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Magic the Gathering Lifelink Card List

Updated on April 6, 2013

Creatures and Spells with the Lifelink ability

This article contains a full list of all cards in Magic the Gathering that has the Lifelink ability. You can also find inspiration to build your own Lifelink themed deck, by checking out the list of some of the best Lifelink decks in MTG.

Lifelink is generally an ability you find on White Magic cards, but you will see that it is also available on a few green, blue, black creatures, enchants and instance spells.

Generally Lifelink decks are mono white or combo'ed white with blue (for flying) or green (for powerful creature enchants), but there are certainly ways to be successful with Lifelink in order deck combinations. If you have a great Lifelink deck, feel free to share it in the comments section at the end of this article.

Picture from Amazon Lifelink

What is Lifelink?

The Lifelink ability works like this:

If your creature has lifelink and deals damage, you gain life equal to the damage dealt. Keep in mind that even though your Lifelink creature is blocked by a creature with lower toughness than your creatures power, you will still receive life equal to the power of your creature.

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What is your favourite Lifelink card?

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