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0 cost converted mana cost spells

Updated on May 25, 2013

Spells, artifacts and creatures that can be cast free

Looking for a few spells that you can drop even if you are completely mana starved?

These MTG cards with converted mana cost 0 can help you get ahead in a match.

Zero cost spells are great in aggressor decks where the plan is to do as much damage as fast as possible.

You can find 0 cost artifacts, 0 cost creatures and 0 cost spells to add to a deck that just needs a few more cheap additions.

The most well known zero cost card in Magic the Gathering is probably Black Lotus, which by now is quite rare. I have however found it along with the similarly rare Mox cards on eBay and you can check it out further down in the article.

You will also find a list of every other free to cast MTG card.

Picture Courtesy of Amazon

Full list of 0 cost MTG cards

Here is a list of all the zero cost Magic the Gathering released to date. The only exception is a couple of cards that are now so rare that you can not find them on Amazon. You can however find those cards further down this article.


The big Black Lotus showdown

Do you want a Black Lotus

Yes, badly!

Yes, badly!

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    • anonymous 4 years ago

      duh, but only an idiot will pay a couple grand for a piece of cardboard

    No, it is overpriced and overvalued

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      • neoglitch17 4 years ago

        If I ever feel like it I would just order up a nice looking proxy to play with my friends. I don't play competitively, so meh. But, if I did MTG for a living, I guess I would save up all the prize money I win from tournaments until I could get myself that card :D

      Magic the Gathering decks with zero mana cost cards

      Do you have any decks built around 0 cost cards?

      See results

      What is your favourite 0 cost MTG card?

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