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Nutcracker figurines for all seasons

Updated on August 17, 2014

Fun Nutcracker-themed figures for everyone

Nutcrackers are no longer just tools for cracking nuts but have become collector's items in the form of familiar characters. Think outside of the royal courts and the colorful soldiers and kings inspired by the christmastime production The Nutcracker Ballet. Today, nutcracker-inspired wooden figures are coming out of the woodwork as baseball and football players, pop icon stars, Star Wars and Sesame Street characters, various professions such as teachers, firemen, police officers, chefs and many more. These whimsical and delightful collectibles are mostly for decorative purposes and no longer for cracking nuts.

The sky is the limit when it comes to these woodcarved collectibles that are all the rage now for gift-giving. There is something for everyone young and old.

What is a nutcracker?

History of the nutcracker

My Nutcracker Prince

Colorful wooden nutcrackers became associated with Christmas in the 18th century created by German craftsmen. These were given as gifts to families and friends to keep them safe from harm according to German folklore. The nutcracker's large wooden bared teeth were designed to ward off evil spirits. These became popular children's toys in the 19th century as tin soldiers, harlequins and kings in the Christmas markets. One of the soldiers came to life as the nutcracker prince in E.T.A. Hoffman's fantasy novel The Nutcracker and the King of Mice which inspired Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and The Nutcracker ballet.

This 4 ft. soldier nutcracker stands guard next to our family room fireplace all year round. His blue velvet cape, colorful uniform, shiny sword and miniatures beneath his feet make this large wooden figure stand out in the room. It took me a year to find my nutcracker prince, not too tall and skinny, mustachioed and just the right size.

The story that started it all - Guaranteed to be read over and over again

This novel by E.T.A. Hoffman inspired Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite and the Nutcracker Ballet which has become a Christmastime staple around the world.

The Nutcracker And The Mouse King
The Nutcracker And The Mouse King

The rich illustrations by Gail de Marcken will bring this timeless story to life in this large colorful book which will delight kids and adults.


Timeless Nutcracker Ballet Dvds for the holidays

Affordable contemporary wooden figures inspired by the traditional tin soldier nutcrackers.

Tigger Nutcrackers


Sesame Street Ernie


Winnie the Pooh Nutcrackers


Homer Simpson German Nutcracker


Kurt Adler PN6901L Joe Cool Nutcracker, 10-Inch

8" Sesame Street Cookie Monster Wooden Christmas Nutcracker

Kurt Adler SE0080 Wooden Cookie Monster Nutcracker, 8-Inch

10" Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas Nutcracker Figure

Kurt S. Adler 10-Inch Peanuts Lucy Nutcracker

There is a nutcracker figure for everyone in all walks of life.

Pilot nutcracker - "This is your captain speaking"

If you have a passion for flying and aircrafts, this nutcracker is perfect for your display case. The captain is looking dapper in his pristine uniform holding a replica of an aircraft on his right hand.

For the law enforcement officer in your life

A token of thanks for safeguarding our communities by keeping law and order.

For the U.S. Marine in your life - A reminder to those who served our country

Appreciate the US soldier fighting for your country

For the sommelier and wine lover

Great as a table centerpiece or on the shelf

These Tuscan-themed wooden figures make great decors for wine and cheese tasting parties. Or bring one as a gift to the host or hostess when you are invited to one.

Wine Santa Figurine

For the rock n' roll fans

A lot of shaking going on

If you like Gene Simmons of the KISS fame, or Elvis, the King of Rock n' Roll, then no nutcracker collection is complete without these nutcracker figures resplendent in their iconic ensembles.

Kurt Adler 11" KISS Demon Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 11" Wooden Elvis in Blue Jumpsuit Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 11" Gold Lame Suit Elvis Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 11-Inch Elvis in Eagle Suit Nutcracker

For nurse or caregiver - Great gift for the nursing student

Here is a perfect gift to the nurse or caregiver who took care of you and gave comfort to your body and soul.

Teacher nutcracker

Teachers shape the lives of students with the power of education. Delight your favorite educator with tis whimsical nutcracker for the Teacher's Day, Christmas or any day.

If you liked Pirates of the Carribean and Johnny Depp you will love this

Nutcracker for the avid gardener - How does your garden grow?

Instead of a new tool or a gadget, give your green thumb friend this fun nutcracker dressed to the hilt to do some serious gardening.

Nutcracker for the firefighter who risk his life to keep us safe - Responds to emergencies and saves lives

Nutcrackers for the baker and dessert nut

A fond reminder of the sweet things in life

These nutcrackers for the sweet-toothed look good enough to eat. Skillfully handcrafted of wood and resin, these delectable figurines display fine details of ice cream sundaes, hot chocolates, smores, cupcakes and everything sinfully rich. Give the gift of sweetness without the calories.

Kurt Adler 15" Hollywood Ice Cream Hat Nutcracker Set of 2

Kurt Adler 12-Inch Hollywood Red Gingerbread Nutcracker with Cookie Hat

Kurt Adler 15-Inch Hollywood Cupcake Hat Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 18-Inch Hollywood Tea Time Nutcracker with Tea Pot

Kurt Adler 15-Inch Hollywood Pink Candy Cake Hat Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 16-Inch Wooden and Polyresin Gingerbread Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 18-Inch Hollywood Smores Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 15" Hollywood Chocolate Cupcake and Hot Chocolate Cup Hat Nutcracker Set of 2

Star Wars nutcrackers for the movie buff

Perfect gift for the Star Wars fan

Iconic characters of the American space opera Star Wars by George Lucas will delight diehards of R2D2, Yoda, Darth Vader and a host of others.

Kurt Adler SW0156 Star Wars Nutcracker, R2D2, 7-Inch

Kurt Adler SW6103L Star Wars Clone Trooper Nutcracker, 10-1/2-Inch

Kurt Adler SW6102L Star Wars Clone War Nutcracker, Yoda, 7-1/2-Inch

Kurt Adler SW0155 Star Wars Nutcracker, 10-Inch Darth Vader

7" Star Wars R2-D2 Droid Wooden Christmas Nutcracker Figure

Kurt Adler SW6101L Star Wars Nutcracker, Storm Trooper, 11-Inch

Root for your team

It's a home run with these baseball nutcracker figures.

Kurt Adler 14-Inch Boston Red Sox Baseball Player Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 14-Inch San Francisco Giants Baseball Player Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 14-Inch Baltimore Orioles Baseball Player Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 14-Inch Atlanta Braves Baseball Player Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 14-Inch Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Player Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 14-Inch New York Mets Baseball Player Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 14-Inch Chicago White Sox Baseball Player Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 14-Inch Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Player Nutcracker

14" MLB Collectible New York Yankees Baseball Player Wooden Christmas Nutcracker

Pittsburgh Steelers Memory Company 14-inch Nutcracker NFL Football Fan Shop Sports Team Merchandise

San Francisco 49ers Football 14" Wooden Wreath Nutcracker Nut Cracker

Indianapolis Colts 14'' Wreath Nutcracker Figurine

Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Nutcracker

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