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Nyamy Cat Washino Monchichi

Updated on March 18, 2014

What is Nyamy? About Nyamy cat collectible monchichi toys

Nyamy is very rare Monchichi doll type. Nyamy is a Cat or Kitten Monchhichi with soft furry stuffed body and hard plastic face, paws and feet and suckable thumbs.

I would like to share with You as much as I know in this small Washino Nyamy Collectors Guide.

Nyamy cats were first made in 1979 by Washino DNP company, probably as a response on the huge success of Sekiguchi Monchichis after their release in 1974.

Originally there were four Nyamy kittens - members of Nyamy family. Black, White, Beige and Grey Nyamy cat.

Unfortunatelly, they have not been on market for long. I found an information, that they have been taken off the market just after nine months. They contained iron powder which is very dangerous and flammable - therefore cute, but dangerous toy.

I own all the photos in this lens, unless the photo credits given.

Photo credit:

Boxed nyamy kittens
Boxed nyamy kittens

Nyamy cats - The Rarest Monchichi dolls

Why do I love them

Just look at all the photos of Nyamy kittens! They are so adorable. Sweet chubby cheeks, big eyes and softest fluffy fur! And I have to say, many times photos do not do them justice.

I do collect all monchhichi dolls, but I have a weakness for these Washino cats. Because of the fact, that they were taken off the market so shortly after they were just released, they are really RARE to find nowadays.

Because of that, Nyamy washino kittens have a real collectors value and much higher price than any other monchhichi doll type. And older they will be their price will go higher too.

Therefore if you are going to think of investing into any vintage toy, do get these adorable rare Nyamy cats.

photo credit:

Where can i buy Nyamy Kitten monchichis?

Nyamy cats for sale

As I have mentioned above, these adorable Washino Nyamy kittens are very rare.

If you are looking for information where to buy these monchichi kitten dolls, you are on the right place.

In this lens you will find all the available Nyamys for sale on the whole Amazon and eBay.

I will be updated this lens for you all the time.

Complete set of 4 vintage Nyamy kittens for Sale

It is very rare to find all of four original Washino Nyamy cats for sale....

You and Nyamy monchichi cats

felina nyamy chicaboo kitty
felina nyamy chicaboo kitty

Have you ever had a Nyamy kitten?

See results

Nyamy black cat Felina Monchichi

Black Felina Nyamy Monchichi
Black Felina Nyamy Monchichi
Blck Nyamy kitten called Felina
Blck Nyamy kitten called Felina

About Washino 1979 Nyamy called Felina

Vintage monchichi cat kitten

Black Nyamy kitten called Felina is the first one of Nyamy family I owned.

She has for black fur, pink inner part of ears and wonderful blue eyes.

She has the cheecky monchichi looks about her, does she not?

Nyamy white cat Vanilla Monchichi

Vanilla Nyamy kitten monchhichi
Vanilla Nyamy kitten monchhichi
vintagenyamy called Vanilla
vintagenyamy called Vanilla

About Washino 1979 Nyamy called Vanilla

Vintage white Nyamy monchhichi doll

This one is called Vanilla and she is the sweet one of the Nyamy family.

Vanilla Nyamy has got cute green eyes and snow white fur and pink inner fabric of her ears. If you own one, or will own one, be extra careful while washing. Do was her just gently in hands, so you protect the beautiful white soft fur!

Nyamy grey cat Nappy Monchichi

Nappy Nyamy vintage kitten
Nappy Nyamy vintage kitten
Nappy Nyamy Washino Monchichi
Nappy Nyamy Washino Monchichi

About Washino 1979 Nyamy called Nappy

Vintage Nyamy kitten monchichi doll

Nappy Nyamy did get her name because of her sleepy eyes I suppose.

She loves to have a nice long nap. And when she is awake she smiles so much, that her eyes are closed anyhow. :)

She has got nice grey colored fur, orange nose and eyes / eyelids.

She came to my Nyamy family as the last... so far.

Nyamy beige cat Peppi Monchichi

Peppi Washino Nyamy kitten
Peppi Washino Nyamy kitten
Nyamy monchhichi doll peppi
Nyamy monchhichi doll peppi

About Washino 1979 Nyamy called Peppi

Vintage Nyamy monchichi kitten cat

Beige Nyamy called Peppi is the rarest of the rarest. You can find her for sale just once a while!

She has got nice fluffy beige colored fur, apricot color of the inner part of ears, orange nose and interesting brown / orange colored eyes.

Be careful not to have her on display on the direct sunlight as the color of her eyes is very prone to get sun bleached, as the one on the photo above.

Monchhichi Monchichi dolls for sale

Some more rare Monchichi dolls for sale

Which Nyamy Washino kitty monchichi is the cutest

Which one of these adorable Washino kittens do you like the best?

See results

Do you like Nyamy cat, do you have one? Share your thoughts

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I stumbled across the cute Nappy Nyamy at a local fleamarket about three weeks ago. Paid a mere R40.00, which is about $4.00 Never thought she'd be so valueable! Thank you for the information regarding this cutie!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have the grey Nappy Nyamy and had her since I was about 5, so she will be about 35 this year! She was my favourite toy when I was younger. I am still protective over her even with my wee girl! :0)

    • hungry-deer profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @ludmilla: I can imagine that resquing :) It is hard to keep them safe from kids when they are so cute

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love mine, have had her since nine years old so she is 34, still has her scarf too. My daughter loves her and i'm always rescuing her.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      So cute, i like them better than monkey monchichis, kittens are sweet!!!

    • hungry-deer profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @april-southerland34: Hello, im sorry to hear about it. Actually i do have one for sale, just finished a crocheted jumper and flower for her. You can email me

      I havent listed it nowhere yet.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Do you have a Nappy Nyamy for sale? My dog got ahold of mine a year or so ago and tore it up and I have cried so hard over it. I am a soon to be 35 year old woman in search of a Nappy Nyamy. Mine was the EXACT picture that you have of the one on here. I miss my Nyamy so much. Any help would be appreciated.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      hey , i have a new nyamy facebook group : search " nyamy " on facebook to find the group

    • hungry-deer profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Hello,

      Thank you very much for the comment. There is little information about these adorable Nyamy Kittens. If you know more, I would be very glad if you could contact me and share it with me - and on this page. Best wishes!

    • profile image


      5 years ago


      Nyamys are not the most expensive Monchhichi type tho the priciest ones are Daisuke by toho which are similar to Monchhichi but with sleeping eyes that close when laid down, the animal versions and bigger sizes fetch up to thousands of dollars in Asia...

      Nice site you have going on here, some of your info is not fully correct but it is very nice to see someone taking the time and effort to spread knowledge about Monchhichi in the web!


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Nyamy are the Kings and Queens of Monchhichi collecting. These adorable plush toys are highly collectable and very rare to find.

      Fantastic lens. Great advice and excellent information. Great work. You will get my vote for Lens of the Day !


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