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Minecraft's Best Mods

Updated on February 7, 2013

Best Minecraft Mods

Have you been playing the same basic Minecraft for a while and want more? Well I know how that was and that is when I started to explore the best 'Mods'. Mod's add a little extra umph to your game and sometimes it's like a whole different game all together. In this page I will go over a select few mods that I consider the best mods compared to the rest, and they will allow you to make your Minecraft game unique to what you want from Minecraft.

"What are mods?" you may ask, well mod's are modifications to the game that the players have made. Mojang was genius enough to put in a mod support feature, which allows the players to create their own mods and allow others to play them as well. Some of the mod's are for single player and some of them can work in multiplayer, there are even mods that help you 'cheat' the game.. but who likes to cheat right?

Mo' Creatures Alligator
Mo' Creatures Alligator

Minecraft's best 5 Mods

I have played multiple mods in Minecraft, and some of them were good some of them were bad. There are a TON of different mods made by the players that you can put into your game, ones that can help you play better, various tools or even add new items and mobs (monsters) to the game. The ones I am going to list will be mods that add new content to your game, out of the hundreds of mods that are out there I am only going to list the 5 that I've most enjoyed and I hope that you will to!

The mods that I will be going over are:

- Mo' Creatures

- Better than wolves

- Rei's Minimap

- Mine little pony

-More player models

Mo' Creatures

A mod that allows a lot more animal life into your worlds!

Mo' Creatures is one of those mod's that is a MUST HAVE for any Minecrafter looking to expand their game. It is a mod created by the player named "DrZhark" and it add's a TON of new animals and creatures to the game that you are going to enjoy and HATE at the same time :P. The 'Vanilla' Minecraft has the basic passive mobs of Pigs, Cows, Chickens, Mushhrooms and sheep, while it has the aggressive mobs of Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Spider Jockeys, Enderman, Creepers and the Nether mobs. Mo' Creatures adds a total of 30 (and counting) new mobs to your game that you can enjoy, some passive, some neutral and some VERY aggressive. You can customize which mob's you want to keep and which you don't easily as well, so you don't have to worry about them pesky Ogre's tearing down your hard work! Some of the mobs that you will encounter are..

Passive Mobs:





Small Fish







and Manta Rays

The Nuetral Mobs:







Sting Rays


and the more aggressive Mobs:


Big Cats (Tigers, Lions, etc..)

Polar Bears





Fire Wraiths



Some of these mobs are really beneficial for example the horses! This is one of the main reason why I LOVE this mod! Who doesn't love horses? In Mo' Creatures they have various breeds of horses ranging from more basic to the mythical Pegasus. In order to get better horses you will need to have some luck finding them or attempting to breed them! Being able to ride them is one of their perks, they aint just for looks you know? On top of that they even have a pack horse that you can carry some supplies for you on your journey's around the world. They are not easy to obtain either, the more rare the horse the harder it will be to tame!

There are also other mobs you can tame as well, for example the cats (NO NOT THE BIG CATS!). In Minecraft the main pet has always been the 'dog' or 'wolf' by wooing it with bones it would become tame and become your loyal ally and protector. Ever since Mo' Creatures started cats have been involved, with various breeds of cats you can have your loyal pet that you've always wanted!

The aggressive mobs have always been my favorite though, it adds a bit more danger to the world and you know danger always makes the game more fun! From Sharks to Ogre's you are not safe on land or sea. Ogre's are very dangerous and I cannot express that enough, once you are in sight you better run. They will start to follow you and destroy anything in their path to reach you, with the 3 various breeds each are equally dangerous some more than others.

If you install this mod its always a good idea to save a back up of your world first before you start the game. Never know what an Ogre might damage or what mobs you may not want in your game. Overall this is one of my favorite mods and it is one worth giving a shot even if you don't want to play with mods at all.

Better than wolves! - This mod is like a whole new Minecraft!

Better than wolves mod takes minecraft to a whole new level, its adds new items/blocks along with engineering functionality. Installing this mod does take some time but I guarantee that is worth it! To me this mod kind of seems like it hates wolfs, which would make sense because originally this mod was made to prove that the time mojang took to make wolves they could have added a lot more content and originality to the game as this mod does! It is currently only a single player mod so it cannot be put onto a server as much as I would like it too. The mod divides the game up into 'ages' which are different era's of technological development which you are sure to enjoy each one of them. This mod is definitely worth a try to I give it an 8/10.

Mo' Creatures Video! :) - A little insight on Mo' Creatures

Rei's Minimap!

This mod literally is a time saver!

This is one of those must have mods that work in both single player and multiplayer. I used to play on a computer that only allowed me to play on the 'tiny' distance, which didn't allow me to see the sun or the stars or to even tell which direction I was heading in. But with the minimap it allows me to know my exact co-ordinates and what my surroundings look like. It gives me a clear view of which direction i'm heading in but that's not the only thing I love about this mod. The ability to add waypoints is yet again another life saver, I tend to travel far distances to look for interesting terrain, but I always lost my base of operations so I never really built more than a dirt hut. Now, I have the ability to mark my home and I can build grander bases and always have an idea where I am. With this ability I can also add interesting points on the map and always know where they are, for example maybe a village or a friends structure. This mod is one of the simplest and BEST mods out there hands down.

Which one of these are your favorite?

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Mine little pony!

Now who doesn't like my little pony?

This is one of those mods that are more focused to the younger audience or maybe even... *gulp* "Bronies". The mod is based after the T.V show called "My Little Pony", with the mod installed your character will become one of the 'base ponies' unless you use one of your own skins. You and other players will look like a pony from the show or even a baby pony and you will be able to do everything else as usual no disadvantages. This mod adds a bunch of different concepts between Minecraft and My Little pony and it could be the right mod for you. Personally I find it a little creepy when crouched as a pony, look like a weird pony/spider mix lol, definitely a good laugh!

More player models! - Ever wanted to play as a non-human?

I've always hated games were you could only play as one 'race', I'm one for variety and for everyone in Minecraft to play as a human got a little dull even though there is an infinite number of skins in the game, but not different models. This mod is one of the greatest aesthetic mods out there in my opinion, not only adding the gender option but also adding different races. I've always wanted to play as a 'Mob' or even an Orc (one of my favorite fantasy species honestly). If you've ever want to play Minecraft with a different player model and not just a skin then I suggest you give this a try.

Shadow of Israpony

Like any other mods not listed here? - Tell us here!

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      6 years ago

      I love Gun Mod because you get all these crazy guns! I also love Military-Grade Explosives Mod.


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