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Submit Articles To Get Traffic

Updated on November 12, 2012

Many of you would already know about For those who are new to this website or its name here is a brief introduction. n4g is basically a gaming news site that works on "Read, Share and Discuss news" strategy. All news are submitted by users through an easy to use submission panel. Before submitting any news you need to take a small test and to pass the test you must read all the Rules and Guideline pages. Test is quite easy and it ensure that users understand the site policy. Unlike all social bookmarking sites only approved news get listed on Site contributors vote on every posted news and to get your news approved you need 10 approvals. To get n4g contributor status you need three news approvals. Only contributors can approve any news.

Why is a good place to share your hubs and articles?

Here are some statistics for n4g that i found on cubestat.

Why submit article to N4G

N4G has over 453 live indexed pages. It has a Page Rank of 7 which is very impressive. Above everything N4G has more than 378,358 daily visitors. N4G approved gaming news can easily get into top 10 search engine results.

If you already know importance of backlinks then you would understand what i am trying to say. However if you don't know any thing about backlinks then here is a crash course in backlinks. Backlinks are crucial in getting you to top ten search engine results. Backlink is a link that brings a person to your hub or article directly. For example if a person writes an article and as a reference he puts a link to your article in his article then that is considered as one backlink.

When people read articles or news they some time do follow reference links. People also post backlinks in comments, here on hubpages there is a tab in comment section that allows you to post back link. You can even post your own link on different forums or websites that allow comments. However i would recommend that you should only post a reasonable number of backlinks from one ip address. Adsense can ban you from their program for being overly promotional.

Let your followers and friends take care of your back linking. Another place to share your article or hub is social bookmarking site. Most of your people probably know about Digg. Digg has a Page Rank of 10 which is highest possible Page Rank. So if you have friend or followers on Digg then you should share your hub there. So far i have an account on top 10 social bookmarking site, which means that even without any fan following i get 10 backlinks just like that.

Share articles

Facebook and twitter is another great place to share your article. If you have great content then your article may get shared multiple times. I do believe that content is king but backlinks are equally important. First question that comes to mind about backlinks is that-- How Many Back Links Do You Need to get into top search engine results? Well answer to that is a bit complex, its not about the quantity of backlinks its about the quality. If you have your article featured on Page Rank 7 site then that's a great back link. If you have backlink on low rank sites then you need more backlinks to get good ranking. So better the quality of backlink fewer links you'll need to get into top search results.

Search engines are getting smarter every day, more complex algorithms are being used in identifying great articles. Another important thing that i forgot to mention was the role of comments and discussion which is also called participation in getting you recognized. Number of comments and the level of activity on your article or hub also plays a vital role in getting you listed in top search results. Have you ever noticed that Top writers on hubpages have mega fan following? They have really worked hard for it but it eventually pays off.

Another method of getting lots of backlinks is using paid software or online services. I have never tried any paid service that promises 1000 backlink in blink of an eye. Honestly speaking i cant risk being kicked from adsense program. Some great hubbers do use backlink software and they claim that it works just fine.

By now you should understand the importance of backlinks, especially the good backlink. I did a little experiment on N4G and results were exactly what i expected. Few days ago i wrote a hub on PS3 Riffle Controller it's a new gen controller and its available for purchase on 2nd Aug. This hub was never meant for N4G but i decide to share it anyway. I was sure that it isn't getting approved but still nothing wrong with trying it. The moment i submitted this hub in news i got about 80 hits just like that and although it got disapproved but the link stayed there in N4G data base. Search engines frequently crawl sites like N4G and that was counted as my One Page Rank 7 backlink. is a great place to share your news and article. The whole idea involved in making of N4G is just brilliant. Every user or contributor has authority to approve or disapprove submitted news. This is why whole website is like a bee hive every one is actively involved in making comments approving post and pointing weaknesses in post, getting points on every activity and decorating their profile with contribution medals. I have found N4G more interesting than Farm ville.

N4G Pros

  • Instant traffic to your article or hub.
  • High Quality backlink.
  • Great place to read gaming news, upcoming products and every thing you need to know about games. If you are a gamer then you don't need any other place to read news or update all news are posted on N4G instantly.
  • Social Networking for gamers. Great discussions and reasonable criticism.
  • N4G Entrance test is a great way to ensure that all new users understand the quality expected from their submitted news.

N4G Cons

  • Its a place where everyone's a critic. Sometimes contributors report your submitted news as Spam for no reasons at all.
  • Sometimes reasons stated for disapproval by contributors are really stupid and annoying.
  • Getting your news approved is not an easy task.
  • Getting good reputation on N4G requires a lots of hard work and dedication. Which mean less time for your own blog or Hubpage account.
  • Purely gaming news site. Only gaming news or relevant topics are approved.

Despite the hard work involved in getting to contributor level and getting your news approved i think N4G is worth trying. So overall its a great site and a very intelligent concept.


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    • profile image

      Marc 3 years ago is also a similar site to N4G. All posts will hit the front page and there is no fanboyism. Hope this helps

    • Bilaras profile image

      Edward Harris MSc 4 years ago from Earth




      and all other major " Social Bookmarking Platforms"

    • Fatiha profile image

      Fatiha 4 years ago from CALGARY

      So this site is only tech based? You cannot add any other material?

    • profile image

      Justice 5 years ago

      N4G is an innovative concept and is technically excellent but every business is only as good as its staff and unfortunately N4G’s Moderators are unprofessional.

      Mods (Moderators) hand out arbitrary restrictions & bans, are unresponsive to appeals, requests for assistance with unfair reporting of news story submissions goes mostly unanswered and user contributor favouritism exists. For a website reliant on its contributors to populate its own content, alienating them doesn’t make sense.

      Since launching in 2006, N4G’s growth peaked in 2010 but instead of working towards capitalizing on its success, N4G’s moderators have failed to grasp the fundamental importance of treating its users fairly and with appropriate respect, and this is a key factor as to why user contributor numbers and activity have significantly declined.

      A points system captures and rewards user contributor activity and displays their accumulated points in league table format on the landing page. Submitting news stories (N4G’s main content) earns the most points, so each individuals monthly points total is a measure of their contribution to N4G’s content as well as attendance at the site.

      To illustrate:

      April 2012 Top 50 combined user contributor score: 1,173,750 (down 282,760 on April 2011)

      April 2011 Top 50 combined user contributor score: 1,456,510 (down 133,100 on April 2010)

      April 2010 Top 50 combined user contributor score: 1,589,610

      On Tues Apr 24, 2012 15.55 pm: there were 22 members and 2,192 guests online. In comparison with: On Weds May 26, 2010 10:26 am: The most users ever recorded online was 4,662,625. [Source: ]

      N4G’s owners/shareholders must seriously address their failing ‘front of house’ operation if they wish to reverse the downward trend & revitalize footfall. The website is due a major upgrade in Q3 2012 but new features and extra gloss alone will not be sufficient to reverse a decline that is heavily compounded by bad moderating.

      ~typical user contributor complaints [Other citations available]:

      ‘After I corrected a Moderator about a specific rule on the site via PM (private messaging) he proceeded to insult me and told me to never PM him again. I went ahead and filed a ticket voicing an official complaint and two days later received a ban. Clearly the two incidents were related. I still have an open ticket which has not been responded to (140 days overdue at time of writing). When I worked as an Admin at Gamebattles, it was generally frowned upon if tickets were left unanswered for a few days. I can only imagine what would happen if a ticket was left pending for almost half a year! The ticket I submitted voicing my complaint about the Moderator went unanswered as well.’ [Edited for readability. Source:]

      'A sordid cauldron of disharmony, dishonesty and inconsistency bubbles behind N4G’s friendly ‘lets-all-share’ philosophy. And here’s another problem: Unscrupulous moderators can abuse their position and hand out indiscriminate restrictions and bans. They can bury a perfectly legitimate story on a whim, with zero repercussions. This set-up forces a healthy community of like-minded gamers to engage in tit-for-tat retaliations, suffocating pedantry and fanboy fanaticism. Many people who use N4G come away feeling dirtied by the whole experience.' [Source:]

    • profile image

      bracelets pandora 6 years ago

      Thanks i like your blog very much , i come back most days to find new posts like this.

    • profile image

      moris 7 years ago

      Great site! I tested it my self and results were awesome. Can you tell me more about similar sites.

    • Bilaras profile image

      Edward Harris MSc 7 years ago from Earth

      Thanks Han3 for comment.

    • Bilaras profile image

      Edward Harris MSc 7 years ago from Earth

      Thanks sara ill submit a big list of article submission sites.

    • profile image

      Han3 7 years ago

      I never took n4g seriously but recently i submitted my article and wow it was an instant hit. Great site, genius concept. This is the best place to submit article.

    • Sara Algoe profile image

      Sara Algoe 7 years ago from Phoenix, Ariz

      Thanks for sharing grate site. I have done some research and i now believe every thing you said. Its an awesome baclink site with a high PR. Gets you an instant wave of traffic. However its restricted to gaming and other newsboiler sites have PR 0.

    • Haris Amin profile image

      Haris Amin 7 years ago from Mars

      Believe it or not its true n4g is a great site but now there is an approval mafia working there. New people don't stand a chance.

    • Bilaras profile image

      Edward Harris MSc 7 years ago from Earth

      Thats why i shared it. N4G has lots and lots of potential and its a traffic gold for hubers.

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Haven't heard of this one before.