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Free Magic The Gathering (MTG) Life Counter for Windows PC

Updated on April 4, 2012

About the App

I made this application on Visual Studio because there is no life counters for the PC (they are all for mobile devices!). Also a lot of life counters are crappy to look at or don't work the greatest (only add or subtract life in increments of 2 for example).

Enjoy this app, get it here:

Download Instructions:

Click here

This Takes you to the file shared over Google

Simply click File--> Download and the counter will download as a .zip file. Unzip the two files into a folder and launch the MTG_Counter.exe

What to expect when you click to download the app
What to expect when you click to download the app

Current Features

- Windows Operating System

- 2 players

- Custom Name Input (up to 8 Characters)

- Life Totals

- Player Poison Counters

- Total creatures in each Graveyard

- New Game button which resets all numbers to default (default life is 20)

The Enter Name Screen
The Enter Name Screen

Start-Up Menu

This is where you put in the names of each player for the game. As stated above names are limited to 8 characters but can contain letters, numbers, spaces, and special characters (!,*,?,etc..)

Main Interface

The main interface contains the majority of the features listed above. Simply click on any of the +1 or -1 buttons to change player life totals, poison counters, and use the up or down arrows to select how many creatures are in your graveyard.

This is what the interface looks like (simple I know but this is just version 1.0!)

Additional Features To Be Added:

- Full Screen Support (currently the app does not center when window is maximized)

- dice roller to decide who goes first

- visual improvements

- individual reset of poison counters (effect from "Leeches")

- 1 player version for when each player has a copy of the app


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