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Mystery Legends: Phantom of the opera

Updated on November 25, 2012
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Nightcat loves everything about Halloween! She’s pretty sure it is a national holiday and if it isn’t it should be.

He is coming for you!

Erik's gone crazy. Even more so than usual. He's tricked you into "returning" to the Opera House because he thinks you're your mom. Ew. Get ready for a whole bunch of crazy and menace, in this challenging puzzle game. Will you become the Phantom's prey, lover, or both? Seems to draw heavily from the Leroux novel, but other sources as well.

A deep bowing thank you to the artist Damiem for posting his game artwork on his blog. All rights remain with him, or whomever holds them.

11/25/12: Tweaked!

Collector's Edition Trailer


Game Stats

Type: Hunt for objects

Level of difficulty selection: yes

Animation: Fantastic

Object: win the Phantom's love, sort of

My Rating: 5 out of 4 stars (for box 5, bein sur)

Platform: Computer

Genre: horror/mystery/romance

Rating: Teen



Game Overview

Game Review

You are the daughter of Christine, and Raoul the stupid. Why stupid? Because he brings you back to Paris with your mom and takes you to the musical scene. Great, the Phantom saw you. In his distorted mind time has not passed and you are your mother Christine.

Mom's not too bright either. When you get a letter, which you read out loud to your parents from Erik, she let's you go visit the burned down ruins. Even though only a simpleton couldn't tell it is Erik with all the "my love" and the "Opera" and "the role meant only for you".

You of course go because... well maybe mom's old boytoy is a total hottie and a super stud. Geez, don't ask me. Nobody seems real smart in this game. I'd think if the serial killer I should have heard about in Paris had the need for my company, I'd bounce.

Still, when you get there he is all excited to see you. And still crazy, of course. Cause you are Christine to him. To win his love you must find the black roses scattered throughout the Opera House. He is a cutie though he don't look much deformed in one memory scene. He will remind you of the Phantom from the LOEG film. Creepies.


More stunning than some stage and film versions. Truly a work of art. The feelings the evoke are just right. Clearly you are in danger, and shouldn't get all fangirl excited because it is Erik who captured you. Still if you are the gal, or guy, who'd like to add Erik to your collection, you'll love lingering over all the period rich details.

Erik himself gets an upgrade here, reminding me of the art of the French artist FdelO. Yes that's short for the French title of Leroux's novel, very good. Anyhow he looks like her Erk or maybe O.G.'s two artists I haven't seen in ages.

Modern folks will enjoy such American additions as the Playbills that look like the theatre magazine and other tidbits. Horror mavens will like the sicko puppets, Erik's art of disappearing and reappearing at will, and more. Gosh darn it, is he magical now, or a real ghost?

After all he doesn't seem to have aged much.

Music and Sound Effects

The music is lush and just the sort of thing you'd expect, but in a very good way. It isn't overblown or hokey. It is serious, and not an attempt to cash in on popular Broadway shows, either. Goodness, originality in a video game score, what will they think of next?

The sound effects are realistic, burning fires sound real, the Phantom's voice is rich and deep. You hear ambient noises and absorb them without even thinking about it. This is one of the few games where I'd pay to have a CD of the music.

Ease of Play

Challenging in the object hunts. You have to think of what objects would have looked like in Erik's time. So many things have changed you may find it next to impossible to find items. Luckily you do have a hint in the magical mirror. But it recharges very slowly indeed, even in the easier mode.

Navigation is good and if you do get stuck there is a map. You will have to do the time honored tasks of solving puzzles, taking things from one area to another, and so forth. But I'm assuming that's what you showed up for.

When all else fails there is a handy guide below the hint mirror. They have a complete walkthrough of the game inside

Best and Worst Feature

There are so many great features. If pressed I'd say Erik. He seems to have gained the ability to teleport and give you flashbacks. He's also still very insane, but he loves you. Worst feature would be your character's loyalty to her brain dead parents. Yuck!

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Walkthrough Continued

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