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Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode Strategies: Resistance

Updated on September 16, 2014

Special Ops Guide

So here is yet another Modern Warfare 3 guide for Special Ops. This time I will help you get through the first map of the list in Survival mode, which is Resistance. To me, this is a very simple map to get to a high wave on. The reason is, the building in the middle is perfect for camping and it is not too far away from anything used to restock

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For this map, there are a few recommendations that will help you perform this strategy better. They are...

  • 2 People (2 is always better than 1)
  • Level 50

Waves 1 - 5

So, to start the game, just simply run around and kill enemies using weapons that you pick up from the ground. Remember to try to use as little ammo as possible, it will help out later.

Waves 6 - Infinity

Once you have made it to wave 6, that means you should go into the house in the middle and place a two sentries, one a grenade (on the left) and the other a regular (on the right), as shown above. Then you will have many options on where you would like to camp out. You can lay down in the kitchen, stand behind your grenade sentry and shoot (my favorite), or lay down and shoot between the legs or next to the legs of the grenade sentry gun (this works best if you are hurt and you need to heal). In the beginning, you can camp out in just one of these sections, but once dogs get C4 strapped on to them, you will need to alternate between the kitchen and behind your sentry whenever a C4 lands next to your body.


This is the one enemy that always kills me. There is one method of killing them that I think is the most effective, for this map. So, you should always be carrying a preditor missile (or you and your partner, if you are playing 2-player). Once the juggernaut round starts, each player should use the preditor missile to kill one juggernaut each. Then, either one or two juggernauts should be left, try to kill as many enemies before the last one (or 2) juggernauts makes it into the building. Once the juggernauts makes it into the building, run out as fast as you can. Then you should just circle around the building while throwing flash bangs and C4's at the juggernauts.

P.S. If there are still enemies left when the juggernaut makes it into the building, run out anyway because you WILL die if you don't.

Attack Helicopters - They Actually Help!

If you think that helicopters are always bad, think again! This is because they help you get ammo after every wave. So, almost every wave after wave 21 there should be an attack helicopter. But they do not help until after wave 30. What you have to do is first kill all the enemies in the round. Then you have to run under the bridge next to the weapons box. Once your under there, then you can destroy the helicopter. Lastly, buy your ammo / new guns. and then run back into the building.

Max Wave?

I am wondering how far you guys can get by using my method. I have made it to wave 38 solo. So if you are like me and have made it over wave 35, then just comment on the poll teling me what wave you got to.

What is the highest wave you have ever made it to?

See results

Upcoming Guide!

If any of my guides get 5 likes, I will publish my guide on how i got to round 28 soloing Bakaara (the hardest map)! I died because of a stupid mistake with a C4 so it is possible to go past round 30 with that solo guide!

It will include the following:

  • How to get passed round 30 by yourself or with a friend
  • How to kill juggernauts in early and later rounds
  • Route to kill juggernauts without getting killed by the helicopters
  • BONUS: If the guide gets 5 likes I will set up a list of enemies so that you know when to prepare for juggernauts!

A Great TV

This TV is great for a small room like my own (this is what i actually use to play my games) in order to play games, watch TV, simply to be used as a computer monitor. Not only is it a HD TV, it also plays 3D games and movies and comes with 2 3D glasses so you don't have to buy your own!

If you did not understand something, leave it below. I will answer it as soon as possible. Also, if you have suggestions, please leave it below.

Questions or Comments?

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    • profile image

      Unknown 3 years ago

      If you hide behind the windshield of the green car near the house, no enemy can attack you. Just make sure to do something- BLAST IT. BECAUSE YOU CANNOT BE SEEN, THE BOTS/NOOBS/ OUR ENEMIES MIGHT DO SPRAY AND PRAY AND SOME BULLETS HIT THE CAR AND BOOM GAME OVER.


    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      thanks, i went from not being able to pass wave 26 to wave 46. still having trouble on waves 34 and 38, 42 is very difficult.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      thanks man my max wave before i read this was 16 now its 34!!!! It helped BIGTIME and i can't think what it'll be on co-op!!!!

    • MycrowsoftSam profile image

      MycrowsoftSam 5 years ago

      This is great strategy, thanks a bunch of taking the time to write this!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      This strategy has helped me get better on this map. Thanks for the very useful information.