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My Top 5 Favorite Zelda Games

Updated on March 17, 2014

These Are My Top 5 Favorite Zelda Games

I will let you know, I only have 7 Zelda games. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Zelda fan, My parents were just too poor to buy me and my siblings the different consoles Zelda games are on AND get the games. I play all gamecube and wii zelda games. This excludes Link's Crossbow Training and Super Smash Bros games.

I will be posting the storyline of the game, be forewarned of Spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled, leave, otherwise, continue?

Number 5: Majora's Mask


Majora's Mask is the sequel to Ocarina of time. In this game, Link had defeated Ganondorf and saved the world. He had set the Master Sword to rest in the Temple of Time and went to regain his 7 lost years. He had lost a "beloved and invaluable friend" which some people think is either Navi or the Skull Kid which he befriended in the lost woods. Most people believe it's really Navi as you see Link travelling in the woods, The Lost Woods, with no fairy.

Now, if you played enough Zelda, you would know that children who enters the lost woods without a fairy are doomed to become a Skull Kid, whilst adults are doomed to become a stalfos. Don't know these terms? Look it up.

Two fairies appear and scare Link's horse, Epona, which Epona stands on her hind legs and throws Link off, knocking him out. The Skull Kid comes up from behind the tree and steals his ocarina. When Link awakes, he chases the Skull Kid, gets turned into a deku scrub and has to stop him within 3 days time, while collecting masks and completing sidequests while going through a repetitive 3 day cycle.


This game is number 5, because while it's not extremely difficult, it's dark and creepy. If you don't find it that way, it's your opinion. There are skeletons that come out at night in Ikana, gibdos, flying, cursed skulls which I forget the names of, a creepy tune and alien ghosts at Romani Ranch. It's depressing as well because there's a lot of death in this game.


There is also a theory behind Majora's Mask that Link is Dead.... I'll let you watch a video of that below as well as a teaser trailer.

Theory and Teaser Trailer

Number 4: Ocarina of Time


What? I put one of the most popular Zelda games in 4th place?! Yes, I did. It was hard choosing my top 5. It was almost tied with number 3 which I'm not spoiling yet.


In Ocarina of Time, the Great Deku Tree sends Navi the fairy for a young "Kokiri" boy named Link, who did not have a fairy. Link goes there after obtaining a sword and shield, fight Queen Ghoma and gets handed the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, the Kokiri Emerald. He gets told about how Ganondorf is trying to get his hands on the triforce and rule the world. Link goes to Princess Zelda, learns Zelda's Lullaby and goes to collect the last 2 Spiritual Stones, the Gorons' Ruby and the Zora's Sapphire.

He then obtains the Ocarina of Time, learns the Song of Time, goes to the Temple of Time, puts the 3 stones on the display, plays the Song of Time that opens the Door of Time and pulls out the Master Sword. But because he was too young, he was locked in deep slumber in the Sacred Realm for 7 years in which he was old enough to be the Hero of Time.

He goes out, sees how much the world has changed since Ganondorf got his hands on the triforce of power.

He has to save 6 sages, get some of their power, and goes to defeat Ganondorf just to go back 7 years and live the 7 years he missed.


I put this in 4th because, while it is fun, I almost refuse to play the last half of the game because of the temples. That might not be so much of an excuse when the real reason is that I like the top 3 games better.

Number 3: Windwaker

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Windwaker, Link, who is only around 12 years old, gets woken up by his sister, Aryll, to tell him that their grandma wants to see him. Link goes to see her and she gives him the iconic green tunic. Link puts it on and goes back to Aryll's hideout and Aryll says "Happy Birthday!" because it was Link's birthday and she lends him her telescope.

Later on, they see the Rito postman reacting to something in the sky and Link looks up to see a girl in the claws of a giant bird. Link looks toward a pirate ship which then catapults ammo to get the bird to drop the girl and then Link decides that he has to go do something about it. He goes to Orca, Outset Island's only sword master, and trains and gets his sword and goes to save the girl which he later learns is a pirate captain named Tetra.

He goes outside the woods and Aryll comes running to Link only to get kidnapped by that giant bird. Link runs out to save her only to run off the side of a cliff having Tetra and Gonzo, a pirate in Tetra's crew, pull him back up and say it's useless, that she's gone.

Link learns that Ganon has been kidnapping girls with pointy ears in his search for Princess Zelda who has a piece of the Triforce. Link meets the King of Red Dragons, who is a talking boat, and goes out to get the master sword and all 8 triforce pieces and goes to defeat Ganon.


This game is long and I had to dramatically shorten the storyline. I love long storylines because it gives me more to do and not feel like it ended too fast. There are tons of sidequests and you can just sail the seas if you so wish. That is why it is placed in 3rd place.

Number 2: Skyward Sword

Link is a part of the Knight Academy. He needs to win the Wing Ceremony to graduate to senior class, but Groose and his two buddies "birdnaps" Link's loftwing *it looks like a shoebill duck, I'll show you in pictures below.* trying to keep him from winning. Eventually Link gets his bird and wins, getting Groose disqualified.

Zelda then gets blown to the land below the clouds and is kidnapped by Ghirahim who is the ultimate boss's, Demise, sword. Link goes to learn parts of a song and then goes through silent realms and then obtain each triforce and go to defeat Ghirahim and Demise.


I chose this to be 2nd because I love the graphics, storyline and gameplay. But I have to put it here because it's difficult doing a lot of things in the game with the wii motion plus. It's just difficult to a point I want to throw my wiimote. But I still love the game.

Loftwing Vs Shoebill

Left: LoftwingRight: ShoebillI think you get it.
Left: Loftwing Right: Shoebill I think you get it.

Number 1: Twilight Princess

Link just spends his days with the children of Ordon, learning the ways of the sword, spending time with his friend, Ilia, and helping on the ranch. Then one day the Talo chases a monkey into Faron Woods and gets kidnapped by a monster. Link rescues Talo to find that Colin told his father and Talo got in trouble. Link, one day, goes to practice jumping fences with Epona which ended up hurting her, which ended up Ilia taking her away. At the time, mayor Bo, Ilia's father, asked Link to go give the Ordon sword and shield to the Castle and can't go when Ilia has Epona. Colin tries to help explaining what happened with Talo and has Ilia apologizing to Link. Then a monster on a boar attacks, knocking Link out and kidnapping Colin and Ilia while others are kidnapping the rest of the kids and Link chases after them to be transformed into a wolf.

Link meets a Twili Princess named Midna and he sets out to get the 3 fused shadow pieces, the master sword and the Mirror of Twilight Pieces to defeat Zant and Ganondorf, bringing the kids back home at the end.


I put this 1st because I love EVERYTHING about this game. There is nothing I want to change about the game and I can play it all day long.

Other 2 Zelda Games I Have That Didn't Make It On The List

Zelda I and Zelda II.

I have the gamecube adaptation to it and I just don't like those two, especially Zelda II


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      yamel30 3 years ago

      i like zelda too nice

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      georgepmoola2 3 years ago

      A very thoroughly researched lens!