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My Diablo 3 Leveling Guide - Free,Fast and Furious tips and tricks

Updated on March 10, 2013

My personal Diablo 3 Leveling Tips and Tricks

Let's face it, playing diablo 3 is not always fun, sometimes the game feels like a punishment, sometimes the game is just plain evil and you just keep dying and dying like the game is taunting you! Times like that diablo 3 just isn't any fun. But when this happens there's probably a reason behind it and it's usually at least one of these four reasons:

1. Your gear is not good enough

2. You're not high enough level

3. Your skills and runes aren't any good

4. You are crap at this game.

So in this guide I will try and help you with all of these problems, but consider that I'm not a pro gamer at all, all the knowledge I got I have found on other sites and by testing and tweaking. This is simply a guide for all you people who don't want to suck at diablo 3 any more and I'm just here to show you where to begin! So let's get started guys!

gold goblin
gold goblin

How to get cheap and amazing gear for leveling and farming

The two most important things in Diablo 3 is Gold and Items. And the only real function gold has is to buy items with the gold, so yeah, the most important things in d3 is items.

But how do you get the items you want? In this guide I will show you how to find awesome and cheap weapons, armour and items on the auction house of d3, you won't find the best and perfect gear using this method, it's just a simple method that explains how you can find good and super cheap gear for leveling and farming.

I would advice you have at least 50k gold to spend before you start using this guide, you can get lucky and find gear for far less but it's always nice to have a bit of gold to spend. Ok, enough talking, let's begin.

The Auction House - a true gold mine

First head over to the auction house. Click on the equipment page. And now you have to decide what you want to buy. I would suggest you start looking for a weapon and after that maybe look for some piece armour.

Set Your Level

First choose what kind of gear you want, I would choose something broad like all armour or all weapons, it works the best that way.

Choose a level range you want. Keep it close around your level.


Set Legendary on rarity.

Click "Search"

After you have clicked search alot of weapons/armour will be displayed, at the moment only expensive weapons are showing, but that's going to change soon, go to the next step.


What we'r looking for is cheap items that we can buyout. So for us to be able to find all the cheap items we need to sort the search out first. We'r going to sort the search so that the cheapest buyout items will be displayed first, not the most expensive first. To do so click the buyout text TWICE. (as displayed on the picture)

Scroll the pages untill the cheap gear reveals itself!

Now you need to press to next page until you find the weapons/armour that have the lowest buyout price on the market, there will be allot of items that have no buyout option at all and these items will be displayed before the items that you can buy with buyout so you have to scroll allot of pages before you'll come to the cheap buyout items, but you'll get there soon enough :)

Consider this!

The diablo 3 auction house do only display 50 pages of items for each search. So sometimes it may seem there's no cheap buyout items on the AH or it might look like there's no items out there with the buyout option. What you need to do then is to narrow your search. Search for items with X amount of intelligence for example or for items only at your current level. That way less items will come up on your search and you'll find the cheap buyout items much easier.

And there you go...

After a abit of scrolling you'll find the cheapest possible legendary weapons for the level you have searched for. Mostly I just pick one of the cheapest ones but sometimes I browse around to see if I can find a weapon/armour that suits me the best. This works for all levels and all types of gear. And remember that when you find a better weapon or gear you can allways sell the item you just bought for the same price or sometimes even higher.

I once found a level 60 legendary crossbow with 900 DPS for my witch doctor for just 20k gold, so search and you will find! And I wasn't even that lucky, I seen gear like that all the time.

That's it, good luck with your item hunting!

How and Where to Powerlevel in Diablo 3

When power leveling in d3 what you are looking for is fast quests that give a lot of exp reward and are easy and fast to do. The faster the better.

Power leveling is very repetitive and isn't all that fun to be honest but it's a great way to level up. I wouldn't recommend that you power level from level 1-60, that would be just insane and very very boring, instead use power leveling as a way to gain a few levels if you got stuck on a act or if you just want to level up a few levels so that you can use your new gear. But if you want to power level all the way to level 60 go ahead, do it, but trust won't be fun!

How long dose power leveling take?

That depends on a lot of things, what class you are, what skills you use, what gear you have, how good you are at the game.

So there's no specific time I could tell you that power leveling a level would take. What you need to know about power leveling is that it will be much much faster then doing regular questing or killing mobs. (for example I leveled 59 to 60 in about 30 mins and I'm just a noob really)

List of Places/Quests to Powerlevel on

A few general hints when playing

Make sure to skip the cinematic to make the run go much faster.

Also maker sure you skip all the quest dialogue chat by pressing Esc

Teleporting into town before exiting a game saves a few seconds of time.

Act 3: Chapter "Heart of Sin" - "Kill Azmodan" The final boss of act 3. Start new game. Get to the very last waypoint The Core of Arreat. . This is on Chapter "Heart of Sin" - Quest "Kill Azmodan in the Heart of Sin".

Act 4 Chapter "Prime Evil" Start the quest. Skip the quest dialogue chat and then get into the portal and kill the boss, keep repeating it all over and over again.

Power leveling videos - DIABLO 3 - Power Leveling 2 Million Xp Per Hour

3.5 Million XP/Hour Iskatu Farming


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    • Stickypony LM profile image

      Stickypony LM 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Your 100% correct. I'm guessing my guide isn't that up to date anymore :) thanks for insight I appreciate it

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Not all Legendary items are good, that's why they're so cheap on the AH. They can be just as random as regular gear but with a few extra bonuses that are specific to the legendary piece-- the latter at least since the last patch which made legendary items not suck. Well, my point is just that I see a lot of people with all legendary gear on and with 1/10th the amount of DPS and defenses they should have at their level. They seemed to have bought all legendary items just because they're legendary instead of taking the time to stack the stats they need to for their class. Often times rare weapons can have just as much if not better stats than legendaries so don't limit yourself.