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My Fave Video Games! Seriously they rock!

Updated on August 24, 2016

Video games... How I love you!

So, this is another guy sharing his views on video games and why they're great. I won't bother with the usual "I've been playing them for so long, and have been one of my biggest hobbies", (and yet I just did?!). I'm just a dude giving his opinion on his absolute favouritest games ever (don't worry, I know favouritest isn't a real superlative!). Leave a comment if I missed one out and if I haven't covered something you thought was quite important, ask me about it!

The hype with some games...

Leave your opinions in the Guestbook, thanks!

The games I never quite got around to were World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons. Can anyone give me an overview of what they're about and why they're so blooming popular! In my Youtube module below there's a video of some kid who lost his Warcraft account... and the reaction is terrifying, (I think when we're younger, video games can be a far bigger part of our lives, as opposed to now, and so much more important). So any views on Warcraft would be appreciated, as well as Dungeons & Dragons!

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

Playstation 3

For me, one word defines Motorstorm... TARANTULA. Never has a track fitted a game so well, (there's a trailer in my Youtube section). Obviously this game is a storm of motors, high-paced and aggressive, just as some racing games should be. On buying my first PS3, I received the first Motorstorm, which I really liked, however I was disappointed that there was no multiplayer mode (apart from online) :(. And then I hear this is coming out. And one of my favourite features is the fact that you get to drive a Monster Truck. Favourite car hands down. Enough about handling and technique, those things are raw, rugged and rapid. Definitely worth the buy for keen racers.

Soulcalibur IV

Playstation 3

I've loved fighting games since I got introduced to Tekken 3 when I was younger, and all the Tekkens after that... and then I found Soul Calibur II for the PS2 in a certain PC World one day, which I decided to buy, (probably because I saw Heihachi Mishima on the front!). I found the style a bit different with some weird characters, but grew to love it. Then I hear there's one coming out on the PS3?!? Wow. I had to get this, and I couldn't believe how good it was. The graphics were obviously better on a better console, but it was also pretty cool that you could play as Darth Vader :). For me, it's all well and good having the Raphaels and the Xianghuas but it's really all about the freaks like Voldo, my personal favourite who can moonwalk on the spot, or Yoshimitsu, (who obviously managed both Soul Calibur and Tekken, which rules!). The Arcade and Survival were my favourite parts of the game since I didn't really need any sort of storyline, although I didn't mind completing the Story mode to unlock all the characters. Another bit I loved was the Customization where you could create more than 20 of your own characters who could possess one of the default characters technique, but apart from that, he/she could be whatever you wanted! Yellow skin, blue and red robes, anything! One thing I recently discovered was the Critical Finishes, which I posted below. It finally makes a point of defending too much. Keep guarding and eventually you will be punished. My favourite? Either The Apprentice with the insane lightsaber work, or Raphael, just because it was such a surprise!

Banjo Kazooie

Nintendo 64

So, this was one of the first games I ever got, where you follow Banjo & Kazooie to defeating Gruntilda the witch, who stole your kid sister Tooty! I was instantly taken in by this platformer because it was an easy game to start with which slowly became more and more of challenge. The bird and bear combo seemed a little weird at first, but as you play the game, you begin to understand how well they work together! Especially when there's a short-sighted mole at your side to accompany you! The missions are great fun and really quite addictive not to mention the characters you meet along the way, such as a gorilla that chucks oranges at you, a shaman that transforms you and a pirate hippo, to name a few! Obtaining the jiggies is the way to move forward and first time around some of them are quite puzzling! Ironic I should that word since the jiggies are shaped like puzzle pieces. Har de har. Yes I know, weak. But the strangest thing is that I ended up downloading the whole soundtrack, but then again reminiscing back on this game reminds me of how good it got when I was younger. Definitely in my top 3 Nintendo games.

Ghosts 'n Goblins


I imagine you've heard of this title, I'm sure you'd agree that this is one of the hardest games ever. A game where a brave knight, (who happens to be called Arthur!) has his wife kidnapped by the Devil, and has to get her back. Sounds simple In 99% of games, you have to complete it once, right? Well, Capcom decided here to make you complete it TWICE. After fighting through demons, warlocks zombies, ghosts and goblins through impossible levels once, and you've defeated the Devil, you get the message:



Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Playstation 2

In my opinion, this is one of the best car racing games for the Playstation 2. Not only is the gameplay amazing, but more importantly, the graphics for me seemed better than any other PS2 game I'd played up to this point. There were a couple of cars I LOVED the addition of, such as the Ford GT (my favourite car!), Porsche Carrera GT and the Lancer Evolution. The last one I liked so much because of the engine noise it made (check it out - it rocks). As much as I loved the racing, my absolute favourite bit was the bounty part, with the police chases. It was awesome being chased by about eventually 20 officers, with helicopters and SUVs... it was high intensity! And who can deny smashing up a blockade just feels incredible! I'd give this game about 12 out of 10. Having Mia around (Josie Maran) wasn't bad either! ;)

Banjo Tooie

Nintendo 64

Ok, so I've already written about the first Banjo-Kazooie, but having completed that game, I was totally hyped about this next one coming out! So in this one Grunty is back with her 2 sisters and Klungo to get revenge, and the levels to come do not disappoint! From going inside a monster's stomach to fighting an evil Mumbo Jumbo to saving King Jingaling, this had me hooked the whole way, as the fantastical worlds of Nintendo have always done for me. The new ability to separate Banjo and Kazooie was awesome since you could see the individual abilities they had, not to mention the range of eggs available, from ice to grenades! Using Mumbo was pretty cool too - he helps take control of Aztec robots and oxygenates water :). It was nice to see Klungo switch to the good side too - always knew it was in him somewhere.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Playstation 2

One of my favourite shoot-em-ups. This game was good for its amazing battles, allowing you to choose sides of course, but my favourite was proably the CIS, with the B2 Super Battle Droid. Run out of bullets? No problem, a press of L1 and boom! Out comes a rocket. Another extremely useful feature was the roll action - helped me avoid many sticky situations! It took me a while to start liking the space battles, only when I had discovered that there were certain things to destroy, and that you were against the clock did I enjoy it a bit more (since a challenge like that is the sort of thing I like). Flying back and forth in X-Wings and bombing the Cruiser with the Y-Wing, it did get quite intense! Then there was the use of tanks, which was pretty awesome, though to blow it up by slashing at it with a lightsaber was even better! Which brings me onto the best bit of the whole game - the Jedi battles. I discovered this a while after I had bought the game, but boy was it a great find! What could be bette than fighting on Mos Eisley with nothing but all the heroes and villains at your disposal to fight each other? Well, no matter what, it was always a close outcome! If there was a 6 star system, this would certainly receive it.


Playstation 3

FIFA has always been my preferred football game over PES, because I love official - i.e.: all the Leagues have their correct names and teams such as Arsenal, for instance, are not called North London - they are Arsenal :). Having cleared that up, I can now say why FIFA 10 is best. More than anything it is because of skills. Since I am unable to do any in real life, this is the closest I can get! I have always enjoyed the Tournament modes, especially the F.A. Premier League, since that is where my heart is closest, and because I support Arsenal (yes, yes, hooray or boo for me). I'll always enjoy a football game, and quite frankly I'm happy to stick with this one. I would only really change game for the sake of being up to date with the squads. But then again, beating a certain friend's Colchester (2 star) with Hereford United (half a star) is always fun :).

Tekken 4

Playstation 2

Although Soul Calibur is a top-notch fighting game, Tekken is for me the more original with better gameplay. As long as they keep the old characters on there, then I am content :). What I liked most was probably, the changing process of characters I liked the most. Whether it was because of the one annoying move or whether they just looked kick-ass, Tekken was a game that kept me hooked for hours on end. I also enjoyed the storyline involving Kazuya and Heihachi, not to mention Jin as well, (although I preferred Jin's original moves in Tekken 3, even if it was training from his evil grandfather!) The videos for when you complete the arcade with the characters was also something I enjoyed for all the Tekkens actually! If I were to pick 3 of my favourite characters, I would say King, Law and Jin. King for me is just a GOD and it's not just because of his mask. Taking time to learn his wrestling moves are by no means a waste, especially the 10 hit combos which are lethal! As for Eddy, the Capoeira style was literally kick-ass! All the flips and handstands were sick! And Jin, aside from wearing an awesome flame tracksuit and having the Devil gene in him, has some pretty cool moves on him since learning karate. I particularly like the standing double punch. BOOM BOOM!

Gaming Poll - The Worst Games Ever!

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E.T the Extra Terrestrial

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Super Mario 64

Nintendo 64

Of course I had to bring up the best-selling Nintendo 64 game! I didn't buy it because it had sold eleven million copies by 2003, but because I am a sucker for the arcade style that Mario has always provided me with. Unfortunately I was a bit hooked on playing with Mario's face on the startup screen, but about 4 and a half hours later I eventually started the game and I was NOT disappointed. This was my first experience of 3D Mario and one of my favourite things about him was the 'Yah! Wah! Hoo!' punch combination that he pulls off as well as the running stop jump where he would shout 'Yippee!'. I never did finish the game but that didn't stop me going back for more. Honestly I was happy enough chucking Bowser onto the spikes in the first Boss level, but every now and then I would get a couple of Stars, which would only then give me false hope, thinking that I could actually finish this game. Sadly, I did finish the game, but only the DS version which didn't give me the same satisfaction :(. But even so, this game for me is 11/10. The wings on the hat act as a way of saying, 'Way above all the other Nintendo games'

Donkey Kong 64

Nintendo 64

'D.K., Donkey Kong, D.K. Donkey Kong is here!' (See video below for details). I didn't know much about the ape until this, so it was nice to meet the whole family ;). It was a great adventure unlocking all the different worlds through K. Lumsy and fighting a very interesting array of bosses, such as an armoured armadillo, a giant dragonfly, a jack-in-the-box and many others. The levels were cleverly designed, each having their own different theme and the music I just couldn't help let enter into my head. It just stuck there for days upon end! I would have to say Donkey Kong was my favourite Kong, closely followed by Chunky with his pineapple bazooka! I guess it's always about brawn for me, even in other games. Kick K. Rool off his crocodile throne, which I eventually did after the annoying spaceman game, (for those who've played).

Goldeneye 007

Nintendo 64

Officially the most annoying game on my list, based on the fact that I could never get past Cradle 00 Agent. I loved this game to bits, any gun, any level, I was on it. I thought the game was extremely accurate of the movie and I very much enjoyed Byelomorye Dam as a starter level, with the 3 levels of difficulty Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent. Statue was a very creepy level, all those fallen Russians staring at you, (seriously at night time with the lights off it was genuinely scary!). Jungle was another level that had me on the edge of my seat, no music just animals to accompany you and then BANG! Assault rifles from all over the place! Terrifying stuff. The only other level that I remember was the Facility level, when you have to rendez-vous with Dr. Doak and his sweet-ass DD44 Dostovei. I loved the choice of weapons and stand by my RC-P90 and KF7 Soviet. Mowing the guards down on the Train level... Doesn't get any better than that ¦). Apart from when you had to shoot bloody General Ourumov before he shot Ms. Simonova in the head >:(. And lastly, on the multiplayer I was always either Oddjob, despite him being in an earlier film or Boris Grishenko, y'know Russian Boris 'I AM INVIIINCIBLE'. Yah, him. He rules.

YouTube Game Trailers & Reviews - Just a couple I picked out :)

What happens when WoW gets banned in the house!

Mario Kart 64

Nintendo 64

Best. Racing Game. Ever. There is nothing which can contend with this masterpiece of Nintendo. The characters are brilliant, the tracks are always fun to play, not to mention a challenge as well, and the Wii version is promising as well. The first Nintendo game I ever got, this had me absolutely pinned to the screen. I mean it was just so... fun! I mean I've even got it for my PC on Project 64 so I can play whenever I please. No matter how many times I complete the 150 cc then onto the Extra heats, I then restart just to do it all over again. As for the Time Trials, I relish racing the Course Ghost on the Raceway. For that I always use Yoshi, due to his amazing acceleration. Speaking of speed it was only recently that I found out about the whole drifting thing that helped you speed up and honestly, it really didn't help me much. I never had a favourite character, but if I had to, I would go for Bowser simply because he is big and badass. He even grins maliciously when you pick him. Favourite track is and always has been DK Jungle Parkway. Don't know why really, maybe Donkey Kong 64 rubbed off on me over the past years? ;) In the more recent years I have discovered how fun it is to play Mario Kart to the sound of music. At the moment I've been playing to the likes of Pendulum, due to their fast pace :). It's worth a try.

Luigi's Mansion


I actually have the full soundtrack to this. That's how much I liked this game. I was glad to see that Luigi finally had a major role in a video game, even if he was a coward during it ;). Professor E. Gadd was... an interesting character to say the least and Toad was simply annoying as a cry mushroom headed guide. It was always brilliant taking out the Poltergust 3000 against the weird and wonderful members of the ghost family, from a bulldog, to a phantom, to an obese gentleman ghost who just couldn't get enough of his pudding. The ice and fire alterations were pretty cool as well. I have to say the end of the game was indeed. Luigi vs. Bowser was one of the things I always wanted to see, and even if the Bowser was Boo controlling him, you never notice the difference. Just seeing Luigi in the limelight makes this game pure awesomeness. It would've been amazing if Luigi's Mansion had gone multiplayer... oh well you can't have everything.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Nintendo Gamecube

Ok, I know I've already written about 2 other fighting games, but this was the Gamecube one which provided me with so many challenges that it kept me away from Tekken and Soul Calibur for a while! Who wouldn't want all the Nintendo characters to battle it out? Super Smash Bros. was good enough originally, but then this came along and the first thing I loved about it was the number of characters you could choose from. Bowser always had a place in my heart and DK too. The fire breathing and floor smacking was brilliant topped off with the throws off the map or the mid-air smashes. Mario was the all-rounder as with all games he is in and I liked the originality of his moves, while Dr. Mario just proved to be a bit annoying since he was the same except he threw pills instead of fireballs, which isn't as gripping, I find. Then there are Captain Falcon and Ganondorf. I never put these two together but they packed a punch, by God. I'm sure most of you are familiar with FALCON PUNCH! Generally he was the best - he had speed, technique and power. Having made my verdict on him, I use to go on the multi-man melee which kept me entertained for a loooooooong time. However my only beef with him is that he couldn't do Home Run Contest, or at least in the traditional way :(.Apart from that, "Show me ya moves!"


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