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Ocarina of time - How to Catch a Hyrule Loach

Updated on December 14, 2016

Ocarina of Time-How to catch a Hylian Loach

The Lake Hylia Fishing Pond is one of many mini-games in the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Here you can catch a number of lunker (huge) fish but the strangest and most elusive of them all is the Hyrule or Hylian Loach. The Hyrule Loach can be caught both as young Link and Adult Link and can grow to hefty proportions making them a much coveted target at the pond. They are also known to be an intelligent and elusive fish to catch and therefore all the more a challenge for the avid gamer.

You've probably heard reports of someone catching a 15 pound Hylian Loach. Personally I've caught a 16 pounder as young Link and a 35 pounder as adult Link. Contrary to popular opinion and despite all that's being said and done on this topic, the Hylian Loach may be a difficult catch but not an impossible trophy to land. With a little help from this tutorial you will find here everything you need to know about this legendary fish and all the necessary tips and tricks on how to nab a lunker (a big one)!

Have you ever hooked a loach or landed a big daddy? We appreciate your feedback and if you have the time there is a dedicated section at the bottom of the page to leave your comment. We'd be happy to know your best kept secret and any experience you have with this legendary fish. And please, if anyone knows of a better way to nab one feel free to post and let us know how you did it. Good luck and Happy Fishing all!

The Hyrule Loach

In Ocarina of Time, the Hylian Loach appears at the fishing pond in Lake Hylia.

It can be found both as young Link and adult Link, though the size will vary: with Link as a child, the loach will weigh between 15 and 18 pounds, and with Link as an adult, its weight varies between 29 pounds and 35 pounds.



The Hylian loach usually remains at the bottom of the pond. It will occasionally swim to the lily pads at either side of the pond where it goes for feeding.

If scared away by Link the Hylian loach will remain at the bottom of the pond coming up for air occasionally around every 75 seconds. When the Hylian Loach reaches the surface, it will make a "thap" sound.

After the loach has gone up for air for the seventh time without being disturbed (approximately 15 minutes), it will eventually swim back to the west lilypads.

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When to catch this elusive fish.


The first time Link enters the fishing pond both as young or adult Link the Hylian loach will not be in the pond. The ever elusive fish only appears the fourth time that Link consecutively enters the pond and pays the fishing fee of 20 Rupees. In other words, Link must pay the fishing fee of 20 Rupees, quit, and exit the pond three times consecutively in order for the loach to appear.

The fourth time that Link goes back in to the pond the Hyrule Loach will appear. I've heard it said that the first time it appears it will always be situated at the lily pads to the west of the pond. A second loach can be found on the east lilypads as well, but only as Young Link. I haven't noticed this but have always found the Hylian loach at the bottom of the pond the fourth time entering the fishing pond.

After the fourth time, exiting the pond will cause the loach to disappear and for the count to reset back to zero.

The best spot to catch the Hylian Loach

Some say there are only two ways to catch the loach: 1) while it is in the lilypads and 2) while it is swimming back to the lilypads. I myself have caught the loach almost always halfway between the middle of the pond and the lily pads where I usually hunt for it.

Many say the easiest and fastest way to catch this fish is while it is in the lilypads. This is because when it is in the lily pads it is feeding, will follow the lure and bite. It's up to you then to snap the hook and land it or it'll certainly get away.

Personally I find the lilypads make it hard to see exactly where the loach is so I prefer to hunt it somewhere between the lily pads and the bottom of the pond where it's easy to observe.

What you need to catch the Hylian loach.


The easiest way to catch the Hylian loach is with the sinking lure.

To fish at the fishing pond you need to rent a fishing rod and a lure from the fisherman at the desk. The fisherman will give you a regular floating lure. You'll catch fish with this and maybe even the Hylian Loach but it'll be a lot easier if you have the sinking lure. The sinking lure is "unlocked" once you have caught a 10 pound fish as young Link or a 15 pound fish as adult Link.

The Sinking Lure can be found in the following locations:

- on the arched log.

- next to the three rocks at the end of the feeder stream.

- in the grass somewhere along the outside wall.

Note: The sinking lure is invisible! It won't appear until Link comes into contact with it so you'll have to walk around those 3 locations until you find it. Once you find it go immediately to the fisherman to get his permission to use it otherwise it'll be "illegal" and you won't be able to keep any fish caught with it. Go to the fisherman and "talk with him". He'll see you have the sinking lure but will pardon you if you're nice to him.

Like I said before, it's also possible to catch the Hylian Loach with the regular lure if it's hiding in the lily pads. If you have the extra time then go for it.

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Catching the Hylian loach.


Once you enter the fishing pond for the fourth time and have paid the usual fees, you should go hunting for the sinking lure. Once you get it go immediately to the fisherman to get permission to use it.

Now, right at the entrance to the fishing pond in front of the fisherman, walk into the water as far as you can go without losing your footing and until you can "see" the bottom of the pond. Look around for the Hylian loach.

Start at the entrance of the fishing pond.


Cast the sinking lure directly in front of the Hylian loach.

Try to cast the sinking lure in a path directly in front of the loach but as far back as possible so as not to scare it away then reel your lure in slowly til it is just in front of the loach. Once you have your lure positioned in front of the Hylian loach don't move or wiggle it. That will scare it away and the easily frightened loach will quickly move to the bottom of the pond.

Set the hook and reel it in.


If you've done it right you will be rewarded with a catch! Be prepared to wait for a while as the loach will not move for what will seem like an eternity but just when you least expect it the Hylian loach will suddenly turn and nab the bait!

Quickly set the hook and begin to reel it in.

Don't let him get away.


You should keep the line tense and not give the it any slack. Keep reeling in your line all the while moving your rod from left to right in the direction the loach is swimming or it will get away.

If you've done it right the Hylian loach is yours!


It's a Hyrule loach!


You'll get a prize for your catch.

If you've been careful to get permission to fish with the sinking lure, the fisherman will give you your prize and let the rare Hyrule loach go.

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Your feedback is appreciated.

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