

The might and magic heroes 6 combat system appears to have gone back to its roots in preceding might and magic heroes game. Units head out from one side of the battlefield to the other to engage in battle, and heroes will attack or cast spells from the back. This is none more clear than the final fight of might and magic heroes 6 scenario 1.

Here the duke is pitted against the renegade shaman in his inferno stronghold. This inferno stronghold fight introduces a new inferno stronghold creature called the Breeder. This breeder can literally breed inferno flyers which are sent to attack the sisters (of course). Meanwhile, a siege engine attempts to break down the inferno stronghold walls. The sentinels and orcs can also join in to break down the gate and walls. In this fight, finish off the breeders and the succubi first, and then concentrate on the melee units of the inferno army. When the duke is victorious, he can covert the inferno stronghold into a griffin stronghold.

The heroes of might and magic 6 game has fantastic graphics and a familiar and engaging combat system which brings nostalgia to the heroes of might and magic fan. Small new elements like the leveling up tree system has been added to the game to spice up the franchise and make it more interesting. It's like heroes of might and magic 2 or 3 with 21st century graphics, and new twists and vivid storytelling added to the mix. Definitely one to get for the holiday season!


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