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My Adventures on Planet Calypso

Updated on August 16, 2015

Calypso Life

This lens is about my exploring the world of Calypso in the Entropia Universe. I started this game years ago on a whim because it had a real money economy. At first didn't do to much because I didn't get the basics of the game but soon figured out the ways of sweating and started to have fun in the game.

My best advice for those starting out in the mining field.

Mining for ores!

Well first I will say that mining will take lots of patience and or investment. First if you just want to work your way through the ranks it is best to start out with the cheap limited mining amps that only require 3 probes for for the minerals and enmatters. Second you will want to have lots and lots of probes before you head out that way you can hopefully find lots of minerals and enmatters before you come back. Why you ask because you will want to sell then on the auction house and every item you list cost about .5 PED a piece which is added to the price of the sale so if you don't have a lot of minerals they won't sell very easily becasue they will have a much larger markup. The selling of the minerals on the auction can be set for up to 7 days I always set it this long so I have the best chance of selling them and that is where the patience really comes in because you will want to be back out finding more stuff to make more PEDs. Some will just sell them to the trade terminal but I think part of the game mechanics watch for this and it will hurt your ability to find ores and enmatters because you would be make your money off of mind ark instead of other players. Their will be some players that will be willing to buy the at places like camp Icarus or Twin Peaks for a little over Trade Terminal price.

So what to do while waiting for your stuff to sell? Well in game you could go do sweating to make more peds or you check out one the sites I have listed here to help fund your account.

Thats all for now.

Ways to help fund your adventuring in Calypso

Internet funding of calypso

My main way of funding my planet calypso account has been through opinion outpost because it has the ability to payout through paypal but the earnings were hard to get to the payout thresshold. I have now joined CashCrate It also does surveys and other offers but it also has a refferal system that you can make money from other people who take surveys too.

Check it out through my earnings banner below.

My Mining So Far - What I'm trying so far.

My mining skills at the Start 2-11-14
My mining skills at the Start 2-11-14

Well decided that if I'm gonna make it in the mining field I would need to get a better finder that could go much deeper and have the ability to learn. So I bought a F-105 finder and the skill inplants to make it work . With my current stats I usually find at least 1.5 PED a find but that still isn't a enough to break even. So I am going to test how much my skills change the find amounts by only purchasing implants that increase my mineral harvesting ability for now and see what happens.

A few helpful links - Ways to help fund you Calypso account.

Another interesting online game that you could make money on.

Calypso In a Nut Shell

A few videos to give you an idea what the game is like.

You'll connect with your readers. If you type a sentence here about why you love this video.

You'll connect with your readers. If you type a sentence here about why you love this video.

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