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One Direction Doll - Featuring Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall 1D Dolls

Updated on February 3, 2015

One Direction Dolls - Featuring Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall

At last - to the relief of screaming fans across the planet, you can now get your hands on One Direction Dolls.

...And don't they look cool! Liam, Louise, Zay, Harry and Niall look excellent as modelled into plastic dolls. The likeness between the heads and the real things are uncanny. These 1D dolls sure have attention to detail.

See a full range of One Direction goodies on

These dolls are great quality and a great gift idea for any fan of the pop boyband, One Direction.

Here you will be able to peruse and buy your very own dolls, either individually, or the whole collection. There's lots to choose from, so what are you waiting for? Go and buy your very own band member of global success, One Direction!

One Direction as 4" Dolls

One Direction minature dolls!

Small, but perfectly formed, these little One Direction Dolls will make a welcome addition to any One Direction collection.

they are not quite as detailed as the bigger models, but if you're a fan, or looking for a gift for a fan...or infact anyone who has penchant for the five teeny bopper singers, then this could be a welcome offering!

...and yes! You have five to choose from...or just take them all :)

One Direction as 10" Dolls

Buy the 10" One Direction Dolls here...

Currently, the collection of all 5 One Direction Dolls is only available in the UK - you'll find everything you need to know by clicking on the images. It's worth taking a look anyway, because dolls always appear at random times when available - so keep checking back.

These dolls have the uncanny likeness to the 1D boys which fans will love!

The likeness is uncanny!

I was chatting to a group of friends last night, and one of them had just bought their 11 year old daughter, two of the One Direction dolls. She had Zayn and Niall. Of course, we all had a look, and everyone agreed the likeness between the dolls and the actual people is uncanny!

It's almost like the doll makers have made a mini Madame Tussaud's figure! It's clear that a LOT of work has gone into the creation of these cool guys, so they are worth the cash, for sure.

It was really cool, how cool their fashion was too. Looking at them is like they've frozen the 1D boys, shrunk them and boxed them up. It's kinda freaky how life like and similar they are to the real thing! Perfect for any 1D fans, anywhere!

Who is the cutest member of One Direction?

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One Direction's Liam

One Direction Liam Doll

Here we have boyband, One Direction member, Liam as a Liam One Direction Doll. The attention to detail is phenomenal - doesn't it look exactly like him. Very impressive doll - perfect for the avid One Direction fan.

One Direction's Zayn

One Direction Zayn Doll

One Direction member, Zayn as a Zayn One Direction Doll. One of the favourite members that everyone swoons over. Another really impressive likeness - ideal for Zayn fans all over!

One Direction's Harry

One Direction Harry Doll

Everyone's favourite, lovable rogue, the cheeky Harry has his very own Harry, One Direction Doll. They've even got the hair right! Very impressive! Isn't this an awesome addition to any One Direction fan's collection.

One Direction Doll review

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