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Mockingjay Bow & Arrow Set |Hunger Games Christmas Gifts

Updated on September 7, 2014

With the release of the Hunger Games Mockingjay (Part 1) in fall 2014, many people are still awed by the archery prowess of Katniss Everdeen as she battles President Snow and the evil forces at the Capitol.

When Katniss joins the rebels, it is her amazing archery skills that finally start turning the tables with the rebels of the Mockingjay rebellion starting to see some hope at the end of the dark tunnel.

We review some of the best archery sets and accessories that are themed on this very popular movie that you can buy for your loved ones as Christmas gifts.

Better start deciding early on your Christmas purchases so that you may have a peace of mind during the festive season.

Choosing the right bow & arrow set

Kids just love shooting arrows and you can see them light up when they have them in their hands. But before you buy your kids an archery set for, there are a few things you need to consider for maximum enjoyment of the toys.

  • Which hand do they use, left or right? This is an important consideration because archery sets are designed for either right-handed or left-handed users and you have to have the right type for maximum enjoyment.
  • Which eye is the strongest? If possible, the choice of a left-handed or right-handed archery set should be determined by which eye is dominant.
  • What is the age of your child? Age is an important factor to consider when buying an archery set because of the strength required to use it -the stronger the child, the bigger the archery set they can comfortably use.

Archery safety for kids

While bows and arrows are enjoyable to play around with, there needs to be considerable care when handling them to avoid any accidents.

Proper supervision is required especially for the younger kids who must be guided on the right use of bows to instil in them the kind of discipline required to handle such equipment.

A few safety rules must be in place to handle the archery set:

  • Never aim an arrow at another person
  • Load the bow only when ready to shoot at the appropriate target
  • Move away from the range of other shooters
  • Carry arrows facing down
  • Collecting shot arrows should be done in a systematic manner

Hunger Games Recurve Bow

If you are a fan of the Hunger Games movies, you will not fail to realize that Katniss always uses a recurve bow. The recurve bow is easy to use for small bodied individuals as it does not require much strength to use. Given Katniss’ small frame, it makes sense that she chose this bow over other types of bows. Other advantages of the recurve bow is that it is small, light, accurate and less complex to use for beginners as well as experienced archers.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

This is the right kind of bow for starting out in traditional archery especially if you have shoulder issues and cannot shoot well with other kinds of bows.

Aesthetically pleasing in design, the Samick Sage is as good for starters as it is for the more experienced as it is light, easy to assemble and use.

The modular design means you can fit any type of limb depending on your strength and preference and scale it up as you get more adept at using it.

Durability is a strong point when it comes to the Samick Sage as the limbs are made from hard maple reinforced with black fibre glass. Each limb tip is strengthened and optimally designed for arrow speed, stability and accuracy.

Within each riser are bushes which can be used to attach a sight assist device when needed and have been designed to enhance arrow stability. Other benefits of this recurve bow include:

  • Affordability
  • Light weight
  • Strong
  • Ease of use especially for small framed people like women and teenagers
  • Easily to set-up – usually takes less than five minutes to assemble out of the box
  • Accurate, smooth draw
  • Scalable – start with the lower level limbs and scale up as your ability improves

As a beginner or intermediate archer, this bow delivers value and quality for its relatively low price. Show-off your Katniss skills by adding the Samick Sage to your arsenal of bows and arrows and you will not be disappointed with the results.

One small complaint that keeps on recurring in customer reviews is that the bow has a higher than normal noise on release. This can be easily resolved by adding a silencer (under $5) to your purchase.

Selway Limbsaver Recurve Bow Stringer

This is a necessary tool that makes it very easy for anyone to string their bows without placing undue stress on the limbs. The modestly priced stringers will need replacement at least once a year depending on your usage. Trying to string a recurve using your legs is not the most enjoyable thing for one to do and this stringer saves you energy as well as stress all the time.


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