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Monsters University, Dolls and Figures, That Your Nephew Will Love!

Updated on February 3, 2015

Monsters University, Toys, Dolls and Figures That Your Nephew Will Love!

When I found out that Disney Pixar were making another Monsters Inc film, I was super excited - my first thought was the Monsters University Toys and Dolls! But I also knew someone else who would be just as excited: My nephew! He's a big Disney fan, and the tender age of 7 (8 in November).

There are sooooo many toys and figures out there, for the new Monster's Inc film, that it's hard to know where to begin when choosing the right toys for Josh. On this page, I will be showcasing some of the best Monster's University toys around, plus some extra information about what the film is about (so you can pretend you're the cool adult and know EXACTLY why the kid in your life is going nuts over Mike and Sully).

You can always click here to have a look at all the MONSTERS INC toys currently available at

Have a look through, to see what is currently available for Monsters University related toys and figures, then bookmark this page to keep checking back!

Get a flavour of what Monster's University is about, with a word from the Dean - (...voiced by the lovely, Helen Mirren)

Monsters University International Poster
Monsters University International Poster

Before we go any need to do your homework...What is Monster's University about?

I LOOOOVE Disney Pixar, especially Monsters Inc. But this time, it's not a sequel, it's a prequel about Mike and Sully's adventures at University!

Unless you haven't seen Monster's Inc, you won't know about our loveable characters Mike and Sully. In the prequel to Disney Pixar's first film, we find out how Mike and Sully met, and their adventures at University!

Well, that's sounds simple right? Wrong! Both Mike and Sully are majoring in Scaring, whilst at Monster's University - but things don't go as straightforward as you might expect. When the pair get thrown into sort-of inter-college Scare-Olympics, complications and corruption ensue.

We meet a host of new HILARIOUS monsters and characters, including the very cute and enthusiastic Art, as well as Dean Hardscrabble and the delightful Fungus. Fans of the first film will be pleased to see a younger Randall too!

The two lovable monsters from Monsters Inc will not only be making a come back to the big screen, but also to kids bedrooms all across the world - Monsters University will be bringing with it, some spectacular toys, dolls, figures and more! I can't wait!

(Also...did you know that you can actually visit the campus website for the actual Monster's University, university? You can even enrol, and take a look around at the sort of courses you could sign up to! Don't you just LOVE the creative teams at Disney?'ll find the link further down the page).

Easy Monster's University Toys and Plushies

My nephew will LOVE these...

The Sully Doll

This is a really easy choice for me. My nephew loves Monster's Inc, so I know he loves the main charactes. And here we have the one and only loveable Monster, Sully...what kid wouldn't want to cuddle up with this cute and fluffy monster? I'm pretty sure doesn't already have this - I'll have to double check with my sister - but Sully is so darn cute, maybe he'll need another one?

The Mike Wazowski Doll

Last year, we all went to EuroDisney, and they had this attraction where you go into a Monster's Inc comedy show - hosted by Sully, and this guy, Mike. Josh LOVES Mike and finds everything he does hilarious (the little green thing could literally slip on a banana skin, and Josh would be in stitches). Mike Wazowski is cool, and kinda cute - and here he gets a cuddly twist in this gorgeous plushie doll!

Which Monster's University, Monster do you like best?

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Have you seen Monster's Inc, yet?

Rating: UStudio: Walt Disney Home EntertainmentDVD Release Date: 25 Feb 2013Film lasts: 92 minutes

Ok, so this CAN be a bit confusing. Monster's University, is made AFTER Monster's Inc, but is about what happened before Monster's Inc. So, the new film is the prequel, to this one.

So, whilst you're waiting to get your hands on the prequel to Disney's HUGE film, Monster's Inc, get the DVD and do some homework about what your kid/niece/nephew/god-children/grandchilden has been going on about! You won't regret it, it's a truly fantastic film!

Monster's University Trailers...

I'm going to make Josh's summer by taking him to see Monster's University. If you're still not sure what it is, or what it's about...have a look at the trailers here to give you a good flavour for it...

Josh LOVES art, maybe he will like Art, from the film too?

Art has massive legs doesn't he? In fact, I think he is all legs! Art is one of the new characters, that wasn't in the first film. So, if you're looking to get the child in your life a brand new toy, that has yet to be seen until Monster's University - then this might be the one.

I'm going to gauge Josh's reaction to Art, before I go ahead and buy him the toy though (that's if I do, after all). There's no point buying a character toy for him, if he doesn't like the character. These Monster's University toys are super cute, but they're not too cheap either!

From the trailers, Art looks like a fun, cool character...but yes, I'm going to wait and take the lead from Josh!

Who's starring in Monster's University?

Those who remember Monster's Inc, may not be surprised to know that Billy Crystal and John Goodman are reprising their roles as Mike Wazowski and James P.Sullivan (Sully) respectively. As well as the incredibly talents Steve Buscemi as Randall.

You can also expect to hear the vocal talents of John Krasinski (The Office) playing Frank McCay, the exquisite Helen Mirren (The Queen) as Dean Hardscrabble, Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) as Terri Perry...and everyone's favourite Yoda-tastic voice of Frank Oz as Fungus.

Some of the cast may seem quite obscure on first account, but you will inevitably recognise more of them by how they sound, rather than their name. I'm super excited to hear the regal Helen Mirren, as well as hearing the fantastic comedy duo of Crystal and Goodman!

For the full cast line up, check out imdb's Monster's University page

Archie the Scare Pig!

You might be asking yourself, what the blinky blonky is a scare pig! Well, this is Archie, and he's the Monster's University Scare mascot!*

*Quick bit of back story - the whole point of the Monsters in the series, is to scare children, because that's our Monstropolis and the whole Monster world, gets its power. So whilst the monsters are scary, they don't mean harm - and at university, Mike and Sully are learning to become scarers!

Archie the Scare Pig - yay or nay? - ...if Josh doesn't like the Monster's University Scare Pig, I might keep it myself

What do I conclude from my quest to get Josh a Monster's University Toy?

There is a LOT of stuff out there! I know Josh likes cuddly toys and dressing up, especially from Disney, but you might have a child in your life who likes to play with figures and playsets. If that's the case, I have some more options for you:

If you're looking to encourage the young mind a bit further, than just the film - there are books too.

Are you attending Monster's University this year?

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