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Rustic-but-Classy Moose Lamps and Light Fixtures

Updated on October 30, 2015

Surprisingly Not-Ugly Moose Lamps & Lights

No doubt a moose's mother thinks it's cute, but frankly, the noble moose looks like a Jurassic Park casting call reject to me. Impressive, yes, even iconic of the North American north woods. Beautiful, not so much. And to be equally frank, there are one heck of a lot of ugly moose lamps in the world... but they don't need to be! Believe it or not, lighting fixtures that feature this huge wild animal can be downright elegant in a rustic style.

Moose head lamp
Moose head lamp | Source

But there are also some real beauties.

Burnished Bronze Rustic / Country Six Light Chandelier with Pine Trees and Moose
Burnished Bronze Rustic / Country Six Light Chandelier with Pine Trees and Moose | Source

Elegant moose silhouette lamps and tasteful woodland scenes, natural materials and vintage styles, even Tiffany stained glass moose lamps and light fixtures!

If you're decorating in country hunting lodge style, and you've chosen a moose theme, either for your cabin or for your home, there's no need for you to live with a fug-ugly moose lamp.

Take a look at the lovely lamps and light fixtures showcased here - you're sure to find a moose to love... that is, assuming you're already inclined to feel affection for an over-sized prehistoric-looking northern mammal with hunched shoulders, a big nose, and a giant rack of antlers.

Moose Table Lamps can be This Close to Elegant

Some of the tabletop lamps I've seen in the outdoorsy north woods kind of theme are... how shall I put this? They are more humorous than decorative, more the kind of décor you might like to have around for a weekend at the camp, but perhaps not to have in your home, around you, day after day. That's why I've searched for lamps that rise above the folksy-joke approach to the wildlife theme and treat the magestic moose with dignity and, yes, almost elegance.

Bronze Finish Moose Table Lamp - Made in USA

This hand-forged rustic lamp with an architectural bronze dark finish carries an antique-rawhide shade in an unusual squared-off pyramid shape with edges finished in whip stitch. It is a one-of-a-kind piece handmade in America.

Resin Figurine Moose on Base

Resin Table Lamps North American Bull Moose Table Lamp W/ Shade 12 X 20 X 12 Inches Multicolored
Resin Table Lamps North American Bull Moose Table Lamp W/ Shade 12 X 20 X 12 Inches Multicolored

Measuring 20 inches in height, this is the most representational of the table lamps, with a resin sculpture as its base. While it may not be to every taste, it will strike the right note in a rustic setting. The brown 12-inch figured shade is quite unusual, calling to mind a buckskin or chamois effect.


I'd almost be tempted to cannibalize that one - swipe the lampshade to top off a simple wooden lamp, and turn the resin moose figurine part of it loose, into the wild of yard sales and secondhand thrift stores, or at least banish it to the camp.

Craft Leather and Faux Rust

Moose 32" Table Lamp
Moose 32" Table Lamp

Hand-crafted in the USA, this one of a kind table lamp is both simple and decorative in traditional materials - rust-colored metal and an oiled leather shade with whip-stitched edging - that will be right at home in an outdoorsy Americana decor. Oh, and it's made in the USA.


With it's clean lines, this lamp has also got big potential for a more modern setting, in a somewhat ironic hipster kind of way.

Moose Tracks lampshade
Moose Tracks lampshade | Source

Wood Floor Lamp - Pine Tree and Moose Motif

You'll look long and hard for a moose lamp that has the folksy charm of this beautifully crafted rustic model, 60 inches tall with a neat 12-inch footprint, great for tucking into a convenient corner.

Cedar Ridge Pine Tree and Moose Rectangular Floor Lamp
Cedar Ridge Pine Tree and Moose Rectangular Floor Lamp

The open design sporting two green pine trees and a noble moose in rust patina silhouette, perfect for your rustic or lodge decor. The parchment shade is 20 inches, broad enough to let the 3-way 150-watt bulb (not included) cast a wide light. Ambiance!


One feature I appreciate in a floor lamp is a three-way switch that lets you adjust the level of light to suit the mood you want to create, from brighter for family games night to a more subtle ambient light for those cosy evenings around the fire, just the two of you...

Moose Candle
Moose Candle | Source

Copper Moose Wall Sconce - Indoor / Outdoor

Striking wall-mounted low-profile shades in solid copper measure 8 inches wide and 6 inches deep - you can choose from two different lengths, either 18 inches or the 12.75-inch version shown here. The outdoor fixture is included, so you can install it for use indoors or outside.

Solid Copper Wall Sconce - Moose - 12.75"- Use Indoors or Outdoors
Solid Copper Wall Sconce - Moose - 12.75"- Use Indoors or Outdoors

Did you ever think a moose motif could be so modern and sophisticated, and yet still keep that rustic vibe? Of all the inventive designs in moose-themed lighting, this gorgeous copper sconce has got to be one of my all-time top picks for versatility and good looks.

Bull moose in the mist
Bull moose in the mist | Source

Overhead Lighting with a Moose Theme

Drop ceiling, swag and pendant lights - chandeliers, to the high-toned among us - or more discreet (and easier to dust) flush-mount lighting that hangs out near the ceiling, it's your choice.

There is so much variety out there, when it comes to choosing a ceiling light fixture in a moose theme, and much will depend on what direction you're taking - on how far to the rustic side you want to take your woodsy lodge décor. Personally, I lean toward the Tiffany styles...

Reading up on the history of the Tiffany Glass Studio of New York and the gifted but eccentric Louis Comfort Tiffany (after I inherited a modest early-1920s pendant lamp made by that company), I've become enthralled by the rich colors of many of the designs.

But a Tiffany style piece is about a whole lot more than the beautiful hues of shining glass - equally important to the style is the way the leading or metal overlay works to accentuate the design. Some of the most striking works are those that rely on silhouette shapes for their impact, not simply the colors - and the moose is a strong form that lends itself to this art - a live-with-able blend of elegance and whimsy.

Meyda Tiffany Custom Lighting 10015 Northwoods Moose on the Loose 4-Light Flush Mount, Antique Copper Finish and Silver Mica
Meyda Tiffany Custom Lighting 10015 Northwoods Moose on the Loose 4-Light Flush Mount, Antique Copper Finish and Silver Mica

This round Tiffany-style fixture is an imposing 22 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep, so most suitable for a larger room. The finish is antique copper with silver mica for the light to glow through. Custom crafted in New York, USA.

Band of Moose Drop Ceiling Mount
Band of Moose Drop Ceiling Mount

Here, the moose silhouette is reversed - it turns up as a series of cut-out shapes in parade around the top band. Hand-forged steel with a rustic rust finish, white mica inset, this lamp is made in the USA.


It's not a Tiffany design, that last one, but another timeless take on the moose silhouette with a tapered rectangular shape that's reminiscent of some of the glass shades found on table lamps and pendant lights from the turn of the 20th century into the 1940s. I've got a few ceiling lights with similar shades (only without the moose motif) that were made during the war years.

The Moose, Himself - In the Wild

After looking at all these designers' and artisans' interpretations of the moose as a decorative motif, I thought it might be fun to sit back for a few minutes and enjoy the wild animal on video, while you ponder your lighting selection. Enjoy!

What style of Moose Lamp or Lighting do you like best?

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    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 4 years ago

      I came here on a lark, but hey I really like these! Who knew moose could be attractive. My favorite moose lamp was the solid copper scone. Pinned to my home beautification board, out by digg and blessed.

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

      Floor lamps look best to me, but others are cute too.

    • TaraWojt profile image

      Tara Wojtaszek 5 years ago

      I like the Lazart Moose scene night light.

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      My favorite is the Timber Ridge moose pendant - stunning!

    • jolou profile image

      jolou 5 years ago

      I like the one with the bronze finish the best.