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Mr. Potato Head Collectibles

Updated on March 31, 2015

Mr. Potato Head Like You Have Never Seen Him!

Mr. Potato Head is a pretty popular spud. He is 60 years old and hardly showing a single sprout ! When he was just a little tater, the first 12 years of his life, he did not come with a body, you had to use a real potato.......that was the make common vegetables into toys for kids to play with. In 1953, Mrs Potato Head was introduced and not long after, Brother Spud and Sister Yam completed the family. The plastic potato body was not introduced until 1964, when the government safety regulations forced Hasbro to dull the parts down to the point they could no longer be easily pushed into a real potato.

Mr. Potato Head has had a long and varied career, as you will see below, in his resume. He is a beloved American Icon, and has been a collectors item for over 40 years. With the introduction of collectible character Mr. Potato Head Kits, he has become even more collectible. I made this lens to showcase the best of the collector kits.

I hope you find something new for your collection or something to start one !


Mr. Potato Head's Resume

An Illustrious 60 Year Career

1952 - Mr. Potato Head became a TV Star and was the first toy to be advertised on television in an ad targeted to children for the first time.

1964 - Mr. Potato Head has a total body makeover and comes out plastic.

1975 - Mr. Potato Head gains a few pounds and his plastic body is doubled in size and his parts are also enlarged, showing that size does matter.

1985 - Mr. Potato Head's popularity in Idaho is revealed when he received four write-in votes in the election for mayor of Boise.

1987 - Mr. Potato Head became the "spokespud" for the Great American Smokeout.

1992 - Mr. Potato Head received a special award from the President's Council for Physical Fitness.

1995 - Mr. Potato Head became a Hollywood celebrity, for playing a supporting role in "Toy Story."

1996 - Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head helped the League of Women's Voters with their "Get Out the Vote" campaign.

1997 - Mr. Potato Head was hired by Burger King to be the star of their Try the Fry campaign.

1998 - Mr. Potato Head became the star of his own TV show.

2000 - Mr. Potato Head was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

2006 - Hasbro also began selling sets of pieces without bodies for customers to add to their collections.

2011 - Mr. Potato Head got his first makeover in 30 years

The Original Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head Has Been Made Into Countless Famous Figures

Expensive Spud!

The most expensive Mr. Potato Head

was in Neiman Marcus catalog in 2004,

and featured over 50,000 handset Swarovski crystals

in seventeen different colors,

for a mere $8,000.

Mr Potato Head Star Wars ~ The Good Guys - Also available: Luke, Han and Leia

Did You Know?

Hasbro company checks are watermarked with

Mr. Potato Head!

Mr. Potato Head ~ The Three Stooges

Superstar Spud

Mr. Potato Head was inducted into

the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2000

Mr. Potato Head ~ Elvis - Thank you very much !

Potato Poll - Cast Your Vote !

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Vintage Mr. Potato Head Commercial from the Early 70's

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Five Little Know Facts about Mr. Potato Head

1. Mr. Potato Head is called Monsieur Patate and is sometime shown with a missing tooth

2. Mr. Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on TV
3. For a short time in the 70's, Mr. Potato Head had three pals: Mr. Potato Fish, Mr. Potato Bird, and Mr. Potato Bug

4. In the late 90's Mr. Potato Heads starred in two of his own TV shows

5. Mr. Potato Head is featured on the left side of the Rhode Island car license plate

Tell Us About Your Mr. Potato Head Experiences - Playing or Collecting

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    pitlock 4 years ago

    I'm looking for the mini potatoes, saw them at a pre school once they are adorable