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Nerf Vulcan FAQ

Updated on July 2, 2010

The nerf vulcan


How to unjam the nerf Vulcan ?

Turn off the vulcan and if you have to (this will not harm your vulcan) force open the door, then look down the barrell and make sure there is nothing in it. An other option is to pull the belt out of the chamber.

Can the nerf Vulcan shoot streamline darts ?

Yes it can, the darts will not jam. They work the same as the usual ones.

Can I mod the nerf Vulcan ?

Yes you can, more about this can be found on youtube.

Is it true the nerf Vulcan breaks quick ?

No it doesn't, people often don’t see or understand if it’s jammed, so they say it’s broken.

Does the nerf Vulcan jam a lot ?

It does jam from time to time, though most of the times it can be fixed easily.

How far can the nerf Vulcan shoot ?

It shoots an average 20-30 feet.

How come my nerf Vulcan can’t shoot anymore ?

It may be jammed, if so see How to unjam the nerf Vulcan ?

Review on The Vulcan

By just looking at this awesome weapon you will get a feeling of joy. The vulcan is able to fire in a single and auto mode. Auto to unleash an unstoppable rain of foamy bullets and single to shoot with great precision, but one at a time. Also it's firing rate is as you would expect, fast! It fires up to 3rounds per second. Though reloading may take some time at first and is a pain in the ass, it doesn't really matter when you have this much ammo. One ammo chain has about 25 rounds and is contained in a detachable ammo box on the gun. After you have shot all rounds the chain will fall off and you will be able to reload immediately. This nerf vulcan also comes with a detachable tripod which is sturdy yet maneuverable. The blaster looks awesome because it's so big, but even though being big makes it look cool, it also makes it heavy which is not that great. Don't expect to see your six year old running around with it. Still it isn't unbearable heavy. A bigger downer is that it may jam sometimes, especially when running around without the ammo box. So keep the ammo box attached when using it on foot. Also shooting on auto requires 6 D batteries. Without you will be able to shoot single which isn't as awesome as shooting on auto, but still great! 

The Vulcan in action


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    • profile image

      jack 2 years ago

      it is beutiful but it dosnt go far enough ad Xtra distance

    • Nemetos profile image

      Nemetos 7 years ago

      Hello John,

      Often people forget to push the darts fully into the belt, not doing so will make it jam.

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      How come a Nerf Vulcan always gets jammed?