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my opinion on what went wrong with the Wii U

Updated on February 25, 2018
This little SD card can save more data then the Wii could it's entire life time
This little SD card can save more data then the Wii could it's entire life time

To low on memory

One of the things that have happen in the last decade is that the amount of space on hard drives, thumb drives, SD drives, and even data discs has done and exploded upwards. Sure in 2006 500 megs was decent memory. Now I can buy a 16 GB (that would be 32 times the memory of the Wii) out at my local Walmart for under 20 dollars. Developers have used that extra space to sell digital downloadable games that have the same impact and feel has large retail games. When there are games on the XBLA that are on sale for 10 dollars that are too big for the Wii to even handle. While Nintendo did release an update that allowed SD cards it worked by reading the SD card and then putting it on the Wii’s memory, so yes I could now have 16 gigs or more worth of games but those games better fit into Nintendo’s rather small memory size. This hurt it with core gamers but there another problem this meant.

I don't see a download demo anywhere on the wii shop download screen anywhere.
I don't see a download demo anywhere on the wii shop download screen anywhere. | Source

Not enough memory

How a system that relied so much on its unique controls not have a downloadable demo service it’s baffling. A game could look good and even have high production values but screw up somehow on the controls and just made it bad. But there was no way to tell because there was no try before you buy service. While Nintendo competitors put out demos for their games constantly.

No quality control when it came to 3rd party games

While the Nintendo seal of quality has been gone a long time now, replaced by the official Nintendo seal. A lot of people jumped at this opportunity to realize that the quality that Nintendo let out onto their Wii was low. Now I can understand letting a game that had good production values but may have done poorly because of the controls pass. But when you have the likes of Ninja Bread Man on your console you have problems. The problem is these crappy games it’s hard for the cream to raise to the crop. How can I tell a game like Tatsunoko VS Capcom is a good game or a crappy game, if I got burned by Ninja Bread Man too many times I wouldn’t want to take a chance on a Wii game unless it was made by the big N. This unfortunately hurt Nintendo in the one area where they are weakest in and that is people buy their games only to play Nintendo games. By having such low standard on 3rd party content they ironically hurt the 3rd parties who actually put money and budget into their games

And finally abandoning the core gamer

This may or may not have been intentional but core gamers started to feel abandon around 2008. Now 2006 we got a Zelda game. 2007 gave us a Metroid, and a Mario game. Early 2008 gave us Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Anyone who knows Nintendo it takes 2 to 3 years to make a game for either one of those franchises which meant Nintendo was out of there A list games. I sat down for their E3 press conference for that year hoping for something interesting, well outside of the Wii motion plus which did lead us to a pretty cool Wii sports sequel the rest of that press conference was boring. And when at the end when they trolled gamers with the smoke into thinking it would be an awesome announcement like Zelda Twilight Princess two. Only for us to quickly find out it was Wii Music. One of the few games made by Shirgeiru Miyamoto too ever fail.

To make it worst Nintendo stopped supporting around this time there virtual console service. While these were all old games most well over a decade old they kept up core gamers around who wanted a good nostalgia trip. Instead we got Wii Ware and while there were a lot of good wii ware games there was also like Wii retail games a lot of crap. Nothing like going onto the Wii Shop channel hoping to get a new retro Castlevania game I haven’t played yet, only to find a bonsai tree trimming simulator instead.

And finally there is of course the online. No real way to talk to people. Long frustrating friend codes you had to exchange. No message boards. No trophy or achievements to really share with people. With youth and gamers wanting to connect with their friends on the internet this was a huge mistake not to fix the system before they launched a new console. Oh and let’s not forget the main reason why I bought the Wii U Nintendo horrible DRM that makes it impossible for me to share downloaded games with a friend or even really back them up. My Wii flash drive was sending me warnings that it was having problems, spend 300 dollars on a Wii U and transfer, or possibly loose about 300 dollars’ worth of virtual console and wii ware games I have downloaded choices.

So we now set the stage for 2012 while the Wii U had been teased a few times before that E3 was going to be huge breakout of the Wii U. So much that the 3ds was forced out to being an online only presentation. And well the presentation blew. And this starts me on the Wii U problems.

Wii U problems.

unforunatley a small mini game called gamer is the only game that I know that actually makes good use of the 2nd screen.
unforunatley a small mini game called gamer is the only game that I know that actually makes good use of the 2nd screen. | Source

There gimmick with the touch pad isen't has good has the wii remote

Yeah that’s the biggest problem this time around is there new way to play just isn’t very engaging. Let’s take a look back at two launch window games that were a big hit for the Wii and showed off what motion controls could be Wii Sports and Wario Ware Smooth Moves. Wii Sports was simple and a lot of fun; people bought it just for Bowling alone, Wario Ware Smooth Moves was a goofy party game showing simple ideas on what could be done with the Wii controller. There both fun games to play if you’re into simple and goofy. Let’s take a look at the Wii U trial demos/launch games and see if there any fun.

Nintendo land mildly enjoyable has some decent ideas but done that capture that simple magic that Wii Sports has. And now onto Game and Wario yeah one fun mini game called Gamer that uses the touch pad and TV separately in a fun and meaningful way. So yeah so far there little 2nd screen controller is a big bomb when it comes to actually expanding are games, it’s a cheap gimmick. Nintendo had problem keeping people interested in it through that presentation.

Nintendo did try a Mario game, it's to bad 3ds on before it was a disapointment

Launch Window Problems

If you’re expecting me to say there was no hard core games, or core games in Nintendo’s launch window I will tell you weren’t really paying attention. There were plenty Mass Effect, Batman Arkham City, Assassins Creed. But right there is the problem, if you’re a hard core Nintendo fanboy, you know one of those who believe that if you touch a friend’s PS3 you have committed blasphemy against the gods of Nintendo this was exciting news. But for the rest of us who have long since moved on and own a competitors console were probably thinking this: I can go spend 350 dollars on a Wii U and pay 60 dollars to buy Batman Arkham City on it once I get it. Or I can just go to the bargain bin pick out the 360 version of Arkham city and save anywhere between 30-40 dollars by this time, and play it on the console I already own. All their 3rd party launch games were old news and games I can get on other console, and again I don’t see the fun of playing these games with a 2nd touch screen.

And Yes I am aware they did have New Super Mario Bros a game I haven’t tried yet on the console, but again they ran into a problem. Someone got the genius idea that New Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3ds would get us excited for a console version. Unfortunately this back fired has New Super Mario Bros 2 although not terrible seem to be like Nintendo pandering to its fan and was way too easy. Rather than get me excited for another 2d Mario game New Super Mario Bros 2 made me bored with them.

Still too low on memory... sort of.

All right Nintendo did learn a few lessons from the Wii they allow you to hook up an external hard drive so you can cheaply get several hundred gigs of data with that. However you do need an extra electrical slot and if you’re a hard core gamer this means unhooking another console so you can hook up a hard drive for the Wii U. The launch Wii U came in two flavors one that had no Nintendo Land and only 4 gigs of space, and then another that did include Nintendo land and came with a whopping 32 Gigs of space. With Sony and Microsoft with their current consoles coming out with hard drives that are over 10 times has much this seem weak. It’s not as big a deal has it was with the Wii but it’s just a disappointment for the money they asked to be shelled out.

Finally charging too much

Finally charging too much.

One of the things that made the Wii largely successful was the price of that console was 250 at launch. Compare to about 400 dollars for an Xbox 360 and 600 dollars for a PS3 and you can see why Nintendo cleaned up. This time they wanted 300 dollars for the basic 4 gigs, and 350 for the 32 gig model. When E3 came around and we found out what the price for the Xbox one and PS4 were, a lot of gamers laughed at Sony kicking Microsoft in the balls with being 100 dollars cheaper. What they failed to realize that Sony also delivered a blow to Nintendo’s skull. For 50 dollars more I can pick up a PS4 with a 500 gig hard drive, comes with blu ray player, and has several big games that are not coming to Nintendo console. If I were Nintendo when I heard that price I would probably have crapped my pants.. While they have lowered the console due to the competition the price being at least 50 dollars to high did not help them out.

All right that’s all my complaining about what Nintendo has done wrong I will later write a hub of what they have done right and what they can do to get the Wii U out of the mess. It’s not a terrible console there are games I want to play I do want to play through the two Mario games and that Zelda Wind Waker HD. They also have Virtual Console with more features on the Wii U but unfortunately it needs support because there are only NES and SNES games and with the exception of Earthbound all can be found on the Wii VC. And there are some good games coming Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros Wii U sound like fun, X and Bayonetta also have my attention but there needs to be more especially if you want to cater to someone outside of the Nintendo fan club.

What if keeps you from buying a Wii U

What's the number 1 thing that keeps you from buying the Wii U

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