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Ninjini Skylander Giant

Updated on June 20, 2013

Introduction to Ninjini

Ninjini the Magic Skylander Giant is one of my favorites, and apparently one of the most popular, Giant characters. She is a Magic Element, which explains why she is so full of mysterious and magical powers.

I noticed that most of my visitors to my Skylander Giants Characters page were coming to find information about Ninjini, so I decided to create this page that is all about her!

Have fun learning more about Ninjini...I hope you find what you're looking for here!

Featured Image: Ninjini Skylander Giant - Available at Amazon

Skylanders Giant Ninjini Videos

Ninjini is not my favorite Magic Element from Skylanders Giants (Pop Fizz is my favorite), but she is undoubtedly the most powerful Giant. To better understand, you can watch the videos below in order to see her in action!

See you later, Portal Masters!

For videos on all the Giants, visit my Skylander Giants Characters page.

See Wdrumz do Ninjini on the "Ancient Djinn Magic Path" in one of Brock's Battle Arenas.

This is my favorite path. Wdrumz plays Ninjini on the "Swords of Might Path" again in one of Brock's Arena Battles.

Want to know Ninjini's heroic challenge? Or do you just like to watch people play them? Either way, you'll get to see her challenge.

Meet Ninjini, the Giant of the Magic Elements. Her ninja swords and genie powers possibly make her the most powerful Giant in Skylands.

Robert Welkner from Coin-Op TV finally has Ninjini! See her in action and her upgrades here!

Let's see how Ninjini plays for a beginner. It's exciting because it is in Level 2, one of the most recognizable levels in the game.

All right! Wdrumz has Ninjini, the rarest Giant of them all! Time to see her unboxed.

An even rarer Giant, Scarlet Ninjini, is finally in the house with Wdrumz! Let's see how she looks!

Who will win? Ninjini or Thumpback? Hmmm...probably Ninjini, since Magic Elements are strong against Water.

Cool! A battle between two of the most powerful Giants in the game! I'm pretty sure Ninjini would win, but why not Hot Head?

Ninjini Skylander Giant
Ninjini Skylander Giant

Ninjini's Powers

Element: Magic

Skylander Ninjini gets the "ninja" part of her name from her two enormous swords. Those swords are razor sharp and can slice through any material.

Her "genie" part comes from her power to travel inside her magic bottle she carries on her back. Using this bottle, she can go inside of it and ambush enemies by popping out of it! When she inside the bottle, she can cast a spell on her enemies, causing them to freeze in a trance!

She also has the ability to create magical balls of energy from his hands (this power is similar to the Skylander Hex's energy skulls).

She is unbelievably strong. She has to lift boulders pull islands by making them float! She does not appear to have any legs, just a magical cloud where her legs should be.

Image: Ninjini Skylander Giant - Available at Amazon

Ninjini's Origins

Learn about how Ninjini began!

Ninjini was not always the heroic Giant we know of. She was once the greatest ninja master of all time. Skylander Giant Ninjini was given two large swords for training and quickly became very powerful in martial arts.

However, being one of the best martial artists of all time, many became jealous of her, and therefore cast a spell on her. She was imprisoned inside a tiny glass bottle for so long she was nearly forgotten. She finally broke free from her prison, thinking she had slept for a few hours.

But when she went to see her friends, she discovered she had been in the bottle much longer than she thought: thousands and thousands of years! She also discovered that while she was stuck in the magic bottle that she had become a powerful genie.

She could throw magical balls of energy and could go inside the bottle back and forth. She had grown stronger and faster than she already was. She became the heroic Giant Ninjini, one of Skylands' first Skylanders.

Ninjini's Catch Phrases

  • Any Last Wishes?
  • Surprise!
  • (high-toned singing)
  • Voila!
  • Amazing Powers!

Ninjini Stuff

Skylanders Giants: Ninjini Giant Character
Skylanders Giants: Ninjini Giant Character

This Ninjini figure was just recently released, but it is available at Amazon as a single character. Perhaps at some point they will include her in a triple pack...I'm looking forward to having that option!

Activision Skylanders Giants Scarlet Ninjini
Activision Skylanders Giants Scarlet Ninjini

Like the figure above, Scarlet Ninjini has been released recently, and this figure is a legendary Ninjini! Scarlet Ninjini, as you can see, is red instead of purple, and has black hair instead of red.


Which of Ninjini's Powers is Your Favorite?

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Do You Like Ninjini the Skylander Giant? - Tell me about your favorite Giant!

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    • toystolife profile image


      6 years ago

      Skylanders Giants Ninjini is certainly one of the hottest Skylander characters right now. This is a great lens about this figure!


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