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Free Online Owl Baby Shower Invitations

Updated on August 31, 2017

Send Out Free Owl Baby Shower Invites

If you are planning to throw an owl baby shower for a friend or co-worker or family member, consider using online invitations. I've scoured all the online invitation sites for free baby shower invites that feature owls. The best part is, all the examples you see on this page are completely free to send out! This is a great way to save some money to put on that baby shower gift (that's what I would do, anyhow)! has the widest selection of baby shower owl themed designs for online send out, but I also show you some designs from, and This picture to your right comes from (just click here to start using it). Hopefully my research will prevent you from having to check out all the online RSVP sites to find the perfect owl baby shower invitation.

Baby Girl Online Owl Invitation from - Click image to start sending online free

I love this simple baby owl invitation, and when I was at I also noticed they had the same design in blue. is great for sending out online invitations. They have a ton of high quality designs to choose from. Plus you can order and send printed versions (for a cost) or send them online free of charge.

Free Online Owl Invitation from - click to start using this online invite

Free Owl Invitation
Free Owl Invitation

This is a generic owl invitation (could also be used for a birthday) but it's free to send from They have some other owl baby shower designs but they are part of a paid subscription account (and aren't free). But the subscription price isn't that much (around $20).

Gender Reveal Owl Invitation from

Whooooooooooo will it be?
Whooooooooooo will it be?

If you haven't revealed the gender of your baby yet, this is a great owl themed baby shower invitation. I love the design. WHO will it be? Too cute!

I love the idea of not revealing the gender of the until the shower - but it would limit the choices for baby gifts to gender neutral colors. I guess that's okay, but it might make doing your baby registry a little more tricky especially if you already know the baby's sex.

Owl Baby Shower Thank Yous

I love online invitations for keeping track of RSVPs but I prefer handwritten and mailed thank you cards (seems more courteous). Here are some thank you cards for after the owl themed baby shower.

Online Invitations or Traditional Invitations - Do you prefer one over the other?

I think that online invitations are completely acceptable because everyone is online these days, and it makes it easy for people to RSVP (and for the party planner to keep track of the RSVP list). However, some people think it's not proper baby shower etiquette. I'd like to see what everyone else thinks. Are there certain events that are okay for online invitations, and others that should be reserved for mailed invitations (like a wedding)?

Are online invitations as socially acceptable as mailed invitations?

Baby Owl Shower Invitation from Evite - click to start using this online invitation

Baby Owl Shower Invitation from Evite
Baby Owl Shower Invitation from Evite

This is a free baby shower invitation that goes out from Personally, I'm not as impressed with most of Evite's designs - but it's free, and if you are used to sending from Evite it might be easier to use this baby shower owl themed invitation than signing up for a new online invitation service.

Owl Baby Shower Diaper Cake How to Video - Spend the Money You Saved with Free Invitations to Make an Owl Diaper Cake

I adore this design for a owl themed baby shower gift. It's just adorable! This video gives you all the instructions you need to make your own owl baby diaper cake. What a cute baby shower gift whether you're doing a owl themed shower or not.

Or do you like some of the subscription paid designs on Purpletrail or Pingg?

Have you seen any free online baby owl shower invitations?

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